These Remedies Will Eliminate Kaal Sarp & Shani Dosha; Also, Avoid These Mistakes On Naag Panchami!

You might have heard about the Naag Panchami festival but do you know if there is Kaal Sarp Dosha in the horoscope then what are the remedies to lessen its impact on your life on the auspicious day of Naag Panchami? If you don’t know about these remedies, then through this blog we will explain the remedies. With this, we will also tell you when Naag Panchami will fall this year, and what remedies to consider on the auspicious day of Naag Panchami for getting desired outcomes in life.

Naag Panchami festival is celebrated every year in the Panchami Tithi of Shukla Paksha in Sawan month. So, this year, this festival is falling on the 2 August 2022 Tuesday. In Sanatan Dharma, worshiping Naag (Cobra) is considered to be very auspicious. There is a reason behind this, that Lord Shiva wears the serpent as an ornament around his neck. So, according to the belief, it is said that worshiping snakes brings spiritual power, immense wealth, and desired results in a person’s life.

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When Will Naag Panchami Fall In 2022? 

2 August 2022- Tuesday

Naag Panchami Muhurat

Naag Panchami Puja Muhurat: From 05:42:40 to 08:24:28

Duration: 2 hours 41 minutes

Note: The muhurat given above is for New Delhi, if you want to know the muhurat for this auspicious day, according to your city then click here.

This year, a rare coincidence of Shiv and Siddhi Yoga is forming on Naag Panchami after many years, which will increase the significance of this day manifold. If we talk about the timings, then Shiv Yoga will remain till 02 August, at 6:38 pm, and after that, Siddhi Yoga will be formed. 

Significance Of Naag Panchami Puja 

On the day of Naag Panchami, there is a ritual of worshiping Lord Shiva along with Naag Devta. It is said that this festival of Naag Panchami is dedicated to Lord Shiva like Sawan. Worshiping Naag Devta along with Lord Shiva on this day will fulfill all your wishes. Apart from this, the month of Sawan itself is dedicated to Lord Shiva. In such a scenario, worshiping Naag Devta, which is around Lord Shiva’s neck will please Lord Shiva and will shower his blessings on his devotees.

Apart from this, the Naag Panchami festival also inspires people to protect snakes as well as other living creatures for their promotion and protection. If snakes are bathed and worshiped on the day of Naag Panchami, then the person attains Akshay Punya (never-ending virtues). Apart from this, the risk of snakebite also decreases in the life of people who worship snakes on this day. In such a scenario, on this day people make a picture of a snake on the main entrance of their house and worship Naag devta, doing this will fix all your problems with your family members. 

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Correct Pujan Vidhi For Naag Panchami 

  • Wake up early in the morning and bathe.
  • After bathing, light up diyas in the temple of your house.
  • Offer water on the Shivling, Worship Naag Devta’s portrait/ painting.
  • Although, on this day do not offer milk to Naag Devta. Do you know why? Read this blog till the end.
  • Offer Prasad to Lord Shiva, Ma Parvati, and Lord Ganesha.
  • Recite and listen to Naag Devta’s story.
  • In the end, perform Aarti of Naag Devta and pray for Naag Devta and Mahadev to shower their blessing upon your lives.

Astrological Benefits Of Naag Panchami

  • Usually, snakes are considered bad because people get scared of the snakes but in Sanatan Dharma, snakes are to be worshiped.
  • Lord Vishnu himself sits on Shesh Naag.
  • Apart from this, in Vishnu Puran, there is a description of snakes, and here Shesh Naag is highlighted in many places. Apart from this, in shiv Puran, there was a snake in Vasuki, which was worn by Lord Shiva as an ornament. Apart from this, there is also a description of 9 types of snakes in Bhagavad Gita and there is an explanation of the rituals for the puja of each one of them, which is as follows:


अनन्तं वासुकिं शेषं पद्मनाभं च कम्बलम् ।

शंखपालं धृतराष्ट्रं तक्षकं, कालियं तथा ।।   

anantaṃ vāsukiṃ śeṣaṃ padmanābhaṃ ca kambalam ।

śaṃkhapālaṃ dhṛtarāṣṭraṃ takṣakaṃ, kāliyaṃ tathā ।।   

Means: Anantha, Vasuki, Shesha, Padmanabha, Kambal, Shankhpal, Dhritarashtra, Takshak, and Kaliya, one should worship Naagas of these 9 castes. There will be no fear of snakes if you do this and there will be no obstruction of poison.

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  • Apart from this, it is said that, according to astrology, those natives who have Kaal Sarp Dosha, Naaga dosha, or Shani Rahu dosha, should consider Naag Panchami day very auspicious to make these doshas calm.
  • On this day worshiping lord Shiva, and performing his rudrabhishek, will make such doshas calm.
  • With this, if there is Rahu Ketu Dasha in someone’s horoscope then also the Naag Panchami Puja will help. 
  • For those who are born in Ashlesha Nakshatra, for them, the Naag Panchami puja is considered to be very auspicious. If you also want to know in which nakshatra you are born then click here. Apart from this, if the 5th house is affected in the horoscope or there are problems related to the child in your life then even worshiping Naag (cobra) on Naag Panchami day will give auspicious results.

Lord Krishna’s Story Connected With Naag Panchami 

It is said that once, lord Shri Krishna was playing with his friends. During the game, the ball fell into the Yamuna river. Kaliya Naag (cobra) resides in this river, after knowing this all the kids got scared but Shri Krishna jumped in that river to get the ball. Kaliya Naag then attacked Shri Krishna, but as Shri Krishna is the Lord himself, he taught a lesson to Kaliya Naag. After which the Kaliya Naag not only apologized but promised that it will not harm anyone from the village. This victory of Lord Krishna over Naag kaliya is celebrated as Naag Panchami.

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Do Not Do These Mistakes On Naag Panchami

  • On Naag Panchami day, do not dig the ground.
  • Apart from this, many people search for real cobra on Naag Panchami and try to worship it and offer them milk, which is not right.
  • On the day of Naag Panchami, always worship Naag devta or its picture or its scripture made up of sand. Apart from that, if possible, buy serpents from the snake charmers and release them at a safe place.

We are repeatedly mentioning that, on the day of Naag Panchami, do not worship Naag Devta itself but you can worship its picture and also do not offer milk to it. Let’s understand why it is said so: 

Actually, on the day of Naag Panchami, people worship cobras or snakes that are caught by the snake charmers but this is not right. It is wrong because, when the snake charmers catch snakes then they break or take out their fangs because without fangs a snake cannot pray. 

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In such a situation, the snake remains hungry. After this, because snakes remain hungry for a while, they start to drink milk as water. But due to the breaking of teeth, the wounds make the condition worse inside the snake’s mouth and eventually the snakes die.

Here it is important to understand that the snakes are not herbivorous and they do not drink milk. This is the reason why we are saying again and again that worship the idol or the picture of Naag Devta and do not offer it milk and if possible buy and then release snakes from the snake charmers.

We hope you will do the same. If you have some other opinions about this topic then tell us in the comments.

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