Must Follow These Remedies After Lunar Eclipse 2022 To Avoid Its Negative Influence!

Today in this blog, we will learn about some steps which should be taken just after the end of the Lunar Eclipse 2022. So let’s move ahead and know about the time and date of the Lunar Eclipse 2022.

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Lunar Eclipse 2022

The Lunar Eclipse of 2022 took place just fortnight after the Solar Eclipse which occurred on 25 October, 2022. Many parts of the world had observed this Lunar Eclipse. The Lunar eclipse’s first phase, known as Sparshkal, started at 5:32 pm and will extend until 6:18 pm. 

On the Lunar Eclipse, some astrologers delivered unexpected predictions. They assert that there could be some variation in the behavior of nature as a result of the Lunar Eclipse. The eclipse could have an impact on all animals that inhabit the planet. On the day of the Lunar Eclipse, Chandal Dosha was also a possibility so it is advised that people must take some precautions even after the completion of the Lunar Eclipse 2022.

Let’s take a look at some of the measures to be taken post Lunar Eclipse 2022.

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Remedies To Be Followed Just After The Last Lunar Eclipse 2022  

  • You Must Clean The House: It is advisable to clean the house before beginning any new work because it is believed that the negative effect continues to affect it long after the eclipse is over. After cleaning, light some incense to purify the environment.
  • Purify Your Home With Gangajal: After a lunar eclipse, it is believed that everything around us turns unlucky, which increases the importance of gangajal and the recommendation to sprinkle it throughout the house.
  • Take Bath And Do Meditation: After the Lunar Eclipse is over, one needs to take a bath. However, bathing in a sacred river is said to be more beneficial. It is believed to help in removing the harmful effects of the lunar eclipse. Additionally, it is crucial to meditate after a bath.
  • Prefer To Meditation On Lord Shiva: The Moon does not harm those natives who meditate on the name of Lord Shiva because Lord Shiva saved the Moon’s life. In this way, Lord Shiva worship reduces the bad repercussions of the Lunar Eclipse.
  • Also Worship Lord Hanuman: Bajrangbali is known for solving all kinds of life’s issues. The negative consequences of the lunar eclipse are mitigated by worshiping Lord Hanuman. Offer Lal Chola to Lord Hanuman in this situation.
  • Feed And Worship The Mother Cow: In Sanatan Dharma, the mother cow is adored and cherished greatly. Mother cow has been granted the position of mother since it is believed that she is home to nearly 33 gods. You are advised to feed chapatis  to the mother cow  in this regard.
  • Charity: In Sanatan Dharma, charity is highly valued. After the Lunar Eclipse, we must donate to offset its unfavorable effects. Since the Moon prefers white, we must donate items of a white color, such as camphor, Ghee, curd, etc. Natives who are suffering from Saturn’s negative effects must give black sesame and mustard oil to Lord Saturn in order to appease him. They need to keep their ancestors in mind when they donate. Moreover, offer meals to those in need.
  • Precautions For Eating: Before the eclipse, cooked food should be consumed, and if it is not, Tulsi leaves should be added to the leftovers and donated to the poor if possible.

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