Nirjala Ekadashi, Most Prominent Ekadashi Of All: Know Remedies For Auspicious Results

Although there are a total of 24 Ekadashi Tithis in a year, one of these Ekadashi Tithis is celebrated by observing the fast, and one can get the auspicious results by observing this fast. This Ekadashi fast is known as Nirjala Ekadashi Vrat. This Ekadash will fall in Jyeshtha month.

So, in comparison to other Ekadashi Tithis, this one has a special significance. Through our blog, we will get to know this year, on which date the auspicious Nirjala Ekadashi will be celebrated, and the rules to be followed. Also, let’s understand the rules to observe fast and Pujan Vidhi (Worship method), etc, and more related information.

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Nirjala Ekadashi 2022: Date

In 2022, Nirjala Ekadashi is falling on Saturday, 11 June.

The next day of Ekadashi when we complete our fast is called Parana. If we talk about Nirjala Ekadashi Vrat Parana Muhurat then for New Delhi, the Parana Muhurat for Ekadashi will be: 

Nirjala Ekadashi Parana Muhurat: 12 June, from 05:22:35 to 08:09:53

Duration: 2 Hours 47 minutes.

You can click here and get the Parana Muhurat for this day according to your city.

Which Auspicious Yoga Is Forming On Ekadashi?

If we talk about the auspicious Yoga formation on the day of Nirjala Ekadashi, then on this day, Parigha Yoga will form, on 11 June, Saturday, and will last till 08:46 pm.

The Parigha Yoga is considered to be an auspicious yoga in Astrology. It is said that in this yoga, if any task is done against the enemies then there are sure short chances of getting success in that task. In simple words, this yoga is considered very auspicious to win over enemies.

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Nirjala Ekadashi Fast 2022: Rituals

As we have mentioned earlier that the fast of Nirjala Ekadashi is considered much more important than the other Ekadashis, in such a case, the rules for its rituals are also a bit unique and difficult. So, let’s know what are these unique rules for Nirjala Ekadashi fasting: 

  • First of all, this Ekadashi falls in the month of Jyestha, when there is an outbreak of severe heat, second of all, as its name says water and food are not consumed during this Ekadashi fast. This rule makes this Ekadashi fast not only important but the most difficult one. You need to keep this thing in mind that from the sunrise of Ekadashi Tithi till the sunrise of the next day, i.e. Dwadashi Tithi, you should not consume food and water.
  • On this day, if you donate water or water-filled containers then this is considered to be very auspicious.
  • If anyone wishes to observe Nirjala Ekadashi fast and he/she is suffering from health issues then you can have lukewarm lemonade with no added sugar or salt.
  • Apart from this, if you cannot observe the fast or you cannot skip to eat or have water then you can consume fruits and observe the fast.
  • On this day, you should avoid sleeping at night. If possible then chant Mantras of God Vishnu, worship him, do Jagran, and spend the night of Ekadashi Tithi keeping yourself engaged in this. 
  • The next day, donate to Brahmins and needy people and then do Parana for your fast.

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Avoid These Tasks On Nirjala Ekadashi

  • Don’t cook rice at home on this day.
  • Do not pluck Tulsi leaves even by mistake on this day. If there is a necessity to have leaves then you can pluck the leaves one day before.
  • Avoid physical interaction with your partner on the day of Nirjala Ekadashi,
  • Do not consume onion, garlic, meat, or alcohol in the house on this day.
  • At the same time, do not get into a fight with anyone, do not think bad of anyone, do not harm anyone, nor get angry.

Significance of Donation on Nirjala Ekadashi

In the Hindu religion, before the Parana of any fast, there is a ritual to give donations. However, its importance increases on the day of Nirjala Ekadashi. Why so? As we have mentioned earlier that there are 24 Ekadashi Tithis in a year, but the Nirjala Ekadashi is the one, on which fasting gives you the same virtues as all the Ekadashis in a year.

In such a situation, if you do donations during this time, then its importance increases. Apart from this, by observing fast on Nirjala Ekadashi, a person will get freedom from all the sins, negativity, and sorrows will be removed from life and attain virtues. Now the question arises: what to donate on Nirjala Ekadashi? So, let’s know more about it.

If you wish, you can donate grains, water, clothes, shoes, umbrellas, fans, and drink items on Nirjala Ekadashi. During this time, the heat is severe, so you can try to donate something that can get relief from the blazing heat, this will increase the virtues that you get from the Ekadashi fast.

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Zodiac-Wise Donation On Nirjala Ekadashi?

Giving charity is an integral part of the Hindu culture. You don’t have to give any big or priceless things. Whatever you donate with all your heart and reverence, you will get good fortune and happiness. So, let us move ahead and understand which things you can donate on Nirjala Ekadashi as per your zodiac sign and attain the supreme Paramdham for 100 generations.

  • Aries natives can donate 7 types of grains on this day.
  • The natives of the Taurus zodiac should donate white clothes.
  • Natives of Gemini should donate green fruits, mangoes, melons, etc.
  • The Cancer natives should make arrangements for water in a public place. For this, you can install a water cooler or if you want, you can also donate fans and coolers.
  • Leo people can get fans, AC, and more installed at religious places.
  • Virgo people can get Langar done in an orphanage or temple.
  • The natives of Libra can donate sweet water or fruits on Nirjala Ekadashi.
  • Scorpio zodiac natives can donate watermelons remembering Lord Vishnu.
  • Sagittarius natives are recommended to donate milk that contains yellow saffron. By doing this, you can attain happiness and prosperity in life. 
  • The Capricorn natives can get auspicious results by planting plants.
  • The natives of Pisces can plant Peepal trees. However, you need to keep in mind that the responsibilities will not end with planting a tree, you need to take care of it. By doing this, you and your family get to live a healthy lifestyle.

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