November Special: Detailed List Of Fasts, Festivals, Transits, Predictions

The year 2020 is about to end but it seems as if the year has not started yet. We have been forced to stay in house since the beginning of the year owing to the Corona Pandemic and the situation seems to have unchanged even in the eleventh month of the year as we think ten times before stepping out of the house. However, some festivals bring happiness even in this toughest situation of life. Let us know about all the fasts, festivals and transits of this month.

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This November 2020 comprises the special qualities of those born, fast-festivals falling, complete information of transits and all the important predictions pertaining to this month. Our esteemed astrologers are always at your service to provide the easiest solution to any problem of your life. Click here to ask questions from astrologers and get appropriate solutions and give a shape to your life accordingly.  

Special Qualities of those Born in the Month of November

  • Personalities of November Born People: Those who are born in this month are peace loving and try to speak less with others. Although they do not like to spend much time with others, they always stand in the situation of adversities. People born in this month are of secretive and private nature.   
  • Romantic Leanings of November Born People: Being calm, those born in this month are known for their loyalty and romantic nature. Those born in this month are loyal and spread their love whole-heartedly and never deceive their love. You can trust these people blindly. 
  • Career of People Born in November Month: These people are extremely serious about their careers. They do every work with utmost perfection. They put their heart and soul and always try to give their best.
  • Economic Aspect of November Born People: It is said that if you put your heart and soul in achieving what you desire, success comes to your way. Similarly, people born in this month give their best and therefore, get immeasurable fame and wealth. They never face financial problems. Along with money, they earn a lot of respect.  
  • Health of November Born People: These people are extremely conscious about having and consuming things. In this pretext, they remain healthy. However, if health related disorders arise in any situation, they deal with the same calmly and become fit and fine timely.   
  • Reputation Of November Born People in Society: Those born in November month are unique and special. They create their own image in society on the basis of their hard work and dedication. They also inspire others through their dedication and working capability. 
  • Lucky Numbers of November Born People: 3, 5, 7
  • Lucky Colour of November Born People: Pink, white and chocolate colours are considered to be extremely auspicious for November born people. 
  • Lucky Gemstone of November Born People: Pearl and Moon Stones

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Fasts, Festivals, Eclipse and Transits in November

November 1, 2020 i.e. Sunday

Ishti, Kartik Begins

November 2, 2020 i.e. Monday

Masik Karthigai

November 3, 2020 i.e. Tuesday

Atla Taddi, Rohini Vrat, Sankashti Chaturthi 

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  • Rohini Vrat holds immeasurable significance in the Jain community. Married women wish for the long lives of their husbands on this fast. It is also observed for the peace and prosperity of family and life.  
  • We always do worship Lord Ganesha before the beginning of any auspicious work. A special tradition of Puja and Vrat has been defined to please Lord Ganesha and the tradition is known as Sankashti Chaturthi.

November 04, 2020 i.e. Wednesday

Karwa Chauth

  • The fast of Karwa Chauth is considered to be extremely important for married women. On this day, married women observe the fast for the long life of their husbands and happy married life. Women observe the fast without consuming water and end the same only after sighting the Moon.

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November 08, 2020 i.e. Sunday

Bhanu Saptami, Kalashtami, Ahoi Ashtami, Radha Kund Snan

  • As per Hindu Panchang, if Sunday falls on Saptami Tithi, the day is known as Bhanu Spatami. It is believed about this day i.e. the day of Bhanu Saptami, Lord Sun appears for the very first time on a chariot of seven horses. 
  • On the day of Kalashtami, there is a ritual of worshipping Kaal Bhairav, one of the incarnations of Lord Shiva. Every month, the fast of Kalashtami is observed on Ashtami Tithi during Krishna Paksha.
  • Tha Ashtami falling in Krishna Paksha during Kartik month is named as Ahoi Ashtami. This year, the Ashtami is going to fall on November 8, Sunday. This day, women observe fast and venerate Maa Ahoi for the long life and good health of their child.
  • It is believed that any childless couple who takes a bath on Ahoi Ashtami gets  blessed with a child.

November 11, 2020 i.e. Wednesday

Rama Ekadashi

  • Ekadashi falling in Krishna Paksha during Kartik month is named as Rama Ekadashi. This Ekadashi falls a few days before the festival of Diwali.  In such a scenario, the significance of this Ekadashi increases manifold. Know more about Rama Ekadashi Vrat Muhurat.

November 12, 2020 i.e Thursday

Govatsa Dwadashi

  • Dwadashi falling in Krishna Paksha is known by the name of Govatsa Dwadashi. It is also known as Bach Baras in several parts of the country. This day is known as Vagh Baras in Gujarat.

November 13, 2020 i.e. Friday

Dhanteras, Yama Panchak Beginning, Yama Deep, Pradosh Vrat, Masik Shivaratri, Kali Chaudas, Hanuman Puja

  • The festival of Dhanteras is celebrated in Krishna Paksha during Kartik month on Trayodashi Tithi. On this day, Maa Lakshmi and Kuber Devta are venerated. 
  • Maa Kali is one of the incarnations of Maa Durga and several festivals pertaining to Maa Kali are celebrated in Hinduism. Amongst all the festivals, the festival of Kali Chaudas is highly famous. Black colour is considered to be a destroyer of evils and Chaudas means Chaudah i.e. fourteen.
  • Masik Shivaratri falls on the Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha every month. Worshiping Lord Shiva on Masik Shivaratri helps to fulfil all wishes.

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November 14, 2020 i.e. Saturday

Narak Chaturdashi, Tamil Diwali, Diwali, Lakshmi Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Deep Malika, Chaupar Puja, Sharda Puja, Kali Puja, Kedar Gauri Vrat, Kamla Jayanti, Darsh Amavasya, Anvadhan, Bal Divas, Chacha Nehru Jayanti

  • Many fasts and festivals are celebrated in Hinduism but the festival of Diwali is considered to be the most auspicious one amongst all. This festival is celebrated in reverence to Lord Shri Ram as he returned to Ayodhya after the exile of fourteen years. Click here to know Diwali Puja Muhurat and Narak Chaturdashi.
  • The day of Darsh Amavasya is considered to be highly significant in Hindu scriptures. Darsh Amavasya falls on the last day of Shukla Paksha. The Moon is not sighted on this very day.
  • Bal Diwas is celebrated on different dates across the world. The day is celebrated as the birthday of our first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru on 14 November.

November 15, 2020 i.e. Sunday

Kartik Amavasya, Isthi, Govardhan Puja, Annakut, Bali Pratipada, Dyuta Krida

  • Govardhan Puja is performed on the second day of Diwali. This worship is known as the worship of nature and Lord Krishna himself started it.

November 16, 2020 Monday

Chandra Darshan, Gujrati New Year, Bhai Duj, Yam Dwitiya, Vrischika Sankranti, Mandla Puja Begins 

  • Bhai Duj is a festival which depicts the beautiful relationship of brother and sister. This festival is considered to be a symbol of love and affection.
  • Sankraman Snan, Vishnu Pujan, and donation hold immeasurable significance on the day of Vrischika Sankranti. There is also a tradition of performing Pitru Tarpan on this very day. As per Hindu beliefs, one who performs Gow Daan to a Brahmin on the day of Vrischika Sankranti, is blessed with special fruits. Click here to know all Sankranti 2020 Dates.

November 18, 2020 i.e. Wednesday

Nagula Chavithi, Vinayaka Chaturthi

  • Chaturthi that falls after Amavasya is known as Vinayaka Chaturthi. This day is also known by the name of Varada Vinayaka Chaturthi.

November 19, 2020 i.e. Thursday 

Labh Panchami

  • Labh Panchami is known by Saubhagya Labh Panchami. It is celebrated in Gujarat. This day is considered to be the last day of Diwali.

November 20,2020 i.e Friday

Skanda Shasti, Chhath Puja, Soora Samharam

  • Chhath Puja is celebrated with great pomp and show in Gujarat. A different view is seen in Bihar concerning the same festival. There is a tradition of worshipping Lord Sun in Chhath Puja. know in detail about Chhath Puja Muhurat this year.

November 21, 2020 i.e. Saturday

Jalaram Bapa Jayanti

November 22, 2020 i.e. Sunday

Masik Durgashtami, Gopashtami

  • The festival of Gopashtami is celebrated in Shukla Paksha during Kartik month. It is believed that on this day, Lord Krishna lifted Govardhan mountain on his finger to protect Braj people from the fury of Lord Indra. 

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November 23, 2020 i.e. Monday

Akshaya Navami, Jagaddhatri Puja

  • Akshaya Navami is known as Amla Navami in several places. It is celebrated after eight days of Diwali. There is a tradition celebrating Navami Tithi of Shukla Paksha during Kartik month as Akshaya Navami. 
  • Maa Jagaddhatri is one of the incarnations of Maa Durga. The Tradition of venerating Maa Jagaddhatri has been defined in the beginning of winter season. 

November 24, 2020 i.e. Tuesday

Kansa Vadh

  • There is such a form of Lord Krishna in which he killed his maternal uncle Kansa and made the people free from his terror. The day Lord Krishna killed his maternal uncle, it was the day of Ekadashi Tithi in Shukla Paksha during Kartik month. To celebrate this important day, every year the festival of Kansa Vadh is celebrated on Ekadashi Tithi of Shukla Paksha in Kartik month.  

November 25, 2020 i.e. Wednesday

Dev Uthani Ekadashi, Bhishma Panchak Begins 

  • Dev Uthani Ekadashi is also known as Hari Prabodhini Ekadashi and Devutthana Ekadashi in several parts of the country. It is believed about this day that Lord Vishnu sleeps for four months on Ashadh Ekadashi and then, he wakes up again on this day of Shukla Ekadashi during Kartik month. Know Devutthana Ekadashi Puja Muhurat by clicking here.

 November 26, 2020 i.e. Thursday

Vaishnava Devutthana Ekadashi, Yogeshwara Dwadasi, Tulasi Vivah, Guruvayur Ekadashi

  • As per Hinduism, Dev Uthani Ekadashi i.e. the day when Lord Vishnu wakes up from his slumber, the provision of Tulasi Vivah has been defined on the same day. On this day, there is a belief of marrying Lord Saligram and Tulasi plant. 

November 27, 2020 i.e. Friday

Pradosh Vrat

  • This Vrat is directly associated with Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati. This Vrat is celebrated on the day of Trayodashi in Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha.

(Click here to check the entire list of Pradosh Vrat 2020 Dates

November 28, 2020 i.e. Saturday

Vaikuntha Chaturdashi, Vishweshwara Vrat

November 29, 2020 i.e. Sunday

Manikarnika Snan, Kartika Chaumasi Chaudas, Dev Diwali, Kartika Purnima Vrat, Bhishma Panchak Ends, Karthigai Deepam

  • All the devotees take a bath in Ganga on the day of Dev Diwali. It is said that on this day all the deities descended on earth to celebrate Vijayotsava of Lord Shiva and the festival of Dev Diwali. 

(Click here to get all the information related to all Purnimas 2020 Dates falling this year)

November 30, 2020 i.e. Monday

Kartika Purnima, Anvadhan, Pushkar Snan, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Kartik Rath Yatra, Rohini Vrat

  • Guru Nanak Dev Ji was the first guru of Sikh community. In this pretext, there is tradition of celebrating his birthday as Guru Nanak Jayanti or Guru Parv. 
  • Rohini Vrat holds great significance for the people of Jain community. The fast is observed by married women for the long life of their husband. It is also observed for the peace and prosperity of family and life.  

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Transits in November

This month, many important planets are going to transit or undergo several planetary movements. Let us know the planets that are going to transit and how they will influence our lives. This month, the planets i.e. Sun, Venus, Guru i.e. Jupiter, Mercury are going to transit.

  • Sun, which is known as the king of planets, will leave from its debilitated sign i.e. Libra and enter its friendly zodiac sign i.e. Scorpio on November 16, 2020 at 06:40. It will remain posited in the same zodiac sign i.e. Scorpio till December 15, 2020 and enter Sagittarius at 21:19. Click to acquire all the information pertaining to Sun Transit in Scorpio. 
  • Venus is considered to be a planet of profit in astrology. It is the benefactor of art, love, beauty and worldly pleasures. This transit of Venus is going to be extremely important as during the transit, Venus will remain posited in its zodiac sign i.e. Libra. Click to know everything associated with the Venus Transit in Libra
  • Jupiter will transit in Capricorn ruled by Saturn on 29 March 2020 and again move back to Sagittarius on 30 June 2020, where it will remain in the transitory position until November 20, 2020. The planet Guru or Jupiter will enter the Capricorn sign on November 20, 2020 and remain in this phase in the same zodiac sign. Click to know about this transit i.e. Jupiter Transit.
  • The planet Mercury is very close to the planets Sun and Venus. It will transit in Scorpio on November 28 at 06:53 hours.  After this, it will remain in the same zodiac sign till December 17 and enter Sagittarius at 11:26 hours. This transit will benefit you with determination along with research work. Click to acquire all the information pertaining to Mercury Transit in Scorpio. 

Eclipse during November

Talking about the eclipse of this month, then the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is going to take place. 

  • Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is going to take place from 13:04 and will last upto 17:22 on November 30, 2020. Click here to know about Eclipse 2020 Dates.

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Some Important Predictions of this Month

  • In this month, there are strong possibilities for Aries’ natives for getting a new direction in their career. The month will also be profitable from a financial point of view. The students of this sign will have pleasant outcomes. Further, the month is going to be favorable from a love point of view. During this, people of this zodiac sign may get their love partner. 
  • This month will be beneficial for Taurus’ natives. However, they need to pay a little attention towards their financial aspect. They are advised to spend money carefully. Also, the students of this zodiac sign need to take every step carefully. As per their love point of view, it is highly favourable for them. Those who have been in love may tie the knot. On the other hand, married couples will come close to each other.   
  • This month will be full of ups and downs for the natives of Gemini sign. As per family point of view, they will be blessed with positive results while as per married life, it is going to be normal for them. As per love point of view, lovers may separate from each other. In this pretext, they are advised to resolve any discord in time.
  • This month will be highly auspicious for the businessmen with Cancer zodiac sign. Along with this, those who have been associated professionally, will get good results. The month is going to be favourable from a financial point of view. However, they need to be careful towards their family life. If we see things from the love point of view, the lovers may tie their knots.
  • People of Leo zodiac are advised to be careful at their workplace. This month, their financial side will remain beneficial. Along with this, they will get positive results in their family life. Talking about love, there may be ups and downs for some time. During this, married couples will not spend time with each other. Also, those who have been in love, may meet with misunderstanding and problems may take place owing to the same.

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  • This month will prove to be hardworking at the workplace for the natives of Virgo zodiac sign. They may be benefited financially. Along with this, they will get positive results from their family life. As per love point of view, there will be harmony with their partner.    
  • People with Libra zodiac sign will get good results at their workplace. Along with this, they will be financially strong. They will get the help of their mother and owing to the same, there will be harmony in the family. If we see things from a love point of view, all the misconceptions occuring in their love, may fade away.
  • The natives of Scorpio zodiac sign may face challenges at their workplace. At the same time, their financial life will also remain stable. As per family life, you will get good results. If we see things from the love point of view, their relationship will become better and better than before. Also, those who have been in love, may face some differences.         

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  • The natives with Sagittarius zodiac sign need to work extremely hard this month and only then, will they get favorable results. If we see things from the financial point of view, these people may face challenges financially. Along with this, their expenses are likely to enhance. They may face problems owing to the poor health of any family member. The month will also be favourable for married couples from a love point of view. Those who have been in love, may face challenges.   
  • People with Capricorn zodiac sign will get good results at their workplace. The month will also be favorable for them from the financial point of view. They may face problems due to their family life. If we see things from a love point of view, there are chances of some differences.   
  • As per career point of view, the natives of Aquarius zodiac sign will get average results while they are advised to be careful financially. Their father may have an illness and owing to the same, the month may remain full of ups and downs. If we talk about those in love, they are advised to be careful before uttering a word. Otherwise, some differences may take place in their relationship. 
  • People of Pisces zodiac sign may face some problems pertaining to their career. Also, they are advised to be careful in family life. Some differences may take place with mother. Their financial side will remain normal. If we see things from the love point of view, the month will be favorable for lovers. Along with this, married natives will attain the support from their life partner.

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