One Week, 3 Major Transits : Know What’s in Store?

According to astrology, every major and minor event that occurs in a human being’s life is determined and influenced by the movement and position of the planets.

Transits and other planetary movements have their effects not only on humans but also on the world and every creature of the world. In such a situation, the movement of planets is considered to be an important event for astrologers all over the world too and it is monitored by everyone. In particular, the importance of that day increases even more when two or more planets are transiting during the same week. 

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What happens is that together all of them can bring various changes to the lives of natives. 

First and foremost, let us find out about the planets which will be making their transits during this week. 

Transits This Week : An Introduction

Mercury retrograde in itself is a very major event. In such a situation, what we can anticipate is that quite a few changes are in store for everyone in general. We are amidst the second wave of Corona which is accompanied by another outbreak of Black Fungus. All of us are more terrified than ever. Let us find out if these planets are yet to bring good or bad news, but before that let us crack some trivia about Mercury retrograde. 

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Mercury Retrograde in a Glance

Mercury’s retrograde motion is a celestial phenomena which takes place when Mercury, while rotating on its axis and revolving around the Sun, appears to move backwards in relation with the Earth at a certain point in its orbit. Although in reality, Mercury never moves backwards it seems to give this impression. This planet retrogrades three or four times in a year.

As per Vedic Astrology, the Mercury Transit is a significant event, as it directly impacts our behaviour and way of living. Our way of communicating with other people and speaking abilities depends upon the transit of Mercury. As it represents one’s speech and business, its state of retrograde majorly impacts these aspects. Mercury in retrograde motion affects the seventh house from the sign it is posited in. Also, in such a situation, the previous house is also evaluated when a planet becomes retrograde.

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Let us now talk about how Mercury retrograde along with Venus can bring eventful or chaotic changes to the country. 

Impact of These 3 Transits in the Country & World

Both of these planets are quite influential ones so they might bring in a lot of changes to the country. The conjunction of these two planets may be the reason for heavy rains. The downpour amidst the Corona and Black Fungus outbreak may make things difficult for the general public. The unsteady weather may bring in more health concerns which is why people who have a weak immunity or are recovering from these deadly diseases should remain careful . 

Also, the conjunction of Mercury and Venus will take place in the zodiac sign Taurus on the 28th of May, which may bring unprecedented changes to the lives of people. For more detailed information on this, read the cumulative rashifal or the horoscope predictions given below. 

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Mercury Transit, Mercury Retrograde & Venus Transit : These Zodiac Signs Need to Remain Careful 

Aries: The natives belonging to the zodiac sign Aries should remain stress free as they will witness a positive time during this week. There will be an enhancement in your speech which indicates progress. Your level of understanding and maturity will also increase and you may take a major decision on account of this which may prove to be greatly favourable for you in the upcoming time.

Taurus: We will talk about Taurus, whose first house will host the conjunction of Mercury and Venus on the 28th of May. Because of this natives may find themselves investing their time in beauty and aesthetics.

Gemini: Thirdly the ones who belong to the zodiac sign Gemini should remain financially alert over because there are chances of you falling prey to financial losses. Take great care of your finances and avoid unnecessary expenditures during this week.

Cancer: For the zodiac sign cancer and the natives who are associated with media, editorial and communication may gain great amounts of profits during this week. Overall this transit will prove to be beneficial for the ones belonging to the zodiac sign Cancer.

Leo: If we talk about the zodiac sign Leo then they will be blessed with professional success. You will be able to form your tasks with great aces and your senior officials will be greatly pleased with you.

Virgo: For Virgo natives this transit will bring some sort of religious inclinations as you will be seen taking part in religious activities and investing more and more of your time in this necessary field.

Libra: Moving on to the next sign Libra natives may come across an unfavourable time during this week. There may be an unknown fear which can grip your mind and make things difficult for you. However those who are married may earn profits from their in-laws.

Scorpio: This zodiac signed natives who are married may come across an extremely favourable time. Most of such natives will be able to make the most of these planetary movements and enjoy a happy and blissful conjugal life. 

Sagittarius: Sagittarius natives will also not be greatly benefited by these transits. Their enemies will be constantly in their mind and they will not be able to focus on their designated tasks which can prove to be harmful for them in the upcoming time.

Capricorn: Capricorn natives who happened to be students will greatly benefit during this week because of the planetary movements which will take place during this week. Those who have been planning to complete their education in a foreign college or university may get some good news regarding this.

Aquarius: Aquarius natives may come across a good time during this week. Mercury transit Mercury retrograde and Venus transit alongside it may prove to be quite beneficial for your mother’s health. Spend some quality time with her and make things mood going.

Pisces: Last but not the least, Pisces natives will also come across a favourable time during this period. Your might will increase during this time and you will also greatly benefit because of your intelligence and prudence.

So this is all you need to know about the transits which will take place during this week and how they will affect your life and the country.

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