Numerology Weekly Horoscope 01- 07 August, 2021

Numerology plays a vital role in your life. The date on which you are born during any month and after converting it into one unit number is your Root Number. The Root Number can be anything from 1 to 9, for example – if you were born on the 23rd of a month, your root number would be 2 + 3 i.e. 5. In this way, you can read your weekly numerology horoscope by knowing your root number.

Know Your Weekly Horoscope With Your Birth Date (1st – 7th August 2021)

Numerology has a massive impact on our lives as the numbers have everything to do with our birth dates. As we have already cited above, a person’s root number happens to be an addition of his or her birth date and it comes under the administration of various planets.

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The number 1 is ruled by the Sun, 2nd by the Moon, 3rd by Jupiter, 4th by Rahu, 5th by Mercury, 6th by Venus, 7th by Ketu, and 8th by Saturn, and 9th by Mars. Many changes take place in one’s life because of the movement of these planets and the numbers administered by them have a major role.  

Root Number 1

(If you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of any month)

You will be busy with a number of things  at the professional front. Your performance at work will be appreciated and you will make your reputation in the good books of your seniors and bosses. You will be hyperactive and dynamic to complete your work well before time. Those who are into business will get full support from their family, especially, their spouse, who will bring good luck during this week. Your family will miss your inputs at the household front because of your busy schedule. You will not participate actively in the day to day family activities. The students will have a favourable week. You will enjoy learning new things and will be able to concentrate better in your studies. Those who are in a love relationship will share some loving moments with their partner, you may also plan a day trip or go for long drive with them during this week. The married natives will also be content during this week. Your relationship with your spouse will be full of care and concerns. You will be affectionate towards your partner and will receive the same concerns from them which will strengthen your bond. You are advised to intake lot of liquid and avoid spicy food. Since some health concerns may bother you, especially, those who are suffering from blood pressure in the beginning of the week. 


Offer Arghya to the Sun every morning.

Root Number 2

(If you were born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th of any month)

This week will be amazing for you at the professional front. The employed natives are likely to get promotions and incentives during this week. Your working skills will gain recognition and this will boost your confidence. Those who run their own business, can make some long-term plans during this week as they will bring success in the future. Your financial prospects will be good during this period and you may earn money from some hidden wealth. The students will have a pleasant time. They will put forth their best efforts to learn and understand their subjects, which will bring them success in their examinations. Those who are in love relationships will feel discontentment in their bond, they may find their relationship to be dragging as the concerns and inputs of their partner will be missing during this week. The married natives may feel some distance from your spouse, this could be physical due to the travel plans of either of the partners or due to coldness in your relationship with your spouse. Either way, you are advised to communicate well to strengthen your bond. Your health will remain fragile during this week and you will complain of frequent body aches, cold and headaches. You are advised to be cautious during the weather changes.


Offer white flowers and water at Shivalinga while chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaya’.

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Root Number 3

(If you are born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th of any month)

The week is going to be beneficial for you, as you may have some handsome financial gains. The employed natives will have a smooth week since your relations with seniors and bosses will improve during this week. Your long on hold projects will start moving and you will be able to streamline everything at the workplace with the help of colleagues and teammates. Your past week’s hard work will bring good monetary benefits and you may also earn from some ancestral property during this period. The business owners will have an approving period as they will be able to make good profits. The students, especially, the scholars and researchers will enjoy good time, you will get some good stuff or books which will help you learn your subjects in a better way and go deep into it. Those who are into romantic relationships will have a pleasant time as the love between the two of you will grow. The married natives will witness some conflicts in their relationships as your spouse will not be able to rise to your expectations during this week. In the context of health, this week is going to be average since you will be prone to skin allergies, therefore, be careful when you move out in dust, pollution and sun. Also, you should keep a check on your overthinking habit as it can spoil your health and cause insomnia. 


Apply Saffron Tilak on your forehead everyday.

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Root Number 4

(If you are born on 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st of any month)

This week, you will be enthusiastic and will look forward to learning new things. Your analytical mind will be on the swing and you will get into the depth of the subjects. The employed natives may lack energy as you will not be happy with your work profile, especially, if you are into the arts, technology or petroleum sector. You will find it difficult to satisfy your clients even with your best services. The business owners will have to wait during this week in order to see the results of their effort. Also, you will not be able to witness any growth in your ventures. You will tax yourself in understanding and sorting out things around you. Your expenditure will be high, which will add to your stress and anxiety. The students will be busy with their studies, they will have an inclination to do research in some of their subjects. You will spend a good time with your family and friends and may plan a get together with them. Those who are into romantic relationships will have a moderate week. The married couple will have a good understanding, however, the love and warmth in your relationship will be missing. You will look up to your partner more as a friend or guide during this week. You should try to relax during this week as your stress will be high and you will face sleeplessness.


Offer water to the peepal tree without touching it.

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Root Number 5

(If you are born on 5th, 14th, and 23rd of any month)

The week is going to be favourable for you, especially, if you are dealing into feminine products like garments, jewellery or cosmetics. The working individuals will get appreciation for your diligent working and there will be betterment in your relations with co-workers and the management. You will earn the support of your seniors, especially, the male boss. You will gain recognition and respect along with monetary gains for your capabilities. The entrepreneurs will earn good profits and your hard work will be paid well. You should work hard as only that will bring success to you and you should avoid making any short cuts. You will be good at the economic front and if planning to invest in the property then time is suitable, as you will be able to make a profitable deal. You may get gifts in terms of cash or kind from your father or fatherly figure during this week. At the family front, the relations between the members of the house will be cordial, however, there may be a bit of tension due to the ill-health of a member. The romantic couples will have a blissful week. The married natives will enjoy some warmth and intimacy in their relationship, your spouse will be too dedicated and pampering towards you. This week will be average pertaining to your personal health and you should maintain a good lifestyle, as it will help you in reducing chances of falling ill.   


Worship Lord Ganesha and offer two Boondi Ladoos on Wednesday.

Root Number 6 

(If you are born on 6th, 15th, 24th of any month)

This week will be good for you. You will over-power your opponents and your creative working skills will bring new opportunities and projects in your favour. Your efforts and diligent work will be appreciated. The employed natives will get advantages and favours due to their capabilities and experience. This week is also favourable for entrepreneurs, especially, those who are dealing in the advertisement, media or communication industry. If you are planning to introduce something new then this week will bring positive results. You are advised to be careful with your finances since lending or borrowing money may put you in problems. The students will face some concentration issues during this week. However, if you get support and assistance from your tutors and family members then you will be able to perform better. Those who are into a love relationship will have amazing time, the intimacy and passion in your bond will grow and you may go on a special date with your dear one by the end of the week. The married couples will enjoy each other’s company and may plan to do something together this week, which will increase the closeness between the two. Your bond with your family members will not be very cordial, there may be some fights or confrontations at home during this week. Your health will remain fine with no major concerns.


Recite Durga Chalisa every day and feed blind people on Friday.

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Root Number 7 

(If you are born on 7th, 16th, 25th of any month)

This week will be a bit rough at the professional front. You will be enthusiastic in completing your short term goals and put in your great efforts but you will not be paid off. The employed natives will have a difficult time completing their work and winning over their opponents. The pressure of submissions from the management and higher authorities will add to your tension. Try to avoid any sort of controversy at the workplace as your co-workers may play politics with you during this week. Also, avoid breaking any government rules as you may have to pay heavy penalties for the same. Those who have their own their business should avoid making any small term investment as there are chances of financial losses. This week will be average for the students as you will be distracted and will not be able to study as per your timetable. Those who are into romantic relationships are advised to be very careful as differences may crop up in your relationship due to the interference of a third person during this period. The married natives may face some conflicts with their spouse due to the involvement of in-laws so, you are advised to manage things calmly and patiently as any wrong word or action may put you in trouble. You will face troubles due to the gastric issue, try to avoid oily food and sweets in order to keep yourself fit during this week.


Feed seven grains to the birds every morning.

Root Number 8 

(If you were born on 8th, 17th, 26th of any month)

The beginning of the week will be a little low, you may feel too sensitive and emotional. You will have lots of ups and downs in your professional life which will make you feel dissatisfied with your career. The working professionals will find it taxing to deliver the assigned projects on time. Also, proving your caliber or working skills would be a  challenge during this week, as there will be lots of challenges from your competitors and your peace of mind and personal comfort will be disrupted due to the same. Those who are into business pertaining to the dairy industry will have a comparatively better period. Also, those who are connected to the food industry will see a little growth during this week. The students will need to study hard during this period and only if you do the same, you will get good results in your subjects. Your bond with the family members will be good and you will get support from your mother. Those who are in romantic relationships may feel a little disheartened as your partner will not be able to keep up to your emotional needs and concerns. This may put you in doubt about their commitment and loyalty towards you. The married natives will spend a comfortable time with their spouse and make some new cherishing memories. You will be a bit attention-seeking during this week and your spouse will understand your feelings. You may catch a cold or flu during this week, therefore, you are advised to take good care of your health.


Worship Shani Dev and light a mustard oil lamp/Diya in front of the deity on Saturday for getting rid of all ailments.

Root Number 9 

(If you were born on 9th, 18th, 27th of any month)

This week will be a bit hectic and confusing for you. You will find it difficult to make decisions even on versatile things. You try to be secluded and will avoid spending time with family members. The work pressure will increase leaps and bounds and you may become a victim of politics and complaints of the coworkers and teammates. Those who are into personal practice of law and medical services will have a better time as your work will get some recognition during this period. Those who who run medical stores will have a comfortable week. This week will be too challenging for the  government employees. Also, if you are expecting any favours from the higher authorities or government subsidies you will have to wait as this week will not bring any favours. The beginning of the week will be slow for the students since they will be frustrated for not being able to understand or memorise their subjects thoroughly. Also they will face obstacles in reaching out to the right source for learning but all their  problems will start resolving by the end of the week. Your bond with the family members will be neutral, however, you would prefer staying a little away and will not answer their calls. You may face confrontations or differences of opinion with your father or fatherly figure by the middle of this week. Those who are in love relationships will feel a bit of a distance from each other, you will find it difficult to explain your troubles and pressure to your partner. The married natives may face some misunderstandings with their partner. This will affect your relationship to a certain level and the same will not be resolved until the weekend. You will be prone to indigestion and food allergies during this week, therefore, be particular about what you eat.


Worship Lord Hanuman and offer Gur-Chana as prasad on Tuesday.

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