Follow These Feng Shui Tips To Bring Happiness In Your Home Sweet Home!

In this blog today, we will discuss Feng Shui and its amazing tips to keep the ambience of our house pleasant and lively. In this blog you will read the do’s and don’ts which you must not neglect. If you really want to get rid of the negative vibes in your house then you must read this article till the end and know if you are also making the same mistake?

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The Meaning Of Feng Shui 

Feng shui shows us how to live together in peace with our surroundings. In Chinese, the words “feng shui” mean “wind” and “water.” Humans are almost 60% water and we breathe wind. Feng shui, as well as wind and water, are essential factors for life!

Feng shui’s historical roots are in Buddhism and Taoism. But parts of it can be felt in every culture and time. Today, for instance, we all recognise the difference between a quiet cabin in the woods and an apartment in New York City, and we are aware of how much our environment affects our energy.

Feng Shui Tips: The following are the top feng shui dos and don’ts for creating a mindful, and peaceful home ambience:


  1. Put your stove, workstation, and bed in a commanding position: The “commanding position” is one of the most important and fundamental principles of feng shui, and it basically states that special items should face the entrance. The bed, desk, and stove should all be put in the command position.
  2. Pay close attention to the entrance: Your front door and entryway serve as a representation of how you approach the world. Be sure to keep the room tidy and clutter-free because it affects how the world perceives you, much like a first impression. This does not imply that the entry must be entirely empty; rather, it means that you should only keep what is necessary there. So it makes sense to hang your scarf, hat, and coat if it’s winter.
  3. “Activate” your entrance door: In both practical and metaphorical terms, the front entrance is where energy enters your house, and it can be a remarkably auspicious location. Wait until a favourable day, such as your birthday or the new moon, to activate its auspicious energy. Write a list of nine desires for oneself on a piece of red paper with a newly purchased black pen between the hours of 11 and 1 (the most yang hours of the day). You should read your list aloud before respectfully signing it. The paper should be carefully folded and put inside a red envelope. Put your goals and ambitions prominently displayed inside your house, above the front door. You are now bringing these wishes to life by calling upon their energy each time you enter your front door.
  4. Create balance in your bedroom: Since we spend so much time sleeping, the feng shui of our bedrooms is really important. It’s crucial to have space accessible on both sides of the bed once you’ve placed it in the ideal location and choose a soothing colour for the room. This indicates that you’ve created room for your partner (or future partner). I assure you that no one enjoys sleeping against a wall. This also makes room for a nightstand on each side of the bed. Although the nightstands don’t have to match it’s preferable if they are of a similar size.

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  1. Blocking The Doors: Doors serve as energy gates, as was already discussed, making them crucial in feng shui. Look carefully at each door in your house to check whether any can be opened at least 90 degrees.
  2. Collecting The Broken And Defective Stuff: Your life may be hampered by broken items in your home, which can also lead to stress and disappointments. You can be preventing something or someone fantastic from visiting you because you keep forgetting to fix that defective doorbell. Feng shui also forbids the use of dead or dying plants.
  3. Neglecting The Objects And Places In Your House: If there are spaces or items in your home that are gathering dust, it could represent parts of your life that are untouched and neglected. Maybe it’s time to donate that item if you don’t need it. And perhaps it’s time to take a peep inside any rooms you haven’t entered yet. To create a positive energy, it might be as easy as taking the time to change some things around.
  4. Dusty  And Dirty Windows: Windows are regarded in feng shui as the homeowners’ eyes. When our windows are dusty, we find it difficult to see the surroundings properly and are more likely to become preoccupied with our perceptions. Regularly clean your windows to bring more sunshine and happiness into your life.

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