Mrityu Panchak From 13 May; Know What To Avoid In Dreadful Days!

Mrityu Panchak 2023: As we all are well aware that before commencing any auspicious work the pious period known as Muhurta is always checked. This period is calculated according to the Hindu Panchang. According to Vedic astrology, Panchak is known as the conjunction of five constellations or Nakshatras, and this period is not considered favorable or positive for doing certain activities that are auspicious in nature. 

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In the revered and ancient language of Sanskrit the term “Panchak” refers to the combination of five. There are some tasks that are permitted during this time, though. So, through this blog, you will be able to understand what Mrityu Panchak is and when this distressing period will begin and end. Apart from this, you will also find out its types and the works that are strictly prohibited during this time!

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Panchaka And Its Types Are Revealed!

Panchak is known as the period of five days and it is formed with the combinations of five Nakshatras. These five Nakshatras are Dhanishta Nakshatra, Satabhisha Nakshatra, Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra, Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra, and Revati Nakshatra. During the Panchak Kaal, the Moon transits through these Nakshatras in five days. The Moon changes its zodiac sign in about two and a half days and during this period, it changes its zodiac sign twice. During the Panchak period, the Moon transits from Aquarius to Pisces. This phenomenon is repetitive and it occurs after every 27 days. 

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According to Vedic astrology, the five types of Panchak are based on the days, also known as Var. All the five Panchak have different natures. The Panchak that commences on Sunday is known as Rog Panchak, when it starts on Monday then it is called Raj Panchak and Panchak starting on Tuesday is known as Agni Panchak. When Panchak period commences on Friday then it is known as Chor Panchak, and when it starts on Saturday, then it is known as the fearful and inauspicious Mrityu Panchak. 

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When Is Mrityu Panchak Starting In May 2023?

According to Hindu Panchang, the frightful period of Mrityu Panchak will begin from 13th May 2023, Saturday at 12:18 am and this period will end on 17th May 2023, at 7:39 am, Wednesday. 

Mrityu Panchak And Its Ghastly Notion

Out of all the above-mentioned Panchak period, the Panchak period falling on Saturday, known as Mrityu Panchak is considered to be the most feared and inauspicious. As the name already indicates, it is referred to as death. It is believed that during this period, one might suffer from accidents and mishappenings. The chances of landing oneself in negative and harmful situations are high during this time. Apart from this, one also goes through mental, physical, and financially distressing circumstances. So, it is advised that one must stay aware from dodgy situations and be very careful during the period of Mrityu Panchak. 

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Avoid These During Mrityu Panchak!

According to astrology certain things are to be avoided during the period of Mrityu Panchak. If these are not avoided then you might find yourself grappling with problems. So, let’s take a good look at them!

  • During the period of Mrityu Panchak, the roof of the house must not be constructed. If you have a house under construction, then you must halt the construction of the roof during this period. If not, then the people who live in such a house never attain peace and prosperity. 
  • During this period, mattresses and bedding should not be built as well. By doing so, one attains inauspicious outcomes. 
  • In the period of Panchak, one must not travel towards the South direction as this direction is associated with the God of death, Yamraj. 
  • If one is traveling towards this direction and it is not possible to avoid then one should offer any fruit to Lord Hanuman and then should worship him with proper rituals and methods. Only after doing so, one should commence their travel. 
  • If a person dies during the Panchak period, then to avoid its negative effects, five puppets made from Kush or Wheat must be kept with the dead body. Then the last rites of the dead body including the five puppets must be done with proper methods. It is believed that by doing so, one stays away from the ill effects of Panchak Dosha. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Panchak in death? 

It is believed if a person dies in Panchak, then 4 more die after the said person. 

Q2: Is Panchak good or bad?

Except Raj Panchak, all other four are considered inauspicious.

Q3: How long is the Panchak period? 

The Panchak period lasts for five days. 

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