Chaitra Navratri 5 Day: Surefire Remedies To Remove Hurdles In Marriage!!

Very soon, the fifth day of Navratri has arrived. The fifth day of Navratri is dedicated to Maa Durga in her Skandamata avatar. When we look at the name of the goddess form, Skanda signifies Lord Kartikeya and Maa means mother. That is, this mother is Skanda Dev’s mother.

Today’s special blog will provide us with important details regarding the fifth day of Navratri. We will also know what might be offered to the Mother Goddess on this day to ensure that the person receives favorable outcomes. In addition, we will discuss the astrological significance of this day, the nature of the mother, and how to invoke the fortunate effects of Skandamata Devi in your life.

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Form Of Maa Skandmata 

First and foremost, when it comes to the mother’s form, it is believed that Goddess Skandamata has four arms, two of which hold a lotus, one of which holds Lord Kartikeya, and one of which is in Abhaya Mudra. Goddess Skandamata also sits on a lotus, so one of her names is Padmasana.

According to mythology, believers who worship the Mother Goddess achieve pleasure and prosperity. Any devotee who worships the Goddess with a genuine heart achieves salvation. In addition, the goddess’s form is known as Agni Devi.

Reference Of Maa Skandamata Puja 

Now, let us discuss the astrological background of Goddess worship. According to astrological mythology, the planet Mercury is ruled by the Goddess Skandamata. In such a case, if the planet Mercury is weak or afflicted in someone’s horoscope, worshiping the Goddess yields fortunate benefits relating to the planet Mercury, and the negative effects of the planet Mercury begin to fade in their life.

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Significance Of Maa Skandmata Worship 

When it comes to worshiping Maa Skandamata, it is believed that of all the nine forms of Maa Durga, Skandamata is the most loving. Worshiping them improves one’s intelligence and provides access to limitless knowledge.

Apart from that, it is stated that if a devotee who is childless or wishes to have a kid fasts with a sincere heart on the fifth day of Navratri and worships the Mother Goddess, his empty lap will be filled soon. Aside from this, Mother Goddess grants her devotees’ wishes and removes pain from their life.

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Must Offer Bhog To Maa Skandmata 

In terms of mother’s favorite food, this form of mother is believed to like yellow-colored items. On this day, you could offer yellow fruits and sweets to the Mother Goddess. Aside from that, if you wish, you can offer saffron kheer to the Goddess. If you worship Mother Goddess for knowledge or wisdom, make sure to offer her five green cardamoms on this day. Also, include a pair of cloves.

Puja Mantra Of Maa Skandmata 

oṃ devī skandamātāyai namaḥ॥

yā devī sarvabhū‍teṣu mā~ skandamātā rūpeṇa saṃsthitā।

namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo namaḥ॥

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Surefire Remedies To Do On The 5th Day Of Navratri 

Sarva Badha Nivaran Mantra

sarvabādhā vinirmukto dhana dhānya sutānvitaḥ।

manuṣyoṃ matprasādena bhaviṣyati na saṃśayaḥ।|।

  • If someone in the family is unable to marry or is experiencing difficulties, eat 36 cloves and 6 pieces of camphor on the fifth day of Navratri. Mix turmeric and rice together and serve it to Maa Durga. Before performing the offering, chant the obstacle removal mantra mentioned above.
  • If you want to conceive a child, mix pomegranate seeds, cloves, and camphor and offer it to Maa Durga. Before starting, read the Badha Nivaran Mantra 5 times on rosary. 
  • If business is not running smoothly, mix Amaltas flowers with cloves and camphor, or any yellow flower you can find, and offer it to Maa Durga.
  • If someone in the family has medical issues, take 152 cloves and 42 pieces of camphor, mix it with coconut kernel, honey, and sugar candy, and perform Havan. Before making the offering, chant five times the Badha Nivaran Mantra on rosary over the material.
  • If there is a property concern, mix jaggery and kheer with cloves and camphor and offer it to Maa Durga. Before starting, chant two rosaries of the Badha Nivaran Mantra on the material.
  • Bring soil from a Peepal tree into your home during Navratri. Light a lamp in front of it. The next day, return the dirt to the Peepal tree. This removes work-related difficulties. 

Do You Know? 

It is stated that simply worshiping Mother Skandamata or reading or listening to stories about her will provide one with the satisfaction of having a child. Aside from that, Skandmata’s mercy can transform even the most foolish person into wise. Kalidas’ Raghuvansham epic and Meghdoot were only made possible by the grace of Mother Skandamata.

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These Natives Must Worship Maa Skandmata  

When it comes to who should specifically worship Goddess Skandamata, individuals who have health issues, are encountering hurdles in marriage, or are having difficulty having children are especially advised to do so.

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Mythology Related To Maa Skandmata 

According to an ancient narrative about Mother Skandamata, the horror of a demon named Tarakasura had grown greatly, but no one could end it because it could only be ended by Lord Shiva’s son Kartikeya. In this moment, Mother Parvati took the form of Skandamata to prepare her son Skanda, i.e. Kartikeya Dev, for war. After receiving fighting training from Skandamata, Lord Kartikeya killed Tarakasura.

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