October Scorpio vs November Scorpio: Differences, Traits, Decans, & Compatibility

Scorpio season is coming in and aren’t we excited! If you were born between October 23rd to November 21st, congratulations! You are one of the most difficult signs to read. While you are often misunderstood because of your intimidating, secretive, and stubborn nature, you are one of the most honest, loyal, and ambitious people out there. 

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The eighth astrological sign in the zodiac, Scorpio, is ruled by Pluto and hence, has both destructive and constructive sides. In this special blog by AstroSage, we will tell you about the differences between October and November born Scorpios.

While people often misunderstand Scorpio as a fire sign, it is, in fact, a water sign! Similar to its fellow water signs, Cancer and Pisces, Scorpio is very intuitive and emotional. However, having their celestial spirit animal, Scorpios wait for the right moment to attack. They are always a step ahead, planning every move in their lives. 

You can spend your life trying to understand them, and just when you think you have it all figured out, they make an unpredictable move! Now if you think Scorpios are difficult to understand, wait till you find out how their birth months can make a huge difference in their personalities. So without waiting any further, let us jump right into exploring the traits of a Scorpio! 

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Some Common Traits Of A Scorpio 

In the three water signs, Scorpios seem to be the most hot-headed people. Their hot-headedness and the ability to think from their brains often have them confused as a fire sign. However, they have similar emotional, intuitive, and psychic abilities, like Cancer and Pisces. 

What makes them stand out among the water signs is their ability to think a step ahead and the touch of mystery that they carry with them. Some of the common traits from which you can identify a Scorpio are loyalty, tough-mindedness, determination, and honesty. However, there are some negative traits that differentiate them from other water signs are their secretive, stubborn, and controlling nature.

Their ambitious and hardworking nature brings out the best and the worst in them. They always like to be in control of the situation. As a typical water sign, Scorpios tend to hold grudges. They may forgive you, but they never forget. No matter how emotionless they might seem, they are as passionate as their fellow water signs. They crave emotional intimacy as much as they crave physical touch.

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What are Decans and how does it affect Scorpio?

Astrologically speaking, there is a subdivision of each sign into a period of ten days called ‘Decans.’ These decans change according to the change in the placements of planets, affecting the traits, temper, and modification of each sign for that particular time. Ruled by Pluto, the planet of mystery, Scorpios tend to be seductive, mysterious, passionate, and calculative. Like every sign, Scorpio has decans as well. Let us learn about them quickly.

First Decan Scorpio: Those born between October 23rd to November 1st are in the First Decan Scorpio. These folks have the willpower and courage to face all the problems and overcome any obstacles. Mars co-ruling this decan highlights all your traditional qualities of being a Scorpio.

Second Decan Scorpio: Those born on any day between November 2nd to November 11th are the Second Decan Scorpio. Neptune co-ruling this decan will bring out creativity, confidence, and intelligence to explore more artistic qualities in them. This decan of Scorpio tends to be more expressive and open than the others.

Third Decan Scorpio: Born between November 12th and November 23rd are the ones in the Third Decan Scorpio. The co-ruling Moon will give them a feeling of empathy, care, and nurture towards those who need them. They tend to read people easily and comfort them with their feelings. However, they are not very comfortable being vulnerable and tend to keep their feelings to themselves.

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How is October Scorpio different from November Scorpio?

Sharing a zodiac sign does not necessarily mean you will have the same personality traits as them. If you are a Scorpio, comparing yourself to fellow Scorpios, and finding them different from you, it might be because of the month difference. 

Change in the placements of planets in each decade can change the traits in the signs. Hence, the Scorpios born in October tend to be very different from those born in November.

Without further ado, let us dig into the differences between October Scorpios and November Scorpios!

October Scorpios tend to be-

Intense: October-born Scorpios are influenced solely by their ruling planet Pluto and Mars, where Pluto represents metamorphosis and Mars represents passion. They give off intense and mysterious energy, as a traditional Scorpio.

Possessive: Scorpios born in October are very competitive and possessive of their belongings. Whether it is a person or an object, Oct-Scorpios can get extra possessive of the things and people they love.

Friendlier: October Scorpios are way more friendlier and social than November-borns. They tend to be better at communication and prioritize their friendships and relationships more than anything. 

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However– November Scorpios tend to be-

Highly Spiritual: November Scorpios have either Neptune or Moon as their cosmic co-ruler. Hence, they give off the vibe of being highly intuitive, spiritual, and natural psychic. They will know how you feel before you even say it, with their gift of reading emotions and minds.

Emotional: As a typical water sign, Scorpios are driven by their emotions and feelings, which makes them moodier than October-borns. They have a harder time hiding their emotions than the former.

Freedom-oriented: Despite being dark and mysterious, November Scorpios tend to be more freedom-oriented. They are optimistic, hardworking, and open-minded. 

Keeping everything aside, Scorpios are ambitious and driven to work for their dreams to come true. They seem cold at first, but eventually become comfortable, kind, and warm. They are very private beings and tend to not show their vulnerability to anyone unless they trust them. So, if a Scorpio trusts you enough to be vulnerable in front of you, be grateful and never break their trust. Because if you wrong a Scorpio, they won’t ever forget!

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