Neptune Transit in Pisces (April 20, 2022): Luck Of These Signs Will Shine!

In this blog by AstroSage, the readers will get accurate and correct predictions related to the Neptune transit in Pisces (April 20, 2022). This prediction is provided by our esteemed astrologers as per the analysis of the movement and placement of the planet Neptune, which is completely based on Vedic Astrology. In this write-up, the natives of all 12 zodiac signs will get their horoscope related to family life, love life, career, etc., along with remedies to protect themselves from the negative impact, which will make their coming days better. Let’s now find out the zodiac-wise changes Neptune transit will bring in the lives of the natives.

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This year, Neptune (Also known as the Varuna planet) will transit in Pisces, which is ruled by Jupiter. The 12th sign on the zodiac chart is called Pisces, and it is a water sign. Pisces is the sign of emotions, intelligence, and inspiration to move forward in life, and Neptune is the planet of achievement, growth and popularity. Let’s find out how this conjunction will be for the 12 zodiac signs.

Neptune Transit in Pisces: Date & Time

According to astrology, Neptune is a planet that is considered to provide achievements and development in life. It bestows success, growth, and popularity in life. If Neptune is in a favourable position in your charts then no one can stop you from becoming successful. It is considered in a good state in Pisces. It transits in one sign for almost 14 years so to complete the entire zodiac circle from Aries to Pisces, takes about 165 years. Neptune is a planet that is also considered a symbol of fantasies, big ambitions, and intuition.

Neptune will transit in Pisces on April 20, 2022, at 8:14 pm. The impact of this transit will increase furthermore as Neptune will conjoin with Jupiter and give more favourable outcomes to the Pisces natives. For other zodiac signs, the impact of Neptune will depend on its placement with other planets in the charts and the situation of the natives.

Now let’s find out the zodiac-wise impact of Neptune transit on us and the remedies to increase its favourable effect and decrease its unfavourable effect.

The Predictions In This Article Are Based On Moon Signs. 

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For the Aries natives, Neptune will transit in the twelfth house. This will increase the feeling of solitude in you, and you will spare some time for yourself and try to introspect. But during this time, you are advised not to fall under anyone’s delusion and get confused. You must pay attention to yourself as you might fall prey to mental instability and move in the wrong direction. If you stay calm and do not take any decision in haste and move ahead in life with a creative mindset then you might attain some benefit. This transit will also bring an increase in expenses but will also be a benefactor for long journeys.  

Remedy: Worship Goddess Laxmi and offer her Lotus flower.


Neptune will transit in the eleventh house of the Taurus natives, which will bring some major life changes. You might feel disconnected from some special people. Especially some old friends may get separated from you, but you may meet some new people who might become close to you in future. During this time, you must not trust anyone blindly other than yourself as it may result in losses in the business. Do not trust anyone’s fake promises and use your wit for profits. There will be chances of earning a good income due to your intelligence and cleverness. There will be some problems in love relations.

Remedy: Recite Mahishasur Mardini Stotra daily.

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Neptune will transit in the tenth house of the Gemini natives. This transit may bring about a paradigm shift in your business. If you work in a creative field then this will be a golden period for you. If you are associated with acting, media, or any artistic field, where you benefit from your imagination, then this time will give you great success in life. The working professionals might have to switch jobs during this time. You will help others and be empathetic. It will take you time to choose between right or wrong, but you will eventually make the right decision, which will make your family life blissful.

Remedy: Keep Pink Quartz Stone in your bedroom.


Neptune will transit in the ninth sign of the Cancer natives. There will be chances of long journeys during this time. You will search for new things. You will like to explore uncharted territories and feel motivated to travel internationally. Your luck will favour you, all your stalled work will be completed, and your wishes will be fulfilled. During this time, it is also possible for you to start a side business along with your job, which will give your creativity a new direction. Your relations with your father will improve.

Remedies: Provide services to blind institutions and do charity.


Neptune will transit in the eighth house of the Leo natives. This will be a time of major life changes for you. You might also go through a period of changes in relationships, so be careful. You might benefit from your in-laws’ side, but you may have a difference of opinion with them. There will be an increase in your expenses, some of which will be unexpected. You may also fulfil some old desires. If you run a business of partnership then be cautious of your partner. Your sexual feelings will be strong, which may lead to extramarital affairs, but if you devote your mind to meditation and Pranayama, this time will provide good spiritual experiences.

Remedy: Wear cream or pink coloured clothes on Wednesday and Friday.

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Neptune will transit in the seventh house of the Virgo natives. This period will establish good relations between you and your life partner. This means that you both will understand the importance of emotions and come closer. Your business partners may also increase during this time, or you might start a new business. Your popularity will enhance in society and you will be respected by the people. Don’t try to perform any task in haste, be patient. There will be chances of attaining benefits from international business. You must steer clear of all kinds of controversies. If your life partner is upset then listen to them patiently. This will strengthen your relationship. 

Remedy: Plant white flowers in your house and take care of them.


Neptune will transit in the sixth house of the Libra natives, which will make this time suitable for your job. You will be assigned a new task, and this period will be good for testing your productivity. You might get the responsibility of a new team or department, which might increase your work pressure, but this will also be the time to prove yourself. You must maintain good relations with your colleagues as this will eliminate all misunderstandings, and your hold at the workplace will increase. Be careful of your opponents. Try to stay away from any intoxicant because doing so, or overthinking, can make you sick. You will have to take care of your health.

Remedy: Wear a good quality opal or diamond made of gold on the little finger of your right hand.


Neptune will transit in the fifth house of Scorpio natives. This transit will result in the all-round development of your talents. Your imagination will take you ahead of other people. There are indications of an increase in your income too. If you are associated with a field of any art, then your art will flourish, and people will get to know about you. Due to this, you will become popular, and your social status will strengthen. Your creativity will bestow many things upon you. At this time, you may be attracted to falling in love with a person who is younger than you. Too much seriousness is unnecessary, so do proper analysis before reaching any conclusion. There are indications of switching jobs.

Remedy: Recite “ॐ भौम भौमाय नमः/ oṃ bhauma bhaumāya namaḥ” 108 times a day.

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Neptune will transit in the fourth house of the Sagittarius natives. During this time, you will pay more attention to your house and family. You will be emotional towards your family members. Your sympathy towards your mother will be visible. You might say something wrong to her by being over-emotional, which may cause you problems later, but you will fixate on improving your relationship with her. This will also be a time for taking care of her. The desire to build your new home will be strong in your mind, and you will crave material pleasures. You need to distinguish between right and wrong for handling your relationships. Your position in your job will strengthen and if you are a businessman then your business will progress.

Remedy: Recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra daily. By doing this, you will obtain auspicious results.


Neptune will transit in the third house of the Capricorn natives, which may lead to short-distance travel for you. The relationship with siblings will be turbulent. In other words, at one moment the relations will be splendid, while on the other, there will be fallouts due to saying unnecessary things by being over-emotional. You will be seen enhancing your talent and if you are a writer or a poet then you will be seen reciting your poems on a stage. You will move towards self-employment. Your way of talking will be impactful, and people will listen to you and understand you. During this time, you must behave nicely with your colleagues as it will directly impact your work. Your life partner’s fate will be favourable, which will bring benefits for you as well.

Remedy: Keep a piece of silver in your wallet.


Neptune will transit in the second house of the Aquarius natives. Due to this, you must pay attention to using your money properly. You are advised to move ahead by preparing a budget plan, or else you will fail to save money because of over expenditure. You must refrain from taking loans. If you want to forget your differences with family members, then try to get rid of your mental distraction and do Pranayama for that. Sometimes, your efforts may go in vain, and you might spend more money than necessary, but don’t worry and make a clear plan for your monthly expense. This will help you save money. Your family members will support you. An auspicious work will be done, which will bring happiness to the family. There will be ups and downs in business, but working professionals will get good outcomes.

Remedy: Worship Vaibhav Lakshmi on Friday and observe a fast, and offer red-coloured flowers to her.


Neptune will transit in the first house of the Pisces natives. This transit will bring good news for you. You will start to give importance to emotions in your life. You will become sensitive, and your intelligence will put you ahead of other people. Because of this, your imagination and creativity will increase, and you will end up getting deeper into the ocean of your imagination. You will understand that there is a life outside of your imagination. You will be passionate about helping and serving others during this time. You will adopt a generous demeanour and feel very sensitive and connected to the people you associate with. This transit will give your popularity and health benefits. 

Remedy: Respect all women at your workplace and keep Shri Yantra at the workplace.

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