Maha Ashtami & Maha Navami Coincides On Navratri Day 8!

Maha Navami Puja and Maha Ashtami Puja are occurring on the auspicious occasion of Navratri Day Eight, thus enhancing the overall significance of this day. Adding on the festivity, AstroSage brings to you “Big Astro Festival”, where you get a chance to enjoy heavy discounts and offers on all astrology products and services. Click on the button below to take advantage.

Now let’s talk about the eighth day of Navratri and a major coincidence which increases its importance. The nine days of Navratri are dedicated to the nine forms of Goddess Durga. However this year, little confusion among people about the Ashtami-Navami date has arisen. In such a situation, this article offers a great solution to your confusion. Know everything about the Ashtami Day of Navratri as well as the great coincidence of Mahanavami and Maha Ashtami.

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Navratri Maha Ashtami and Maha Navami Puja Shubh Muhurat

  • Maha Ashtami Puja Muhurat: Ashtami Begins on October 23, 2020 From 06:58:53 and ends on October 24, 2020 at 07:01:02.
  • Maha Navami Puja Muhurat: Navami Begins on October 24, 2020 From 07:01:02 and ends on October 25, 2020 at 07:44:04.
  • Ashtami Havan Muhurat: (24 October) From 06:27 Till 17:45
  • Navami Havan Muhurat: (25 October) From 06:31 Till 19:44

Additional Information

  • This year, it would be best to keep the fast of Ashtami on 24 October, Saturday.
  • After this, October 25 is considered to be the best day for Parana.
  • Dashami Tithi will start from 25 October at 07:44:04 in the morning, which is why the festival of Dussehra will also be celebrated on this very day.

We hope that the above muhurat list has solved your dilemma. Let us go ahead and know the importance of Ashtami day and the proper worship method of this day.

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Navratri Day Eight Dedicated To Maa Mahagauri

The tradition of worshipping Maa Mahagauri has been defined on the eighth day of Navratri. Maa Mahagauri is the eighth incarnation of Maa Durga and is considered to be Adishakti. The veneration of Maa Mahagauri is a showerer of happiness and goodness. It is believed that if one worships Maa Mahagauri with sincerity, then he/she gets rid of all sins of life and is blessed with immeasurable divine powers. Kanya Pujan is performed after worship on Ashtami. Let us give you all the information related to this day i.e. the day dedicated to the worship of Maa Mahagauri.

Why Has The Goddess Been Named as Maa Mahagauri?

As per mythological beliefs, Maa Mahagauri was drowned in meditation to get Mahadev at a very early age of eight. Owing to this meditation, her body turned black. Being pleased with her deep devotion, Lord Shiva sprinkled Gangajal on her body and owing to which, she turned Gaur Varna (orange) and hence, she was named as Maa Mahagauri. She is worshiped on Durgashtami and blesses devotees with the fulfillment of all hearty desires.

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Appearance of Maa Mahagauri, the Destroyer of All Sins of Life

The worship of this incarnation of Maa Durga is performed on the eighth day of Sharad Navratri. Maa Mahagauri rides on a Bull and has four arms. The upper right hand is in Abhay Mudra, while the lower right hand holds a Trishul (trident). The  upper left hand holds a Dumbroo, while the lower left hand is in Var Mudra. She has been named as Maa Mahagauri because of the Gaur Varna (orange). The worship of Maa Mahagauri ends all the sins of previous life and one gets rid of sadness, poverty and suffering.

Chant this Mantra while Venerating Maa Mahagauri 

Recite the below Mantra to please Maa Mahagauri in the soonest possible time. 

‘श्वेते वृषेसमारूढा श्वेताम्बरधरा शुचिः, महागौरी शुभं दद्यान्महादेव प्रमोददा’!

‘śvete vṛṣesamārūḍhā śvetāmbaradharā śuciḥ, mahāgaurī śubhaṃ dadyānmahādeva pramodadā’!

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Rituals to Venerate Maa Mahagauri During This Major Coincidence

  • Wake up in the morning on the day Ashtami, take a bath and then worship. 
  • Place the idol/photo of Maa Mahagauri on a wooden plank. 
  • Remember Maa Mahagauri by heart and light a lamp/Diya before the idol/photo. 
  • Use flowers of white and yellow colour in the worship.
  • After this, offer coconut, Halwa, Puri and Sabzi as Bhog in the worship.
  • After worship, perform Aarti and recite Mantra.
  • It is believed that if the worship of Maa Mahagauri is performed during the midnight, then it may prove to be highly fruitful.
  • Kanya Pujan is considered to be the best on the day of Ashtami. Therefore, invite nine younger girls (Kanchanakas) along with a boy. Venerate these girls, offer food and seek their blessings.

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Venerate Maa Mahagauri by Wearing Clothes of this Very Colour

Maa Mahagauri is also known as Sarsauvagyadayani. The colour of this Maa is Gaur Varna (orange) and she wears clothes of blood red colour. In this pretext, devotees are also advised to wear orange or red coloured clothes during the worship to be blessed with auspicious fruits.

Blessings while Venerating Maa Mahagauri

With the worship of Mahagauri, one gets free from all sins of life and his/her mind and soul gets purified. Also, impure and immoral thoughts vanish from one’s life and positive vibes start cultivating. If a person lacks concentration or faces any skin related ailment then, he/she is advised to venerate Maa Mahagauri. In addition to this, if one worships Maa Mahagauri sincerely and wholeheartedly, he/she can get rid of diseases like diabetes, harmonic disorder, and eye. As per astrological beliefs, Maa Mahagauri controls the planet Rahu and therefore, the worship eliminates all the ill effects of the same planet. 

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Hope you would like the information cited above on the eighth day of Navratri which is associated with Maa Mahagauri. Thank you for staying with AstroSage!


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