Niyati Palat Rajyog Will Shine Luck Of These Zodiacs!

Niyati Palat Rajyog: Every planet has a fixed time to transit from one zodiac to another and each of these planetary movements has an impact on our present as well as the future. There have been many transits in the first month of 2023 itself, including the most significant, Saturn Transit on January 17th, 2023. However, there will be more in the coming months, especially Venus and Jupiter’s transit in Pisces in early February 2023. This conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Pisces will create a very rare and auspicious Raj Yoga called the Niyati Palat Raj Yoga which will bring good luck and prosperity to all the twelve zodiac signs.

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However, there are four extremely lucky zodiacs that will shine brighter than others in terms of luck and fortune. This blog by AstroSage is here to tell you about those four lucky zodiac signs. Read on to find out if yours is one of the fortunate signs during the Niyati Palat Raj Yoga!

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These Four Zodiac Signs Will Get Lucky During Niyati Palat Raj Yoga


The Niyati Palat Raj Yoga will prove to be very auspicious for the natives of Gemini since your horoscope has the Hans and Malavya Rajyoga forming in the tenth house. Due to the effect of Saturn’s placement, luck will be in your favor. Together with the influence of Jupiter and Venus, unemployed folks of Gemini will witness a surge in job offers, and for the employed folks, there are possibilities of promotions and increments in their jobs. Those in business, on the other hand, might profit from specific incentives at this time. Additionally, individuals who work for the government may be eligible for specific benefits. You can also benefit financially at this time as there is the potential for a sudden monetary profit.


For the natives of Cancer, the Niyati Palat Raj Yoga will open new doors of opportunities since the alliance is being formed on the Trikon house of your transit horoscope. Since Venus is exalted and Jupiter is placed in its own zodiac, there are prospects of buying a new vehicle or property during this time. Your luxuries and comfort level during this time will increase as well. Due to Jupiter’s influence in your horoscope, you will get involved in many religious and auspicious activities and your father’s health will show improvements as well. You will see a sudden monetary gain from shares, bets, or winning a lottery. If you own a business that is related to food services like restaurants, etc., may get some special benefits during these transits as well. 

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The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will take place in the seventh house of Virgo’s horoscope, forming the Niyati Palat Raj Yoga which will prove to be very auspicious for the natives of Virgo. You will find new and sudden sources of income during this time. There will be an inflow of money and luck will be with you. Your partnership work will flourish and there are prospects of new business agreements as well. All the bitterness in your married life will seem to fade away and you will take a fresh start with your partner. Since the Hans and Malavya Rajyoga are also being formed, your social respect and prestige will also increase. If you were involved in any court case, you will be successful in it as well!


The natives of Scorpio will see financial benefits with the Niyati Palat Raj Yoga forming in the fifth house of your horoscope. The fifth house of your horoscope is considered a place of progeny, progress, love marriage, and accidental monetary gain. In addition to this, Jupiter, the lord of wealth, will be placed in the fifth house of your zodiac sign. Hence, you can look forward to sudden monetary gains during these transits. Looking at your married and love life, if you are already in a relationship with someone you wish to marry, discuss it with your family after February 15th, 2023 for the best favorable results. Married couples may have children during this time. You may also get some profits from your father’s end. 

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