Masik Shivratri In 2 Pious Yogas: Mahadev Will Bless 5 Zodiacs!

Today, on October 12th, we find ourselves under the favorable cosmic alignment of Shukla and Brahma Yoga. This auspicious day also coincides with Pradosh Vrat and Masik Chaturdashi, adding to its significance. Let’s explore the astrological implications and predictions for the day, particularly for five zodiac signs, who are expected to benefit from this alignment and receive blessings from Lord Shiva.

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October 12th: Lucky Day For 5 Zodiac Signs


For those born under the Gemini sign, October 12th is set to be exceptionally auspicious. This day promises financial gains and the opportunity for a religious pilgrimage with your family. If you are employed, you will receive support from colleagues, making your work more manageable. You can expect successful outcomes in court matters and might have the chance to attend a social gathering with friends. Those engaged in partnerships will achieve positive results and find it easier to persuade others.

Recommended remedy for Gemini: To dispel obstacles and illnesses, listen to the Katha of Lord Satyanarayan and wear yellow clothing while consuming saltless food.

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Virgos, your horoscope for October 12th brings promising news. You may receive good news and reconnect with an old friend. With the support of your family and friends, your tasks will become more manageable. If you are considering investments, you may reap substantial benefits, strengthening your financial position. Both job seekers and businesspersons could receive interview calls from another company. Love life is on the upswing, and you might consider introducing your partner to your family.

Recommended remedy for Virgo: To invite happiness, prosperity, and peace into your home, hang a saffron-colored thread, turmeric root, and jaggery in your living area, and then visit the Lakshmi Narayan Temple with an offering of sweets.

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October 12th holds favorable prospects for Scorpio individuals. You will feel energized and experience career advancement. While competitors might pose challenges at work, your wisdom will help you overcome all difficulties. If you are active on social media, you may notice an increase in your follower count. Engaging with a social organization can boost your reputation. Health improvements are on the horizon for your life partner, strengthening your bond. Love life is flourishing, and you can spend quality time with your partner.

Recommended remedy for Scorpio: To promote business success, hang a saffron thread at home and use yellow color extensively at your workplace. Offer laddoos in the Lakshmi Narayan Temple.

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Sagittarius individuals, your horoscope for October 12th looks promising. You may receive the support of your family and benefit from Lord Vishnu’s blessings, making your tasks more manageable. Tomorrow could be a day to form new friendships, benefiting your life in various ways. Additionally, you might have the opportunity to fulfill commitments made to family members and friends. Planning a family outing or spending time with your loved ones is also on the cards.

Recommended remedy for Sagittarius: Perform a puja at home, hang a turmeric garland, and use yellow clothing, as this will strengthen the position of Jupiter in your horoscope.


Aquarius, your horoscope for October 12th predicts favorable circumstances. You could receive a piece of good news from your family through a phone call, bringing joy and benefit. Financially, your previous investments might yield positive results, enhancing your overall economic stability. Your willingness to assist others will be duly recognized, strengthening your ties with family and friends. Collaborating with others in business could lead to success, and students may excel in their studies. This auspicious day will help you overcome past issues.

Recommended remedy for Aquarius: To enhance prosperity and peace, hang a ripe banana tree’s leaf at home and wear yellow clothing. Offer yellow sweets in a temple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the most powerful Yoga in Astrology?

Ans: Rajyoga is one of the most powerful Yogas in astrology.

Q2. Which yoga is rare in Astrology?

Ans: Akhand Rajyoga is a rare yoga in astrology.

Q3. Which Yoga is the king of Yogas?

Ans: Shirshasana is considered a king of all Yogas. 

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