Avoid Donating These Items To Eunuchs

Giving donations has a great significance in Sanatan Dharma. Especially on special occasions, the importance of these donations increases. In Sanatan Dharma, making donations to eunuchs is considered a highly auspicious activity. As per Vedic Astrology, making donations to eunuchs strengthens the position of Mercury in Kundli and pleases Lord Ganesh. Apart from this, there has been a tradition of donating some items to eunuchs on special occasions, like wedding, birth of a child, inauguration of a new house. However, according to the rules for making donations to the eunuchs, certain things are prohibited to be donated to the eunuchs. 

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In this context, we will provide you with the information of items that should be refrained from donating to the eunuchs and the impact of such donations on the life of the natives.

Items Not to be Donated to the Eunuchs

Broom: In Sanatan Dharma, a broom is the symbol of Maa Lakshmi as she resides at a clean place. In this regard, never donate a broom to the eunuchs, as it angers Maa Lakshmi. Natives who make such a donation have to face financial problems in life. 

Old Clothes: There has been a tradition of donating grains, money, or clothes to the eunuchs. However, never donate old clothes to the eunuchs. Natives can face a lot of troubles in life by making such donations.

Oil: Oil is related to Shani Dev. Therefore, donating oil to the eunuchs is not allowed as it enrages Lord Saturn. Every work and thing goes against the natives who donate oil to the eunuchs. Along with this, such natives may have to suffer from physical and mental problems.

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Plastic Items: One should never donate plastic items to the eunuchs as this hinders the growth of the family members of such natives. Along with this, such natives face financial problems, their debt increases, and they fail to acquire any kind of wealth despite their best efforts.

Steel Items: Natives should refrain from donating steel vessels or any other steel item to the eunuchs as it disrupts the peace and happiness in the life of the person. 

Donate These Items

Donating food grains, clothes, or money to the eunuchs is considered favourable. Whenever you donate any item to the eunuchs, make sure you take a few coins from them in return, in form of a blessing. As per astrological remedies, if you keep the coins returned by eunuchs in the vault (or any other place where you keep the money), your financial life becomes prosperous.

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