Nitish Kumar : The Politician’s Fate Through the Lens of Astrology

Nitish Kumar is an Indian politician. He is the present chief minister of Bihar, India. He is the present and 23rd chief minister of Bihar. Until 16 November 2020, he has served in that role on six previous occasions.

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He endeared himself to Biharis and as a chief minister, his socialistic policies brought huge dividends in appointing more than hundred thousand schoolteachers, ensuring the doctors worked in primary health centres, electrification of villages, paving of roads, cutting female illiteracy by half, turning around a lawless state by cracking down on criminals and doubling the income of the average Bihari. 

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On 17 May 2014, Kumar resigned, taking responsibility for his party‘s poor performance in 2014 general elections, and was succeeded by Jitan Ram Manjhi. However, he returned to office in February 2015, following a political crisis in Bihar and won the state elections of November 2015. He resigned again on 26 July 2017 as the Chief minister of Bihar due to the differences with Lalu coalition partner, RJD, all in the name of Tejaswi Yadav, the deputy chief minister and RJD member, in a first information report alleging corruption filed by the CBI. Hours later, he joined the NDA coalition, which had thus far been the opposition, and secured a majority in the assembly. He became chief minister again on the following day.

Nitish Kumar’s Government Once Again in Bihar

Rahu in the horoscope of Nitish Kumar, born in Bakhtiarpur, Bihar on 1 March 1951 is present in Gemini ascendant, is creating Raj Yoga with Jupiter, Mercury and Sun in the BhagyaSthan that is the ninth house. 

Rahu’s involvement in Raj Yoga makes him a keen player in coalition politics, forcing his opponents to never be shocked by his political tactics. In Rahu, Jupiter‘s position, Nitish Kumar along with his arch rival Lalu Yadav and Congress won the assembly election 2015, but in the middle of 2017, when he was in the Saturn’s minor period and Rahu’s major period, his old partner went back to BJP. 

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Saturn is aspecting the tenth house of Mars and Venus which again is very beneficial. Venus’ placement in the tenth house of power, Nitish Kumar always got a lot of support from women voters in every assembly election. Nitish Kumar, who is currently running in the auspicious major period of Rahu and in minor period of Mercury, made him win this election for this tenure. Mercury lord of 1st house of power and self is posted in the ninth house from Ascendant, in the D9 and D10 chart. Also, Jupiter and Mercury are connected with Kendra which has yielded good results for nitish kumar. 

Exalted Venus in conjunction with Mars: Reason for Nitish Kumar’s charisma

This conjunction makes him charismatic, dynamic and a leader who is able to connect himself with the masses. This is the precise reason for his mass popularity in the state and beyond. Besides this sun is placed in the ninth house with Jupiter, Mercury and Rahu in Aquarius. This has made Nitish Kumar a very efficient administrator and a shrewd politician. And at the same time, this makes him an opportunist.

Rahu’s Major period and Saturn’s Minor period made Nitish Kumar leave the Mahagathbandhan

Nitish Kumar is currently under the influence of Rahu’s mahadasha and Saturn’s Antardasha. Rahu is placed in the 10th house with Jupiter and Sun. Jupiter  is the lord of the 7th house. Nitish Kumar entered into an alliance with RJD during this period.  The development made him regain power in Bihar. This led to Nitish Kumar leaving the grand alliance and coming together with BJP.

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Nitish Kumar’s Present Tenure Prediction :

According to Prashan Kundli made on 16th November 2020 at 4:35 PM , The ascendant becomes Mars and is placed in the 12th house which indicates that he will have to travel a lot and work hard. Also, the aspection of Venus on Mars can create some problems in the future.

The present Major period of Mahadasha that is going on is of Mercury till 2021 , as the oath ceremony was taken in variable ascendant ( char rashi) which will 

  • It will not bring stability in the tenure and progress will be slow. 
  • The fourth house lord, the house of Public is in the eighth house with conjunction of Ketu and Sun and is aspected by Rahu which indicates that the 4th house is polluted, which will create friction/ conflict with the public. The promises made by Nitish Kumar may not be fulfilled by him and some negativity may prevail.
  • Major period of Mercury is the Marka planet placed in the seventh house and in chalit chart it is in conjunction with Saturn which can delay the results of effort. The coalition with NDA might also get disturbed. According to Prashan Kundli, 11/07/2021 will be a period of hardship. The personal horoscope of Nitish Kumar will face some problems in the first three months and will face problems from the opposition party.

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First three months for him will be full of hardships and a lot of effort will be required to succeed. The Lagan kundli of Nitish kumar indicates that till 14/May/2022, their government will be in power. And according to the Oath ceremony kundli, the government might face a difficult period and once they overcome this period, then the government will survive for the next five years. 

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