Numerology Weekly Horoscope 23 July- 29 July: Moolank-Based Predictions!

How To Know Your Root Number (Moolank)? 

After converting the date you were born during any month into one unit number, it is your Root Number. The Root Number can be anything from 1 to 9. For example, if you were born on the 11th of a month, your root number would be 1 + 1, i.e. 2. In this way, you can read your weekly numerology horoscope by knowing your Root Number.

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Know Your Weekly Horoscope Using Your Birth Date (23 to 29 July 2023)

Numerology has a massive impact on our lives because the numbers have everything to do with our birth dates. As we have already cited above, a person’s Root Number is the addition of his/her birth date, and it comes under the administration of various planets.

The number 1 is ruled by the Sun, 2nd by the Moon, 3rd by Jupiter, 4th by Rahu, 5th by Mercury, 6th by Venus, 7th by Ketu, 8th by Saturn, and 9th by Mars.  

Root Number 1

(If you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of any month)

People belonging to this number are more systematic and professional that helps them succeed in life. This week may not bring highly positive results for you in pursuing major decisions. Confidence levels will be low for these natives this week. Also, you will be prone to more travel and thereby have a busy schedule ahead with respect to your career etc. Travel for spiritual purposes is possible, which will turn out to be rewarding. These natives will also show uniqueness in various life aspects during this week.

Romantic Relation- Dealings with your life partner will be smooth during this week as there will be good rapport, and good communication will bring a pleasant smile on your face. You will enjoy casual outings with your life partner in this duration and it might turn out to be the most memorable one. You will be in a position to show more love towards your life partner.

Education- During this week, you will take positive steps in enhancing your studies in a more professional manner. Students pursuing studies related to Management and Physics will be able to concentrate more during this period, thereby attain good results. You will shine well with respect to tough subjects that you chose.

Professional- You will excel at the job and if you are into public sector jobs, then this week will appear to be like heydays for you. If you are into business, then you will get good profits via outsource dealings. There may also be chances for you to get into new partnerships and such actions on your side may be fruitful.

Health- This week, you will be in fine health with much cheerfulness and enthusiasm. Doing regular exercises will keep you more fit this week and you will be able to enjoy good health. There will be more energy within you that will add to your happiness.

Remedy- Chant “Om Bhaskaraya Namah” daily 19 times.

Root Number 2

(If you were born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, or 29th of any month)

Root Number 2 natives might face confusion while making decisions, and this could act as a constraint in developing further. You will need to plan this week and also possess anticipation to witness goodness. It will be better for you to stay away from friends this week as you could face problems because of them. Also, it will be essential for you to avoid long-distance travel, which might not serve the purpose during this week.

Romantic Relation- You may witness arguments with your life partner, which you need to avoid during this time. You will need to make some adjustments with your life partner to make this week more romantic and peaceful. It will also be better to have mutual discussion with your life partner so as to maintain good rapport.

Education- You will need to devote more attention to your studies as there are chances for concentration lapses. So, you need to study hard and do it in a professional manner. It will be essential for you to apply some logic in studies and carve a niche among your fellow students.  It will be essential for you to plan and execute your studies in a planned manner.

Professional- If you are working, then you may be left with inconsistencies in the job and this may act as a constraint to develop yourself in work. So to avoid this, you will have to work extra hard this week so that you are ahead of your colleagues. If you are doing business, then you might find yourself in a situation of facing loss which may arise due to pressure from competitors.

Health- You will need to pay more attention to physical fitness as there are chances of cough related problems. There may also be situations of loss of sleep during night.

Remedy-Perform Yagya-Havan for planet moon on Mondays.

Root Number 3

(If you are born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, or 30th of any month)

Root Number 3 natives will be able to show more courage this week in taking vital decisions that will promote their welfare. More spiritual instincts will be present among these natives. Self-motivation will be the quality that will serve as a yardstick to build up your reputation during this period. You will possess broadmindedness and this will help you a lot in promoting your interests. There will be more travel for you, which will be beneficial during this course of time.

Romantic Relation- You will be able to show more romantic feelings to your beloved and exchange views in such a way that mutual understanding will develop. You could also find yourself busy exchanging views with your life partner about a function that is going to take place in your family. This family occasion will cheer you up and bring more positivity in your love life.

Education- The scenario concerning studies will be a roller coaster ride for you this week as you will be able to excel in delivering quality with professionalism combined. Fields like Economics and Business Administration may prove to be favorable for you.

Professional- During this week, you may be in a position to secure new job chances that will make you feel delighted. With the new possible job chances, you will deliver skills with efficiency. If you are into business, you can start another business that may secure high profits.

Health- Physical fitness will be good this week, and this will lead to enthusiasm and more energy in you. Therefore you will be able to maintain good health. Such fitness may also be possible due to courage built within you.

Remedy- Chant “ Om Brihaspataye Namah” daily 21 times.

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Root Number 4

(If you are born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, or 31st of any month)

Root number 4 natives might possess insecure feelings this week and due to this, they may fail to take effective decisions. During this week, it will be essential for these natives to avoid long-distance traveling as it might not serve their purpose. Further, during this week, natives may need to take advice from their elders in taking vital decisions.

Romantic Relation- You may witness arguments with your life partner, and this may arise due to misunderstanding which could be possible in an unwanted manner. Due to this, adjustments will be required on your part to establish a strong bond with your life partner. It will be essential for you to maintain good communication with your life partner as there could be loose ends with respect to the same.

Education- Chances for lack of concentration in studies are possible and this may arise due to deviation of mind on your part. So, you need to focus more on studies this week. You will be occupied with new projects for your studies, and thereby you may need to spend more time on these projects.

Professional- You could be unsatisfied with your current job assignment due to a lack of requisite recognition for your hard work. It might disappoint you. If you are into business, you may not find your current dealings to fetch high profits, and there could be relationship problems with your business partners.

Health- You may face digestion problems during this week, and due to this, it is advisable for you to take your meals on time. Also, you may experience pain in your legs and shoulders.

Remedy-  Recite “Om Rahave Namaha” daily 22 times.

Root Number 5

(If you are born on the 5th, 14th, or 23rd of any month)

Root Number 5 natives could gain good profit this week by representing their hidden skills to the outside world. You may be in a position to derive logic for each and every step that you pursue. This week will be favorable for pursuing major decisions like new investments. Natives may also be in a position to invest in shares and earn good profits. 

Romantic Relation- You will be able to see good values in your relationship. Due to this, you will exchange good rapport with your beloved and set a good example. There will be more loving tendencies on your part with your life partner, so both will be in a position to exchange happiness on a mutual basis. During this week, you will get to travel for casual outings with your life partner. 

Education- You may be in a position to excel very well in your studies and you will be able to study even difficult subjects with ease. Subjects like Mechanical Engineering, Logistics, and Advanced Studies could prove to be easy for you. You will be able to derive logic from the studies that you are choosing.

Professional- This week will put you in a position to ascertain your abilities and carry on work with much pomp. You might develop professionalism with the work. You will be rewarded for your performance. If you are in business then you may slide on to the top level and establish yourself as pioneers.

Health- You will enjoy good health during this week, and this will be possible due to high energy combined with strong fitness. There may be a sense of humor present in you and this may help you in keeping good health.

Remedy- Chant ‘Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya’ daily 41 times.

Root Number  6

(If you are born on the 6th, 15th, or 24th of any month)

Root Number 6 natives this week may find their inner strength to their full potential. With this, they will be able to extend their creativity and this may guide them to reach on top. These natives will be rewarded for their intelligence with their work. They will also feel extremely energized due to the pleasant things happening to them this week.

Romantic Relation- You may be in a position to exchange mutual rapport with your life partner or beloved. The level of thinking between you and your life partner will be on the high side in taking vital decisions. You could also travel on a holiday trip with your partner and cherish such occasions. During this week, there may be chances for auspicious occasions and to get together in your family.

Education- During this week, you may be proficient enough in going for higher studies and taking on competitive exams at your disposal. You will be in a position to expose your unique identity in such a way that you will be able to get on top of your studies. You may also get fruitful chances to visit abroad for higher studies.

Professional- This week promises you new job chances that will give you delight. You will also get overseas chances and such chances will give you high returns. If you are into business, then you may be in a position to streamline your position and earn high profits and make yourself comfortable. You can also enter into new business dealings which will fetch you profits and also give you a positive shakeable identity in the business arena to prove yourself.

Health- There will be dynamic energy left in you, and this may be due to the confidence you have. Due to this, you will be left with blistering health. Strong health may be due to enthusiasm and confidence present in yourself.

Remedy- Chant “Om Bhargavaya Namah” daily 33 times.

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Root Number 7 

(If you are born on the 7th, 16th, or 25th of any month)

Root Number 7 natives this week will need to be focused more on their tasks as there may be chances for negligence in their actions, and such things may have an impact on the outcomes. During this week, you may develop more interest in spiritual pursuits and try to enhance the same.

Romantic Relation- It will be essential for you to make adjustments in love and relationship with your life partner. This is because during this week, you might enter into unwanted arguments, and this could spoil your happiness. Due to this, it will be essential for you to stay calm to maintain happiness in your love relationship.

Education- Prospects related to studies will not be favorable for you may lack grasping power, and due to this, you will not be able to perform well in studies. Also, this week might not be favorable for you to go for higher competitive exams. If you do so this week by appearing for competitive exams then there may be chances for you to face loss or non performance in such exams.

Professional- This week, you need to be more cautious while dealing with your superiors as there could be chances for arguments with them. Your superiors might question the quality of your work. This may agitate you, but you will need to take it seriously and take control over your actions to gain the goodwill of your superiors. If you are into business then you may need to take care while  dealing with the profitability of your business as situations may sometimes go out of control. Also you may need to avoid entering into partnership business which may put yourself in trouble this week.

Health- You need to be careful while driving a vehicle as there are chances for injuries. It may be essential for you to be more careful when driving a vehicle. Due to the above it may be wise for you to avoid handling heavy vehicles.

Remedy-  Chant “Om Ganeshaya Namaha” daily 41 times.

Root Number 8 

(If you were born on the 8th, 17th, or 26th of any month)

Root number 8 natives might not find this week to be much pleasant, and they may need to wait for better and beneficial results. Natives could derive more interest in spiritual matters and thereby may travel somewhere to enhance their divinity.

Romantic Relation- The distance between you and your life partner may grow this week due to family issues. Because of this, your relationship might lack happiness, and you may feel as if you have lost everything. So, it will be essential for you to make adjustments with your life partner and maintain a cordial relationship.

Education- ‘Focus’ is the keyword that will empower you and keep you going in your studies this week. You might appear in competitive exams during this time, and find them difficult. So, it is essential for you to prepare well for the same to score high.

Professional- You might think about changing jobs due to lack of satisfaction and this may cause you worries. Sometimes, you might fail to perform well at work, and this may affect the quality of your work. If you are into business, then you may not be able to earn profits easily. You might even need to run the business on minimum investment, or else, it may lead to losses.

Health- During this week, you might experience pain in legs and stiffness in joints due to stress. Further due to stress, you may be subjected to swelling in your legs also. Therefore, it is vital for you to do meditation/yoga to keep yourself fit.

Remedy-  Chant “Om Shanaischaraya Namah” daily 44 times.

Root Number 9

(If you are born on the 9th, 18th, or 27th of any month)

Root number 9 natives will find this week to be smooth. There will be exciting opportunities for you to enhance your future during this week, be it with respect to your career, increase in finances and gain, new friends, etc. You might have to  travel more during this week, and such travels may prove to be worthwhile for you.

Romantic Relation- You will experience cordial and harmonious relationships with your life partner. If you are in love, then you will establish happiness with your beloved. If you are married, then you might settle romantic scores with your life partner.

Education- The education scene appears to be promising for you this week as you will be able to score high. You will shine well in subjects like Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, etc. You might carve a special niche for yourself with respect to studies.

Professional- You will get new job opportunities this week if you are born in this number. If you are trying for government jobs, then you may get promising opportunities this time. If in business, you may get chances for venturing into new business dealings that may give you good profits.

Health- Good physical fitness is possible for you during this week, and this may arise due to positivity existing in you. You may gain immense strength with determination in which you may be able to give definite shape.

Remedy-  Chant “Om Bhoumaya Namaha” daily 27 times.

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