Numerology Yearly Horoscope 2024: Auspicious Or Inauspicious

Numerology Yearly Horoscope 2024: Like astrology, Numerology is also referred to as the science through which individuals can know about their past, present, and future. In Hindi, it is known as ‘Aank Shastra’ and in English, it is called ‘Numerology’. Some rules of mathematics are applied in numerology to assess the various aspects of human lives and also make the right predictions for future outcomes. 

If you want to get horoscope details of 2024 as per Numerology, then you have arrived at the right place and this AstroSage blog provides complete details of Numerology Year Horoscope 2024 and the predictions. 

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What Is Numerology And What Is The History Related To It?

Numerology is the combination of numbers and astrology. Numerology refers to information about a person’s future by matching the numbers with specific astrological facts. In this, numbers from 1 to 9 are mentioned. Along with it, the predictions are based on three crucial elements of astrology i.e. planets, zodiac signs, and nakshatras. 

In such a situation, a combination of numerology and astrology is done with the nine planets and based on 12 zodiac signs & 27 nakshatras. 

If we talk about history, numerology is believed to have been introduced in Egypt around 10000 years ago. The famous Egyptian mathematician Pythogoras was the first to tell the importance of numbers to the world. He said that the entire universe is ruled by numbers. After this, in India, the importance of numerology was explained through “Swarodam Shastra”.


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What Is The Importance Of Numerology And How Is It Used? 

Similar to astrology, special importance has been given to numerology. With the use of this knowledge, it becomes simple to collect details of the past, present, and future of a person. Other than that, numerology can be used to know about the qualities, behavior, and characteristics of a person. Before marriage, the relationship of bride and groom is matched through numerology. 

Apart from this, in today’s time, special attention is paid to numbers while constructing a new home. Based on it, the decisions are made for the number of windows, doors, stairs, etc in your home. Other than that, to get success in life, people today are giving special importance to numerology. Based on it, the number of letters in the names are decided and it is believed that by taking these relevant steps people can bring back the favor of luck in their lives. 

Numbers are used in Numerology to get vital information about a person’s life. The calculations in Numerology are carried out in connection with Navagraha. Other than that, numbers from 1 to 9 are considered to be representing the nine planets and the predictions are done accordingly. The numbers are used to obtain different information about a person like reasoning, thinking power, hate, desire, career, health, etc. 

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What Is Moolank And Bhagyank? 

As per Numerology, Moolank is the number representing the sum of the date of birth of a person. To explain in simple words, the sum of the dates on which the person is born is referred to as the Moolank. 

Talking about Bhagyank, in English it is referred to as destiny or lucky number. To explain in simple words, the single number coming with the addition of the date, month, and year of the person’s birth is known as Bhagyank or lucky number. 

Nine Points Related To Nine Planets 

In Numerology, there is the use of 9 numbers and all of them are linked to nine planets. For example, 

Moolank 1 represents the Sun. 

Moolank 2 represents the Moon. 

Moolank 3 represents Guru i.e. Jupiter. 

Moolank 4 represents Rahu. 

Moolank 5 represents Mercury. 

Moolank 6 represents Venus. 

Moolank 7 represents Ketu. 

Moolank 8 represents Saturn. 

Moolank 9 represents Mars. 

Numerology Yearly Horoscope 2024 Predictions 

Moolank 1 In Numerology Yearly Horoscope 2024 

You will be self-respecting due to the Sun’s influence. However, sometimes self-respect becomes a campaign, and as a result, some people may……… (click here to read in details)

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Moolank 2 In Numerology Yearly Horoscope 2024 

You have good creative aptitude, or creativity, as a result of the Moon’s influence. You’ll typically be an emotional person. You totally respect……… (click here to read in details)

Moolank 3 In Numerology Yearly Horoscope 2024 

You will be known as an experienced person due to Jupiter’s influence. You not only believe in education, but you also know how to teach……… (click here to read in details)

Moolank 4 In Numerology Yearly Horoscope 2024 

Rahu’s influence may cause you to experience more confusion or disorientation in your life. However, this figure will also result in quick……… (click here to read in details)

Moolank 5 In Numerology Yearly Horoscope 2024 

You will be a cheerful and social person as a result of Mercury’s influence. Your greatest strengths may be logic and a sharp wit. In general,……… (click here to read in details)

Moolank 6 In Numerology Yearly Horoscope 2024 

A fantastic attraction can be seen within you as a result of Venus’s influence. You may have a sweet disposition or a radiant enthusiasm. Your……… (click here to read in details)

Moolank 7 In Numerology Yearly Horoscope 2024 

You may be independent and of a different type as a result of Ketu’s influence. Although you will like laughing and making jokes, you may……… (click here to read in details)

Moolank 8 In Numerology Yearly Horoscope 2024 

Because of Saturn’s influence, you may be able to complete any task with patience. However, it should be considered which digits play……… (click here to read in details)

Moolank 9 In Numerology Yearly Horoscope 2024 

You will be known as a brave person as a result of Mars’ influence. You will frequently be seen to be prepared to face a variety of issues. Your……… (click here to read in details)

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