Numerology Horoscope 2022 Predictions

According to Numerology, the year 2022 belongs to Planet Venus which is denoted by the number 6. This number represents luxury, fashion, entertainment, love, peace, creativity, etc. Number 2 is repeated 3 times in 2022. This implies that there will be a major role of number 2, ruled by the Moon. People who were struggling for money will have enough money for their expenses while those looking for jobs meet their goals. Travelling industry, banking sector, hotels, beauty parlours, branded clothes, and restaurants businesses will go on well. Sales of luxury cars will go up. Stock markets will make a new high. People connected with Bollywood and the entertainment industry will find a new high. In short, all sorts of business activities will come on track.

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Personal Year 1

Example 7-6-2022 total-19 and single-digit 1

This year will bring new dynamics for you. This is the right time to start things that you were waiting for. New beginnings will be there and you may invest in new projects as well. Health will be promising and you will like to socialise with others. You will be in a position to execute all your work nicely. Desires will be fulfilled and you will earn name and fame. Leadership role will come into play and you can expect a rise in the career position.

Personal Year 2

Example: 2/3/2022 total-11 single-digit 2

This year will bring changes for you. You will have the activities before you but maintain patience. Also, there might be some emotional ups and downs. Short journeys are definitely possible. Improvement in lifestyle, innovative and artistic ideas are possible. If you are an artist, the year will be encouraging for you. Seek the blessings of your mother.

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Personal Year 3

Example: 3-3-2022 total 12 single-digit 3

This is a year to acquire higher knowledge, move towards spirituality and have enough blessings of the guru. The flow of money will be smooth and you will be financially sound. You are likely to go on a long journey. Long-term investments will benefit you a lot. Industries related to media, journalism, travel agents will flourish. The atmosphere will be fearless and you will stick to higher goals. Positive thoughts and enthusiasm will surround you. To sum up, the year will remain positive for you. 

Personal Year 4

Example: 6-1-2022 total 13 single-digit 4

This year, you have to work hard to get results. Responsibilities will be on your shoulders. You might feel that things are not favouring you but if you keep working hard, you will meet positive results. Friends and social circle may be widened but be cautious while sharing your secrets with them. If you are planning to settle down abroad, the year will be pleasant for you. Take care of your health. Expenses may go up.  

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Personal Year 5

Example: 4-4-2022 total 14 single-digit 5

This is a good year for education and you will concentrate on your studies. Financial stability will improve. Change of job is also possible. Travelling will be beneficial for you. Healthy time for business partnership. Time is beneficial for new ventures. If you are associated with journalism, media, etc. you will be rewarded and will have a gainful year ahead. If you wish to be enlightened with the stock market or learn more about it then the time is ripe.

Personal Year 6

Example: 5-4-2022 total 15 single-digit 6

This year, life is pleasant for love/romance. If you are facing troubles, your spouse will help to solve your problems. If you are looking for separation due to marriage problems, you may find a way. This is a year of luxury and you will have plenty of related items at home. Good time to purchase vehicles and things that provide comfort. You will like to spend money on branded clothes, watches, entertainment, etc. Chances to get raise in your salary are bright while those associated with the business are likely to earn great profits. 

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Personal Year 7

Example: 6-4-2022 total 16 single-digit 7

This year, you may come across difficulty in relationships and understanding. Don’t lend your money to anyone this year as there are chances of cheating and you may not get back your money. Taking risks may not be favourable for you. Time is good for you to connect with spirituality. Chances of childbirth are possible and you may get good news from children.

Personal Year 8

Example: 6-5-2022 total 17 single-digit 8

Improvement in career and money matters is possible. Power and authority chances are bright and you may find success in politics, litigation, etc. People associated with the iron and steel industries will get profits. In the context of health, you are suggested to be cautious. You can work independently and your fortune will smile on you.

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Personal Year 9

Example: 3-9-2022 total 18 single-digit 9

This is a year of completion of old projects which you have been carrying on. Don’t start something new as things may not be highly favourable for you. Discipline yourself and complete the pending tasks. If you have already planned your marriage, it would be great if you go with it next year. Things related to buying land, a new house, or constructing a new one may be possible. This year promises for name and fame if you consistently work hard on your goals. Also, you will remain enthusiastic to achieve your goals. The year will be encouraging for medical students/doctors/surgeons etc. 

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