Navpatrika Puja 2023: Ultimate Day To Invoke Blessings Of Goddess Durga

Navpatrika Puja 2023 marks the beginning of the celebrations of Shree Durga Puja which starts from the day of MahaSaptami. Shree Durga Puja is a widely celebrated event throughout the country which is considered highly auspicious. It is believed that Goddess Durga in her nine forms descends to Earth from her world and grants boons of Health, wealth, prosperity, success, auspiciousness, power, and wisdom. It is also the celebration of womanhood and its power. In Sanatana Dharma, it is believed that Goddess Durga, a woman, is the only and ultimate source of power and strength that is operating the whole world and every bit of power is derived from her. Even the Tridev’s worship her to seek power and strength from her.

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Navpatrika Puja 2023 is observed on the day of Maha Saptami. It is also known by the name of Kalabau Puja in some parts of India. In the states of Bengal, Assam, and Odisha, Maa Durga is worshiped by 9 different kinds of leaves. On this day, the worship of nine leaves or Navpatrika Puja holds a great importance. In these leaves, the leaves of Banana, haldi (Turmeric), Pomegranate, Ashok (Saraca asoca), Dhaan (Paddy), Bilva (Wood Apple), Jaun (Barley), Kachvi, and Manka (Tea tree) leaves are taken.

Date And Time Of Navpatrika Puja 2023

Navpatrika Puja 2023 will be celebrated on 21st October 2023, Saturday.  The Saptami Tithi will start on the night of 20th October 2023 at 11:26 P.M. and it will end on the night of next day on 21st October 2023 at 09:55 P.M.

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Importance Of 9 Leaves In Navpatrika Puja

As it is told above that in Navpatrika Puja, Goddess Durga is worshiped by nine different types of leaf and each of the nine leaves has its different importance. Also, you will know that the nine leaves used  in the worship of Goddess Durga are a symbol of which goddess and deity.

  • Banana tree, its root, and its leaves are considered as a symbol of Goddess Brahmani.
  • The Kachvi plant is a symbol of  Mother Goddess Kali.
  • Turmeric plant represents Mother Goddess Durga herself.
  • The Barley Plant (Jaun) and its leaves is a symbol of Goddess Durga’s Kartiki form. 
  • Pomegranate Plant is associated with Goddess Raktdantika.
  • Ashok’s tree and its leaves are a symbol of Cooperation.
  • The Manka plant is associated with Goddess Chamunda.
  • Dhaan(Paddy) leaves are considered as a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Banana Tree and its roots and leaves are considered as a symbol of Goddess Durga’s Brahmani form.

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Importance Of Navpatrika Puja 2023

In many parts of India, Navpatrika Puja is known by the name of Kalabau Puja and on this day farmers also worship Goddess Durga for a good crop production. The farmers pray to Goddess Durga on Navpatrika or Kalabau that this year their fields shall produce a bumper crop harvest. On this day, farmers worship Mother nature in the form of a goddess and pray to her for a good crop produce and increase in money and resources. During the winter season, when the farmers harvest their crops, they perform Navpatrika Puja.

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Formation of Auspicious Yoga On Navpatrika Puja 2023

Sukarma Yoga is being formed on the day of Navpatrika Puja 2023 which is considered highly auspicious in Astrology. In this Yoga, performing religious activities and rituals gives special benefits. Sukarma Yoga is governed by Lord Vishnu himself which makes this yoga highly auspicious. It is believed that any work done in this yoga  becomes successful and no hindrance or obstruction comes if any new work is started in this Yoga.  Sukarma Yoga is considered highly auspicious for performing auspicious works like Marriage or Namkaran Sanskar.

Auspicious Time (Muhurat) Of Sukarma Yoga

Sukarma Yoga will start on the midnight of 21st October 2023 at 03:01 A.M.

Sukarma Yoga will continue till midnight of 22nd October till 12:35 A.M.

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Worship Method Of Navpatrika Puja

Goddess Durga is worshiped and invoked in Navpatrika Puja. All those 9 leaves are tied together and they are bathed in any sacred river or a pond.

If there is no river or a pond near anyone’s home, the they can perform Navpatrika Bath in their home also. The water falling from the leaves is sprinkled upon oneself. After that they are purified by many types of water like first of all Gangajal is sprinkled on the leaves, After that rain water is sprinkled, and after that water of Sarswati river is sprinkled. After that sea water is sprinkled on the leaves and after that water from a pond is poured on the leaves. Finally, water from a waterfall is poured on these leaves. 

After Navpatrika Puja, Bengali women wear a white colored Saree with a Red-colored border. The Navpatrika is also decorated by this Saree and a garland of flowers is offered on it. It is believed that the Navpatrika should be decorated like a traditional Bengali bride.

In Navpatrika puja, there is a tradition of consecrating life after bathing. Clean the place of worship and install the idol or statue of Mother Goddess Durga there. You can also decorate the worship place with flowers and lights.

After that, Shodashopachar Puja (sixteen-steps offering in worship)  is done in which Goddess Durga is worshiped with 16 different objects. Now, Navpatrika is established in the form of an idol and it is worshiped. A tilak (mark) of sandalwood (chandan) is made on the forehead of the idol and it is worshiped after offering fruits and flowers. On the right side of Navpatrika, Lord Ganesha’s idol is placed and finally Goddess Durga’s Maha Aarti is performed. After the aarti, the sacrament is distributed among the devotees present there.

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Story (Katha) Of The Navpatrika Puja

According to religious beliefs, Kalabau is considered as the wife of Lord  Shree Ganesha. But there are different beliefs prevalent among people regarding this matter.  There is one more story (katha) related to Navpatrika Puja 2023 that Kalabau was a staunch devotee of Goddess Durga and she was engrossed in Goddess Durga’s devotion all the time. She used to worship Goddess Durga by using the leaves of nine different types of trees. In Navpatrika Puja, the nine leaves which are worshiped in the form of Nav Patrika, they  are the symbol of Kalabau.

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