Mother’s Day & Its Astrological Significance

Mother’s Day and the Astrology Connection! 

‘Mother’ – a word which lacks a synonym and the very utterance of this word only generates feelings of trust and love in a human being. The creation of this universe is not possible without a mother, so we also address our nature/earth as Mother.

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The relationship between a mother and her baby is very precious and words will always fall short to describe his relationship. Our relationship starts with our mother from the womb, so the bond with her will always be for 9 months more than any other association we know of. We are attached to our mother’s placenta even in the womb, so her influence will always be more on us.

The first touch after we are born, the first feeling that we get is of the mother’s chest and warmth, which provides us with a sense of security, safety, warmth and solace. For this reason, every child is deeply attached to his/her  mother. And also, we are the proud residents of a civilization where we celebrate 4 weeks in a year  as “Navaratri” in honor of the divine Mother(Goddess Durga) to celebrate motherhood. So, it doesn’t come to us as a surprise knowing what role our mother plays in our lives, which is why a special day is dedicated to her which is known as Mother’s Day. 

The currently celebrated Mother’s Day was initiated by Anna Jarvis to honor mothers. It is also believed that the custom of celebrating Mother’s Day began in Greece, where Mother’s Day was celebrated to honor Sybele, the mother of the Greek gods. In European countries, it is customary to honor mothers on a special Sunday, it is called Mothering Sunday. In India, we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May. This year it is on the 09th May. 

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Now, as we are celebrating Mothers and Motherhood, let us now talk in detail about the planetary positions and give away an astrological analysis from which we can know if a person is blessed with mother’s care and blessings and what are the malefic conditions that rob a person of this beautiful relationship- 

Let us now talk about the factors which show that one’s mother is loving, caring and plays an important role in the child ‘s development. 


The luminary planet Moon plays a very important role in our horoscope/Kundli. Not only it represents emotions, sentiments and feelings that a person carries within himself/herself, but also one’s childhood and the association with his/her mother. The strong position of the Moon indicates that the mother played a very important role in the child’s life and that he/she has imbibed a lot of traits from her. And when the relationship with the mother is strong, the child becomes secure, confident and his/her decision making becomes very strong. 

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The strong conditions of the Moon comes into being :-

  1. If the Moon is in its exalted position in the Taurus sign. 
  2. If the Moon is in its own sign Cancer.
  3. It is in a beneficial position in Kendra(1.4,7,10) and trine houses (5,9).
  4. It is in conjunction with benefic planets like Jupiter and Venus.
  5. It is not in the malefic houses like 6/8/12 or in conjunction with malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. 


The other important factor after the Moon in the horoscope/Kundli is the position of the fourth house. Fourth house is generally associated with comforts, luxuries and pleasures. As we all know, there is nothing more comforting than our mother’s loving arm wrapped around us and nothing more relaxing than Mother’s lap. 

The strong position of the fourth house are mentioned in all of the four situations:-

  1. a) If the fourth houses’ lord is exalted in its own house and occupied by benefits then it is considered very strong. 
  2. b) If the fourth houses’ lord is not in the 6/8/12 houses or in conjunction with the ruling lords of these houses. 
  3. c) If the fourth houses’ is not in “Paap Kartari” yoga in which no malefic planet is placed on either side of it ie. the 3rd and 5th house. 
  4. d) If the fourth houses’ lord is in conjunction with the beneficiaries like the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. 

Now let us discuss the factors which indicate that one’s Mother is overpowering, dominating and also that the child is deprived of the Mother’s nurture and care. 


As we have discussed above, the Moon plays a very important role in the conditioning of a child. If the Moon is in a weak state in the horoscope, it indicates that the child has not been able to establish the right connection with the Mother. This can be due to many factors, either the mother was busy with her professional commitments, or was in struggling relationships, due to illness or the early death of the mother. This makes one insecure, unable to make their own decisions, dependent on others which makes it difficult for them to succeed in their professional and personal lives. 

The weak position of the Moon in the horoscope is when:- 

  1. If the Moon is in a debilitated condition in the horoscope. 
  2.  If the Moon is positioned in 6/8/12 houses or is in conjunction with the ruling lords of these houses.
  3. If the Moon  is in  “Paap Kartari” yoga ie. malefic planets on either side of the Moon.
  4. If the Moon is in conjunction with or aspected by Malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu and Saturn in the horoscope.


As we have discussed earlier, the fourth house also plays a very important role. So, if the fourth house is in a weak condition in the horoscope, then it generally indicates that either the child is deprived of the Mother’s care or has strained relations with the Mother. The conditions of a weakened fourth house are mentioned below. 

  1. If the fourth house lord is in a debilitated condition in the horoscope.
  2. If the fourth houses’ lord is posited in the 6/8/12 houses.
  3. If the fourth house is occupied by the ruling lords of 6/8/12 houses or malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.
  4. If the fourth houses’ lord is in conjunction with the malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu and Saturn.

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On the occasion of Mother’s Day, we are prescribing you some remedies that are likely to help you improve your relationship with your mother. As we have already discussed above, Moon represents one’s Mother and is also the Karaka of the fourth house of Mother. So, all the remedies suggested below will help you to strengthen your Moon. 

1) Motherhood always resonates with love and compassion, so, always pay respect to the mother, motherly figures and elderly ladies as this will help you strengthen the Moon. This will bring more harmony in your relationship with your mother.

2)  Recite the Shiv chalisa daily to strengthen the Moon’s position.

3) Worship the Goddess in the form of “Mahagauri” as she is associated with the Moon. 

4) Observe fasts on Mondays and if you cannot do so, then do the fasting on the Poornima Tithi of every month.

5) Chant the Moon Mantra (Chandra Mantra) daily during the Moon’s Hora.

6) Moon is associated with the Sri Krishna Avatar of Lord Vishnu. So, worshiping Sri Krishna or reading stories about Sri Krishna will help you strengthen your Moon. This in turn will help your relationship with your mother. 

7) Spending time with cows or feeding them is also one of the ways of improving your Moon, which inturn will help improve the relationship with your mother. 

8) Drinking water in silver utensil or silver glass will also bring auspicious results.  

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