Numerology Weekly Horoscope 29 January to 4 February, 2023

Have you ever considered how important numbers are to our daily lives? Our root numbers are tied to many facets of our lives. A person’s root number can be used to find out facts and behavioral characteristics about that person. You must be pondering the value of your root number. Don’t worry, this thorough and wonderful Numerology Weekly Horoscope will reveal how you can know your root number and so much more. So please read this whole Weekly Horoscope if you’re interested in learning more about your life!

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How To Know Your Root Number (Moolank)?

Before we begin the Numerology Weekly Horoscope 2023 and explore its various facets, let’s first learn how to determine your root number. Your root number can be found by taking the date of your birth and converting it to a single digit; this is a pretty straightforward process. If you were born on the 11th of any month, your root number would be 1+1, which equals 2, making it easier to understand. Your root number would be 2, for instance.

Know Your Weekly Horoscope Using Your Birth Date (29th January 2023- 4th February 2023)

Because the numbers have a direct correlation to our birth dates, numerology has a profound effect on our lives. A person’s Root Number is created by adding his or her birth date, as we have already mentioned, and it is governed by a number of planets.

The number 1st is ruled by the Sun, 2nd by the Moon, 3rd by Jupiter, 4th by Rahu, 5th by Mercury, 6th by Venus, 7th by Ketu, 8th by Saturn, and 9th by Mars. The movements of these planets produce a lot of changes in a person’s life, and they have a big impact on the numbers they govern.

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Root Number 1

[If you are born on these dates of any month 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th

The natives belonging to this number might be able to showcase their home with splendor and their approach will be professional with skills. A unique path will be followed by them in their workspace. Toughest of works will be completed by these natives with ease and they will flourish with growing confidence. During this week, these natives will demonstrate administrative abilities overcoming complex situations and positivity will be used by them to pursue critical decisions. 

Romantic Relation – Your promising love will bring your partner together and as a result you will be able to maintain a close relationship with your life partner. Your emotional attachment towards your life partner will be elevated this week, and hence you will build a progressive and a relationship filled with love with them.  

Education – During this week, the natives will be able to flourish in studies related to medicine, law, and management. The natives will move forward in their studies with good focus and as a result they will score well. The natives will also come across a special chance to travel abroad to study, and this opportunity will be special for these natives. 

Professional – New and highly reliable job opportunities will come your way. These natives will flourish in their workspace and they will also come across some positive news regarding an overseas job opportunity. The business natives will be able to earn profits while progressing with dynamic skills in their ventures. 

Health – The natives will be able maintain stability in their health status through courage and determination. By engaging in spiritual practices and Yoga, these natives will be able to enjoy good health.

Remedy – Perform Yagya-Havan for Sun god on Sunday.

Root Number 2

[If you are born on these dates of any month 2nd, 11th, 20th, or 29th

The natives of this number might face confusion this week and as a result their further development could get hampered. These natives must have a plan if they want to get good outcomes ahead. It will be beneficial for these natives to stay away from friends as due to them they could get in trouble. Besides this, long-distance travel this week will not bear fruit for you so it will be better if you could avoid it. 

Romantic Relation – These natives must avoid having quarrels with their partners this week. In order to make this week more romantic you will have to make some adjustments. You will get relief through an outing with your life partner which will be religious in nature. All-in-all this week might not come with abundance in love and romance.

Education – The Root Number 2 natives will have to put more focus and attention on their studies this week, as they may get concentration lapses. Studying hard and with meticulous and professional structure is the way to go! The natives who are studying subjects like Chemistry and Law might face obstacles this week. Logic must be applied as a necessity in your studies and carve a niche among your fellow students.

Professional – The working natives might come across inconsistencies in the job which as a result may be detrimental to your development in work. Also, due to the errors, you might be losing various new job chances. In order to get ahead in your work these natives must show vast differences and create success stories. 

Health – The Root Number 2 natives will need to show more attention to physical fitness as there are chances you might face cough related problems. Sleep deprivation and a feeling of asphyxia or suffocation could also pose an issue. 

Remedy – Chant “Om Somaya Namaha” daily 21 times.

Root Number 3

[If you are born on these dates of any month 3nd, 12th, 21st, or 30th

Root Number 3 natives will be able to show more courage this week in taking vital decisions that will promote their welfare. You might feel more confident and self-satisfied. More spiritual instincts will be present among these natives. Self-motivation will be the quality through which you will be able to build your reputation this week. During this week you will possess broadmindedness which will help you a lot in promoting your interests. Traveling this week will prove to be beneficial for you. 

Romantic Relation – You will be able to show more romantic feelings to your beloved and exchange views in such a way that mutual understanding will develop. You will also be busy exchanging views with your life partner about a function that is going to take place in your family. The views that are expressed by you will have a purpose and the love between you and your partner will grow.

Education – The area of studies will be a roller coaster ride for you this week as you may be able to excel in delivering quality, combined with professionalism. Fields like Management and Business Administration will prove to be favorable for you. The above-mentioned fields will prove to improve your decision making abilities and thereby, you will be able to implement the same in a better manner.

Professional – During this week, you may be in a position to secure new job chances that will make you feel delighted. With the new possible job opportunities, you will deliver skills with efficiency. The natives who are into business, can start another business venture that may secure high profits. In business, you will be ahead of your competitors and pose a fine challenge to them. 

Health – This week, your physical fitness will be good, and it will give you greater excitement and energy. This enthusiasm will be good for your health. More positive energy will continue to structure your wellness.

Remedy – Chant “Om Gurave Namah” daily 21 times.

Root Number 4

[If you are born on these dates of any month 4th, 13th, 22st, or 31st

Root number 4 natives might possess insecure feelings this week and due to this, they may fail to take effective decisions. During this week, it will be essential for these natives to avoid long-distance traveling as it might not benefit them. Further, during this week, natives may need to take advice from their elders in taking vital decisions. 

Romantic Relation – Assumptions that may be made unwittingly could lead to arguments between you and your life partner. As a result, in order to have a solid relationship with your life partner, you will need to make certain modifications. You will need to be in touch with your life partner frequently because there can be unresolved issues in this area.

Education – There is a chance that you won’t pay attention in class, and this could be brought on by mental wandering on your part. So this week, you should concentrate more on your academics. You’ll be working on new projects for your studies, so you might need to devote extra time to them. 

Professional – You could be unsatisfied with your current job assignment due to a lack of requisite recognition for your hard work and it might disappoint you. If you are into business, you might not find your current dealings to fetch high profits, and there could be relationship problems with your business partners. 

Health – This week, you can experience digestive issues, so it’s best for you to eat your meals on time. You can also feel soreness in your shoulders and legs.

Remedy – Recite “Om Durgaya Namaha” daily 22 times.

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Root Number 5

[If you are born on these dates of any month 5th, 14th, or 23rd

Root Number 5 natives could gain good profit this week by showcasing their hidden skills to the outside world. You may be in a position to derive logic for each and every step that you pursue. This week will be favorable for pursuing major decisions. Natives belonging to this number may be in a position to develop their intelligence and analyze situations in a more professional manner. Natives may be able to develop a logical reason for the decisions that they are pursuing during this week.

Romantic Relation – You’ll be able to tell that your partnership has good principles. As a result, you will have positive interactions with your loved one and set a positive example. Your relationship with your life partner will be more loving, allowing the two of you to exchange happiness on a regular basis. You will get to take your life partner on casual outings during this week.

Education – You may be in a position to excel very well in your studies, and your hard work will help you study even difficult subjects with ease. Subjects like Mechanical Engineering, Logistics, and Advanced Statistics could prove to be easy for you. 

Professional – This week will put you in a position to ascertain your abilities and carry on work with much fervor. You will develop professionalism with work and if you are in business then you may slide on to the top level and establish yourself as a pioneer. You may be in a position to compete with your competitors and establish yourself. These natives might also be able to develop new business strategies for their ventures.

Health – This week you’ll experience good health thanks to great exercise mixed with high energy levels. You’ll have a sense of humor, which will assist you in maintaining good health.

Remedy –  Chant “Om Namo Narayana” daily 41 times. 

Root Number 6

[If you are born on these dates of any month 6th, 15th, or 24th

Root Number 6 natives this week may find their inner strength at their full potential. With this, they will be able to extend their creativity and this will guide them to reach on top. They will also feel extremely energized due to the pleasant things happening to them this week. These natives will be straight forward in pursuing major decisions.

Romantic Relation – You will be in a position to exchange mutual rapport with your life partner or beloved. The level of thinking between you and your life partner will be on the high side in taking vital decisions. You could also travel on a holiday trip with your partner and cherish such occasions. Due to the casual outing with your life partner, bonding will enhance much between the two of you.

Education – You will be competent enough to pursue higher education and take on competitive exams throughout this week. You will be able to reveal your distinctive identity in such a way that you can stay on top of your academics.

Professional – This week promises you new job chances that will give you delight. You will also get overseas chances and such chances will give you high returns. You will also get job openings abroad and such ventures will appear to be profitable. If you are into business, then you will be in a position to streamline your position and earn high profits and make yourself comfortable.

Health – You’ll have dynamic energy, which may be a result of your confidence. You will therefore have excellent health. You will have a strong mentality and unwavering attitude that will keep you optimistic and in excellent physical shape.

Remedy – Chant “Om Shukraya Namaha” daily 33 times.

Root Number 7

[If you are born on these dates of any month 7th, 16th, or 25th

This week, Root Number 7 natives will need to pay more attention to what they are doing because there is a potential that they will act carelessly, and such behavior could affect the results. You will aim to increase your interest in spiritual activities this week as you get more interested in them.

Romantic Relation –  It will be essential for you to make adjustments in love and relationship with your life partner. This is because during this week, you might enter into unwanted arguments, and this might spoil your happiness. Due to this, it will be essential for you to stay calm to maintain happiness in your love relationship.

Education – Prospects related to studies might not be favorable for you as you may lack grasping power. Due to this, you might not be able to perform well in studies. Also, this week might not be favorable for you to go for higher competitive exams.

Professional – This week, you need to be more cautious while dealing with your superiors as there could be chances for arguments with them. Your superiors might question the quality of your work. Besides this, there might be errors that you might commit due to negligence. If you are into business then you will need to take care while dealing with the profitability of your business as situations might sometimes go out of control.

Health – Driving a vehicle might be dangerous for these natives since there is a potential of getting hurt. You must therefore prioritize your health if you want to succeed. A lack of enthusiasm could exist, which might cause health issues.

Remedy – Chant “Om Ganeshaya Namaha” daily 41 times.

Root Number 8

[If you are born on these dates of any month 8th, 17th, or 26th

Natives of the root number 8 might not have a particularly enjoyable week and might need to wait for more favorable outcomes. Natives might get more interested in spiritual matters as a result of which they might travel to further their divinity. Additionally, natives will travel to receive additional spiritual blessings to see happiness. 

Romantic Relation – The distance between you and your life partner could grow more this week due to family issues. As a result, your relationship might lack happiness, and you may feel as if you have lost everything. So, it will be essential for you to make adjustments with your life partner and maintain a cordial relationship.

Education – The key to hone you and keep you motivated in your studies this week is focus. Your ability to concentrate well gives you an excellent chance to boost your academic performance. During this time, you can take competitive tests and find them challenging. You must therefore prepare thoroughly if you want to do well on the test.

Professional – You might think about changing jobs due to lack of satisfaction and this might worry you. Sometimes, you might fail to perform well at work, and this might affect the quality of your work. If you are into business, then you might not be able to earn profits easily. You might even need to run the business on minimum investment, or else, it might lead to losses.

Health – You may feel leg discomfort and joint stiffness this week as a result of stress. Exercise is preferable for you to do to stay fit. Therefore, practicing yoga or meditation is essential if you want to stay in shape.

Remedy – Chant “Om Mandaya Namaha” daily 44 times.

Root Number 9

[If you are born on these dates of any month 9th, 18th, or 27th

Root number 9 natives will find this week to be smooth. There will be exciting opportunities for you to enhance your future during this week, be it with respect to your career, increase in finances and gain, new friends, etc. You might have to  travel more during this week, and such travels may prove to be worthwhile for you.

Romantic Relation – You will experience cordial and harmonious relationships with your life partner. If you are in love, then you will establish happiness with your beloved. If you are married, then you might settle romantic scores with your life partner.

Education – This week’s educational environment seems to be promising for you because you’ll be able to earn great marks. In courses like Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, etc., you will excel. You will be able to develop a distinct academic specialty for yourself as well.

Professional – You will get new job opportunities this week if you are born under this number. If you are trying for government jobs, then you will get promising opportunities this time. If you are waiting for promotion with respect to your job, then this week will be an ideal time for you to secure the same.

Health – You can achieve good physical fitness this week because of the positivity you already possess. Additionally, practice meditation to stay in shape. 

Remedy – Chant “Om Bhoumaya Namaha” daily 27 times.

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