Will M.S. Dhoni Retire This Year? Astrology Reveals It All!

M.S. Dhoni needs no introduction. He is an Indian cricketer and former captain who led India to many grandeur victories. Under his leadership, India won several International titles and established itself as one of the top-ranking cricket teams of the world. Currently, Dhoni has already stepped down from the position of Captain and is planning on announcing his retirement. This has created a buzz around the circuit of International Cricket and media.

Below is the astrology prediction forecasting the planetary and nakshatra positions in his kundli, and these placements will affect his upcoming future.

M.S. Dhoni Kundli Prediction


Mahendra Singh Dhoni is born with the same “Ascendant and Moon Ascendant”. This means that his kundli is same from ascendant house and moon rashi house.

Mahi’s ascendant sign is “Virgo”, which is ruled by “Mercury’ in Vedic Astrology and is the 6th rashi in the Kaal Chakra. In the Virgo sign, the ascendant point is at “Hasta -1’ Nakshatra, which means his ascendant nakshatra is “Hasta-1”. Hasta Nakshatra is ruled by the planet Moon. If we look at the placement of the “Moon”, then we can see that it is posited in the same house of Virgo but in different nakshatra, which is “Uttara Phalguni -2”. Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra is ruled by “Sun’ planet.

This means that the Moon (Hasta Lord) and Sun (Uttara Phalguni Lord) are very important for his career and overall life. Sun in his kundli is posited in the 10th house, which is known as the “Karam Bhav” or career/profession house. Whereas, Moon is posited in the 1st house, which is known as Tanu Bhav.

In vedic astrology, when we have to predict a futuristic event, we analyse the undergoing dasha or planetary period during that particular time. Currently, Dhoni is undergoing the “Rahu” dasha, which will be over by 7th December 2020. This means that till this date, Rahu will impact the overall life of Dhoni.

Rahu is a shadow planet, which offers results according to the lord of the sign it is posited with and as per planetary conjunctions and aspects. For eg. if Rahu is posited in the Aries sign, then it will churn out results under the influence of Mars, its sign lord. Also, if it is aspected by Moon and in conjunction with Mercury, then Rahu will give out result according to the Moon and Mercury.

In the case of Dhoni, Rahu is in conjunction with Venus but has no aspect from any planet. Plus it is posited in the sign of Cancer, which is governed by the planet Moon. Therefore, Rahu will give the result as per Venus and Moon.

Talking about planetary house placement, both Venus and Moon are placed positively, as Lagna describes one’s mind and self, and 11th house is the house of fulfillment of desires and gains. Since these two seem good in his kundli, hence Rahu will also acquire good results for him. If we go back in time and see the date of his career’s beginning – 23 December 2004 – Debut ODI Match Date, then we can come up with the following prediction:

During this period, he was undergoing the planetary dasha Rahu-Rahu-Venus. Hence we can see how Venus and Rahu has supported him career wise. Now after Rahu Dasha, he will be entering into the Jupiter dasha, which will start from 7 December 2020 and remain till 7-December-2036.

For Dhoni’s retirement, we have to evaluate the 9th house or connection of the 9th lord with the dasha lord. This is because the 9th house acts as the 12th house from the 10th house, which represents one’s career. Hence, it shows loss in career, which can be interpreted in terms of his retirement.

Now if you look closely at the kundli, you will understand that Jupiter is in 1st house and aspect his 9th house from his house. This means the dasha of Jupiter will be the reason for Dhoni’s retirement. Now, Jupiter dasha will stretch up to 16 years, and in order to predict, we need to shorten the time bracket. Hence, we will now see which Antardasha Lord is connected to the 9th house or 9th lord. Because whichever planet undergoing its sub-period or antardasha and connected to the 9th house or 9th lord will trigger the retirement in Dhoni’s case. Now let’s see the connecting planets:

  1. Mars is in the 9th house.
  2. Venus is the lord of 9th house.
  3. Rahu in conjunction with the 9th house lord Venus, therefore it will give out results according to the ninth house as well. This means the current dasha of Rahu is also very potential for retirement.
  4. Ketu delivers similar results to that of Rahu.
  5. Jupiter is also aspecting the 9th house.

Dasha & Antardasha Of Planets

Now the time periods (antardasha) of above said planets are as follows:

  • Jupiter – Jupiter (Antardasha) 7-12-2020 to 25-1-2023
  • Jupiter – Ketu (Antardasha)  13-11-2027 to 19-10-2028
  • Jupiter – Venus (Antardasha)  19-10-2028 to 19-6-2031
  • Jupiter – Mars (Antardasha) 7-8-2033 to 13-7-2034
  • Jupiter – Rahu (Antardasha) 13-7-2034 to 7-12-2036

From the above date, we can naturally figure out that Dhoni won’t continue playing till the Ketu’s antardasha. Hence during the Jupiter- Jupiter dasha, he might retire. Let’s explore more periods:

  • Jupiter – Jupiter – Jupiter 07-12-2020 to 20-3-2021
  • Jupiter – Jupiter – Ketu     10-11-2021 to 25-12-2021
  • Jupiter – Jupiter – Venus   25-12-2021 to 02-05-2022
  • Jupiter – Jupiter – Mars     15-08-2022 to 30-09-2022
  • Jupiter – Jupiter – Rahu     30-09-2022 to 25-01-2023

Among Jupiter, Rahu-Ketu, Venus and Mars, Jupiter and Rahu are the foremost and strong contenders which can lead him to retire. This is because Rahu is the only planet that is in conjunction with the 9th house lord. Plus, being a shadow planet, it will purely behave and act as “Venus”. Also, Jupiter being the master of mahadasha (during Jupiter dasha) will also act strongly, since it is posited in the lagna house.

Note – Mars being placed in the 9th house isn’t considered a strong contender because its is quite high in degree, which makes him non-competent.

As a result, the current dasha period of Rahu can play a big role in influencing Mahi to retire. As per Rahu-Moon dasha and Rahu-Mars dasha, Moon (in antardasha or any sub-dasha) is seen posited in a gandant degree, which increases the chances of retirement happening.


Therefore, Jupiter Dasha (Jupiter – Jupiter – Jupiter) dated 07-12-2020 to 20-3-2021 and (Jupiter – Jupiter – Rahu) dated 30-09-2022 to 25-01-2023 will be the time period when “Mahi” may declare his retirement and henceforward, we will never see him on the crease famously creating his helicopter shot.


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