“October” Fested with Festivals and Fasts, What Has in Store for You!

October, the tenth month of the year is about to commence but the normal life is still being affected amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Once again, AstroSage is back with a glimpse of October month before it commences. Let us know about the month full of festivals, in the background of IPL and transit of important planets. Also, know what new this month has in store for you.  

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In this special blog of October 2020, we will tell you all the special qualities of those who are born in this month. Along with this, we will also provide you with information about all fasts, festivals and planetary movements falling in this month and some important predictions that may bring a change in your life.

Special Qualities of those Born in the Month of October

  • Personalities of October Born People: Those who are born in this month are less prone to anger. However, when these calm people become furious, they go beyond limits. Also, they are cheerful and make other people their followers with this very special quality. 
  • Romantic Leanings of October Born People: If we talk about love life of these people, then no one can equate them. They are not shy about expressing their love and if anything goes wrong in their relationships, even then they remain cheerful and happy.  
  • Career of People Born in October Month: These people achieve success in whatever field they go. However, they lean towards the fields of politics, art, business and technology. Also, they become an inspiration for several other people.     
  • Economic Aspect of October Born People: The people may be good at other aspects but when it comes to spending money, they become spendthrift and careless. Also, they spend money not only on themselves but on those whom they love.
  • Health of October Born People: Several scientific researches have proved that people born in October month enjoy a long life. Although they do face health-related disorders but even if anything happens to them, they overcome quickly.
  • Respect Commanded by October Born People in Society: These people win the hearts of others with their calmness. This very quality of calmness helps them attain a higher status in society. Also, people born in October month are smart. In this pretext, if you meet them once, you will never be able to forget them. 
  • Lucky Numbers of October Born People: 2, 6, 7, 8
  • Lucky Colour of October Born People: Bright Maroon and Peacock Green
  • Lucky Gemstone of October Born People: Diamond

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Fasts, Festivals, Eclipse and Transits In October 

Ashwin Purnima, Purnima Fast – October 01, 2020 i.e. Thursday 

Purnima Tithi holds a special significance in Hinduism. A Purnima falls every month and all Purnimas have their own significance. But some of the Purnimas are considered to be great.

(Click here to get all the information related to all Purnimas falling this year)

Gandhi Jayanti – October 02, 2020  i.e. Friday

The birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi is celebrated on October 02 as Gandhi Jayanti all over the country. Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi was born on October 02, 1869, in Kathiawad, Porbandar.

Sankashti Chaturthi, Masik Kartighai – October 05, 2020 i.e. Monday

In  Hinduism, Lord Ganesha has been attributed the first place in worship. We always worship Lord Ganesha before the beginning of every auspicious work. The tradition of Puja and Vrat has been defined to please Lord Ganesha and this tradition is known as Sankashti Chaturthi.

Click here to check the entire list consisting of dates of Sankashti Chaturthi

Masik Kartighai Deepam is a festival which is mainly celebrated by the Tamil Hindus. This festival is considered to be one of the oldest and most important amongst all festivals celebrated by Tamil Hindus.

Rohini Vrat – October 07, 2020 i.e. Wednesday

Rohini Vrat is observed by married women for the long lives of their husbands. This fast is also observed for the peace and prosperity of the family.  

Kalashtami – October 09, 2020 i.e. Friday

The tradition of worshipping Kaal Bhairav, the Rudra form of Lord Shiva, has been defined for the day of Kalashtami. The fast of Kalashtami is observed on Ashtami Tithi of Krishna Paksha every month.

Param Ekadashi – October 13, 2020 i.e. Tuesday

Param Ekadashi is also known as Purushottam Ekadashi at certain places. It is celebrated on Ekadashi Tithi of Krishna Paksha in the Adhik month. 

Click here to know the Shubh Muhurat of Param Ekadashi

Pradosh Vrat – October 14, 2020 i.e. Wednesday

Pradosh Vrat is directly associated with Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati. This Vrat is observed on Trayodashi Tithi of Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha.

(Click here to check the entire list of Pradosh Vrat) 

Masik Shivaratri – October 15, 2020 i.e. Thursday

As per the beliefs of the Hindu religion, Mahashivaratri or Masik Shivaratri Vrat has immeasurable significance to please Lord Shiva. Every month, Masik Shivaratri is celebrated on Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha.

(Click here to get detailed information associated with Masik Shivaratri )

Ashwin Amavasya, Darsh Amavasya, Adhik Mas Ends

The day of Darsh Amavasya is considered to be highly significant in Hindu scriptures. This Amavasya falls on the last day of Shukla Paksha. The Moon does not appear on this very day.  

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Chandra Darshan, Ghatasthapana, Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti, Tula Sankranti – October 17, 2020 i.e. Saturday

The auspicious festival of Navratri is dedicated to the worship of all incarnations of Maa Durga. This year, Sharad Navratri is going to commence from October 17, Saturday. 

The transit of the Sun from one zodiac sign to another zodiac sign is called Sankranti. As per Hindu Panchang, Tula Sankranti falls in the month of Kartik. This year, Tula Sankranti is going to fall on October 17, Saturday. 

Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti will be celebrated on October 17, Saturday. Maharaja Agrasen, who is considered to be a founder of Vaishya or Aggarwal Samaj, was born in the Kshatriya clan. He was a follower of Ram Rajya, a great donor and always worked for the well being of people. 

(Click here to get complete information of Sharad Navratri and associated Shubh Muhurat) 

Lalita Panchami, Vinayaka Chaturthi – October 20, 2020 i.e Tuesday

The tradition of performing Puja of Lord Ganesha has been defined before any other Puja. In this pretext, the Vrat of Vinayaka Chaturthi is dedicated to the worship of Lord Ganesha. 

Lalita Devi, the goddess of power and incarnation of Maa Parvati, is worshipped on Lalita Panchami. The fifth day of Sharad Navratri is dedicated to Maa Lalita.

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Saraswati Avahan, Bilva Nimantran, Skanda Shashthi, Kalparambha, Akal Bodhan – October 21, 2020 i.e. Wednesday

The rituals of Kalparambha, which is also known as Kaal Paramba, have been defined to be done early in the morning.

Saraswati Puja, Navpatrika Puja – October 22, 2020 i.e. Thursday

Where on one hand, the tradition of Kalparambha is performed on the sixth day of Durga Puja, while on the other, the tradition of Navpatika Pujan is organised on the seventh day. Navpatrika is also known as Nabapatrika at certain places. 

Navpad Oli, Saraswati Balidan, Saraswati Visarjan – October 23, 2020 i.e. Friday

Durga Ashtami, Sandhi Puja, Maha Navami – October 24, 2020 i.e. Saturday

Maa Siddhidatri is worshipped on the last and ninth day of Navratri. This day is also known as Navami and Maha Navami. It is believed that this incarnation of Maa Durga showers all types of Siddhis.

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Durga Balidan, Ayudha Puja, Dakshin Saraswati Puja, Bengal Maha Navami, Dussehra, Vijayadashami, Buddha Jayanti – October 25, 2020

The festival of Navratri is celebrated to seek the blessings of Maa Durga. After Navratri, Dussehra is celebrated. Dussehra is known as Vijayadashami and at some places, it is known as Ayudha Puja.

(Click here for complete information about the significance of Dussehra and associated Shubh Muhurat)

Durga Visarjan, Bengal Vijayadashami, Mysore Dasara, Day of Vidyarambham, Madhvacharya Jayanti – October 26, 2020 i.e. Monday

The worship of Maa Durga that lasts for nine days, ends on Durga Visarjan. This festival is celebrated with great pomp and show across the nation. During this festival, all the nine incarnations of Maa Durga are worshipped in different ways and people try to please her with the worship.

Papankusha Ekadashi, Padmanabha Dwadashi – October 27, 2020 i.e. Tuesday

Ashwin Shukla Ekadashi is considered to be a destroyer of all types of sins. This is also known as Papankusha Ekadash at certain places. The tradition of performing worship with due rituals has been defined for Lord Padmanabha on this very day. 

(Click here to know the Shubh Muhurat of Papankusha Ekadashi)

Pradosh Vrat – October 28, 2020 i.e. Wednesday 

Pradosh Vrat is considered to be highly auspicious and fruitful. It is believed that those who observe Vrat, are blessed with the most desired fruits.  

Milad un-Nabi, Eid eMilad – October 29, 2020 i.e. Thursday

Sharad Purnima, Kojagara Puja – October 30, 2020 i.e. Friday

The Purnima falling during autumn is considered to be highly auspicious. As per beliefs, on the day of Sharad Purnima, the Moon appears with all its grandeur i.e. with all the sixteen Kalas. It is said that the Moon showers nectar (Amrit) on this very day. Also, people are blessed with good health, wealth and love. 

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Ashwin Purnima, Purnima Fast, Valmiki Jayanti, Meerabai Jayanti, Navpad Oli Purna– October 31, 2020 i.e. Saturday

As per mythological beliefs, Maa Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, was born on the day of Ashwin Purnima. In addition to this, Lord Krishna danced with Gopis in Vrindavan on this very day.

As per Hindu Panchang, Meerabai Jayanti is celebrated on Sharad Purnima during Ashwin month. Meerabai, known for having extreme love for  Lord Krishna, was not only a saint but also was a great Hindu religious poetess. 

Maharshi Valmiki, author of Ramayana in Sanskrit language, stands first among all great Rishis of Vedic period.  There is a tradition of celebrating his birthday as the festival of Valmiki Jayanti.

Transits in October 

This month, many important planets are going to transit or undergo several planetaryt movements. Let us know the planets that are going to transit and how they will guide our lives. This month, the planets i.e. Mars, Mercury, Sun, Venus are going to transit.

  • Mars Retrograde in Pisces (October 4, 2020): Mars in its retrograde motion will transit in Pisces from Aries on October 4, 2020 at 10:06 AM and become direct on November 14 at 06:06. Click here to know in detail about this transit. 
  • Mercury Retrograde in Libra (October 14, 2020): Mercury in its retrograde motion will transit in Libra on October 14, Wednesday at 06:00 AM. Click here to acquire all the information pertaining to this transit. 
  • Transit of Sun in Libra (October 17, 2020): The Sun will transit in the seventh sign of zodiac circle i.e. Libra on October 17 at 6:50 AM and will remain posited in the same zodiac sign till November 16, 2020 up to 6:39 AM. Click here to know everything associated with the same. 
  • Mercury Combust in Libra (October 20, 2020): The planet Mercury will become combust in Libra sign on October 20, 2020, at 08:30 AM. this state will end on October 31, 2020, at 23:13 PM.
  • Transit of Venus in Virgo (October 23, 2020): The planet Venus will transit in Virgo on October 23, Friday at 10:34 AM. Click here to know about this transit.

Eclipses during October 

If we talk about the eclipse of this month, then no eclipse is going to occur. 

Some Important Predictions of this Month

  • The natives of Aries zodiac sign have been advised to be careful in their professional field. Otherwise, some quarrels may take place with the team members. However, financial benefits are guaranteed. Those who are looking for jobs may succeed, while the unmarried people may have to wait for some time.  
  • The natives of Taurus will succeed in their professional field. Along with this, your financial conditions will remain average. Take care of your health as well as your family members. Besides this, you may face some problems pertaining to your love life. 
  • The natives of the Gemini sign will get good results in their professional field. Along with this, if your mother is working, then she has a great chance of getting promotions in her job. However, people of this sign may face some problems in their love life but will succeed in their professional arena.  
  • This month, the natives of Cancer sign will benefit in their professional field. Along with this, they will remain strong financially. It is advised that they need to be careful while spending. Besides this, their family life will also be cheerful. 
  • This month will be beneficial for the natives of Virgo professionally. Also, they will remain healthy and their financial status will become strong owing to an increase in their income. Along with this, there is hope for these people to be happy with their families. 
  • The natives of Libra may face some problems in their family. However, time will be favorable financially. They are advised to be careful about their health. Also, they need to be careful in their professional field.
  • Time will be favorable for the natives of Scorpio sign relating to family affairs. If a quarrel has been going on, then it can be resolved during this time. Also, the time will be beneficial for the students of this sign.
  • This month, the natives of Sagittarius sign will need to work hard in their professional field. Their financial status will remain average. If we talk about family terms, their relationship with family members may be fruitful. 
  • People of Capricorn sign will be benefited professionally during this month. It is the right time to apply for a job. In addition to this, they may have to spend money for religious purposes.
  • The natives of the Aquarius sign may have problems in their professional life. Also, financial problems may arise in their lives. In this pretext, they are advised to be careful. If we talk about their family life, they should spend most of the time with their parents. 
  • People of Pisces zodiac sign will have normal benefits in their professional life. Besides this, they need to make special efforts to improve their financial status.

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