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This special blog contains the next episode of the Navratri special blogs, and thus we will discuss the sixth day of the Navratri. It will be helpful to know about the goddess to whom the sixth day of Navratri is dedicated and the appropriate method to worship Mother on this day. 

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Other than that, here you’ll get accurate information about important and vital things about the sixth day of Navaratri. It also includes details related to the nature of the Goddess on the sixth day of the Puja, the benefits availed by persons by worshiping the Goddess, and which are the offerings that you need to attain happiness from the Goddess. Know about the type of colored dress or cloth you can wear to participate in the puja and more. Let us now start and know about the Goddess the sixth day of Navratri is dedicated to.

Shardiya Navratri Sixth Day 

The sixth day of Navratri is dedicated to Goddess Katyani. Sage Katyan is considered the father of Goddess Katyani and she blesses with a happy family life. The worship of Mother Katyani leads to achieving the meaning of life, Darma, Karma, and Mosha easily. 

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Shardiya Navratri Sixth Day – Puja Method And Auspicious Muhurat 

As per Hindu religious beliefs, it is said doing the Puja in the correct way will deliver fruitful outcomes. In such a condition, let us move ahead and check the details of the right methods of worship on the Navratri sixth day. 

  • Wake up early in the morning on the sixth day of Navratri and then take a bath. Use Gangajal to clean the place of worship and also bathe the mother. 
  • Now, meditate on remembering Goddess Katyayani and take the resolution to do fasting & worship. 
  • After that, light the incense lamp. 
  • Use Roli to apply Tilak on the mother, and also offer intact. 
  • Offer red-colored flowers and Hibiscus to the Mother. 
  • In the Blog, use fruits and dry fruits to offer to the Goddess. 
  • Also, recite Durga Saptarshi and Durga Chalisa. 
  • In the final stage, perform Aarti and also ask for forgiveness for the crimes done by mistake or unknowingly. Also, tell your wishes to the Mother for getting the blessings. 

Sixth Day Of Shardiya Navratri – The Form Of Mother 

If we talk about the Mother’s form, then Mother Katyayani is considered very bright and shining. The form of Mother has four arms, out of which the upper hand on the right side is believed to be in the Abhaya Mudra and the lower hand is in Varada Mudra. In the upper left hand, Mother Katyayani has a sword and in the lower hand, she holds a lotus flower. Worshiping the Goddess Katyayani with true heart and devotion will ensure reaching out to a supreme position. Her vehicle is considered a Lion. 

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It is said that Mother Katyayani was born as the daughter of Maharishi Katyayan after his Tapasya. The form of Mother Durga killed the demon Mahishashura and protected the Gods and humans from terror. 

Importance Of Shardiya Navratri Sixth Day 

Let us discuss the matter related to worshiping Mother Katayayani accurately. As per the religious beliefs, worshiping Mother Katyayani properly will result in the removal of marriage-related troubles or troubles from the native’s life. Also, the position of planet Jupiter in the horoscope also strengthens and the positive outcomes in life also rise due to the worshiping of Mother Katyayani. Offering honey in the worship on the day will ensure the best appearance of the natives. The correct worship of Mother Katyayani will ensure the rise of positive energy in the person’s life and also experience relief from the enemy’s fear. Also, get relief from health-related troubles by worshiping Mother Katyayani. 

Shardiya Navratri Sixth Day – Favorite Bhog 

The red color is the favorite color of Mother Katyayani. In such a situation, at the time of worship at the day, one needs to offer red-colored flowers to the Goddess Katyayani. Be sure to include fresh flowers for the Puja ceremony. Doing this, you can pleasure Mother Katyayani and with her grace, all your wishes will be fulfilled. 

If you talk about the food of Mother Katyayani, honey is one of her favorite meals. In such conditions, the worshiping of Mother on Navratri’s sixth day should include honey. It will result in the improvement of your personality and the appearance of natives. Other than that, offer the right of fruits or dry fruits to the Mother. 

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Shardiya Navratri Sixth Day – Auspicious Colors 

The Goddess Katyayani is very fond of colored clothes and in such condition, the natives are able to take part in the Puja ceremony on the Navratri Six Day by wearing yellow & gray colored outfits. Also, the wearing of yellow flowers or plum tree flowers will deliver auspicious results. The belief is that Goddess Katyayani is very fond of the Plum tree flower. 

Offer honey to Mother Katyayani and it will result in favor of the goddess. 

Vital details related to the Navratri sixth day: Durga Puja also starts on the day and thus the Navratri sixth day is very crucial. 

Shardiya Navratri Sixth Day – Specific Remedies Will Solve The Marital Troubles In Life 

Let us discuss the measures to be taken on the Navratri sixth day –

On this day, you take special steps to fix the marriage troubles on this specific day. If you’re facing troubles in married life or not getting married and thus facing different troubles in the relationship, then wearing of yellow-colored clothes on the Navratri sixth day and worshiping Goddess Katyayani will result in positive outcomes. Also, lighting a lamp in front of the Goddess will result in fixing troubles. 

Other than that, offering yellow flowers to Mother Katyayani and offering three bales of yellow turmeric will provide you with top outcomes. Also, chant the mother’s marriage mantra, and keeping a lump of turmeric with yourself after the puja will provide you fruitful results. 

Other than that, overcome the troubles in marital troubles by worshiping Mother Katyayani and also it will help you face different troubles related to marriage possibilities in the horoscope. After worshiping Goddess Katyayani, chant the mantra of Mother Katyayani 108 times. It is believed that Gopiyas also worshiped Mother Katyayani to marry Lord Krishna. 

Shardiya Navratri Sixth Day – Mantra Of Mother Katyayani 

Chandra Hasojj Valkara Shardu Lover Vahana 

Katyayani Shubham Dadya Devi Danav Ghatini 

Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Ma Katyayani Rupen Sansthita | Namastesyaye Namastesyaye Namastesyaye Namo Namah ||

Shardiya Navratri Sixth Day – Today Strengthen This Planet Today 

As said earlier, each of the Navratri days is associated with some kind of planet. In such a situation, if we discuss the Shashthi Tithi i.e. Navratri’s sixth day, then as per astrological beliefs, the Goddess Katyayani is said to control the Jupiter planet. Performing the Puja ceremony in the correct way on the sixth day will result in bad effects on the planet Jupiter and also reduce the overall effects. 

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