Matsya Purana: The Nature Of Navagrahas Is Unique!

Matsya Purana: Matsya Purana, one of the eight puranas of Sanatan Dharma, is a very important Purana. In this, about 14 thousand verses and 291 chapters are included. The direct relation of this Purana is with the Matsya or the Fish avatar of Lord Vishnu, and this is why it is called Matsya Purana. In this Purana, Lord Vishnu in his Matsya avatar preached to King Vaivasvata Manu and the Sapta Rishis.

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In these preachings, charity, sacrifice, penance, fasting, description of Rajdharma, description of the forms of the Navagrahas, dream scriptures, omens, astrology, gemology, description of the nature of the idols of gods and goddesses, Vastu Shastra, Tarakasur narrative, Narsingh description, description of the entire lineage of sages, etc. have been described according to astrology. So, today in this blog, we will learn about the most important part of astrology, i.e. the nature of all 9 planets, which has been mentioned by Lord Vishnu himself in this Matsya Purana.

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Vivid Description Of The Nature Of Navagrahas In Matsya Purana

  1. Sun:

Sun, the king of planets, has two arms and lotus are adorned in both his hands. He himself is situated on the lotus flower. His aura is like the inner part of the lotus. Also, he is mounted on a huge chariot connected by seven horses and seven ropes.

  1. Moon:

Moon is glorified i.e. his physique is beautiful and complexion is fair. He has two arms. In one hand, he holds a mace and the other hand is in Varada Mudra. He always wears white clothes. His vehicle is the horse-drawn chariot and the color of his horses is also white.

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  1. Mars:

Mars has four arms and has Shakti, Trishul, Gada, and Varada Mudra in his four hands respectively. The color of the fur on his body is red. Mars wears a red flower garland and red clothes.

  1. Mercury:

Mercury has four arms and holds sword, shield, mace, and Varada Mudra in his four hands, respectively. He wears a yellow wreath and yellow clothes. The aura of his body is like the flower of Kaner. Mercury or Budha Dev rides a Lion.

  1. Jupiter:

Jupiter has got the title of Godfather of all the gods, hence it is also called Guru. He has four arms and in all four hands that hold the penalty, the rosary of Rudraksh, Kamandalu, and Varada Mudra. His body color is yellow. He himself also wears yellow clothes.

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  1. Venus:

Shukracharya, the guru of the demons, is Venus, whose body color is white. He has four arms and in all four hands, there is a garland of rudraksh, kamandalu, and vara mudra, respectively. Venus wears only white clothes.

  1. Saturn:

Shanashchar i.e. Saturn’s aura is similar to that of Indra Nilamani (blue colored sapphire gem). Saturn rides on a griddle. He also has four arms and he holds bow, arrow, trident, and varamudra respectively in all four hands.

  1. Rahu:

The face of Rahu is very frightening and fierce. He sits on a huge blue throne. He has four arms and adorns sword, shield, trident, and votive in all four hands respectively.

  1. Ketu:

Ketu is not one but many and he all has two arms. He holds a mace and a vermillion in both his hands. The color of his body and clothes is dhumra (smoky). His face is distorted and he rides on an eagle all the time.

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