Mother’s Day: The Bond You Share With Your Mom As Per Zodiac Sign

Mother’s Day: This blog by AstroSage is dedicated to Mother’s Day, which will be celebrated on the 14 May this year. So, this special blog specifically revolves around the Zodiac signs and their relationship with their mothers, as the planet Moon decides our zodiac sign and the Moon is also the significator of our mother in an individual’s horoscope. 

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Every year Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May across the globe but have you ever wondered who actually actually started observing this day as Mother’s Day? Well, Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of America started observing the 2nd Sunday of the month of May as Mother’s Day as a way to honor mothers all over America and people followed suit. Slowly, this tradition spread in different parts of the world and came to be known as International Mother’s Day. 

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means that almost every child, no matter an adult or a teenager, would be brainstorming on the gifting options for their precious, loving mother. So, we at AstroSage decided to help you in our own way. We will let you know about the best gifting ideas based on your mom’s zodiac sign but first let’s read about the kind of relationship each zodiac sign has or may have with their respective mothers. Now, without wasting another second lets understand this beautiful relationship of different zodiacs with their mothers. 

Zodiac Signs & Their Relationship With Their Mother


Aries is a sign ruled by the aggressive Mars. If the Moon is well placed at a good dignity then Aries natives are usually blessed with strong mothers. Your mother plays an important role in molding your personality. You love and respect your mom but she can definitely be a little overbearing at times.

Frequent emotional and heated arguments do add a bit of that salty flavor to your relationship but your mother surely knows how to put you in place. Doesn’t matter how much you two may argue but you love your mom to bits and would do anything to see her smiling. 

Gifting Ideas For Aries Mother: Aries are adventurous beings, you could take your mother out for Water Sports or maybe a physical training class that you could join along with your mom.


Taurus, a sign ruled by the dainty Venus, is actually quite a stable and grounded sign. The Taurus natives are also often blessed with a mom who is very stable as a person, well balanced and sure knows how to keep the Taurus natives grounded and well behaved. 

The Moon is exalted in Taurus, therefore the relationship of Taurus natives with their mothers is one which is of nurturing and unconditional love and care. Your mother is a friend when needed but doesn’t let you miss deadlines and is particular about everything you do. Discipline would always be her priority.

Gifting Ideas For Taurus Mother: Taurus mother will definitely have a fine taste and taking her out to a fancy, expensive lunch date or booking a spa session at a high end Salon would be a perfect gift for her.


Gemini natives can generally expect their mothers to be calm and lively and someone who is constantly on the go. Your mom would always be fun loving and would emphasize upon the importance of being independent in life in every way possible. If you notice closely, your mother could also be curious about things and would want to gain knowledge about different fields. 

With your Moon being placed in the zodiac sign of Gemini, you may also know that your mother would be very very creative. Gemini is obviously a sign linked with communication and one thing is for sure that you and your mom would connect over the fact as to how well you both can communicate. 

Gifting Ideas For Gemini Mother: Take your Gemini mom out for a weekend trip or a week long vacation and you will see her happy and chirpy side coming out.

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Cancers, you for sure have been blessed by a hands-on mother and it is possible that she may also be the melodramatic, over emotional type. You are blessed with an extremely caring mother who’d leave no stone unturned for your happiness. As your moon is placed in Cancer, it may provide your mother the ability to be a natural nurturer or a healer.

Your mother may be an empath. Your mother may be a natural at connecting with yours and others feelings as well. Most of the time you may be showered with love and attention by your mother and you hold all the time spent with your mother close to your heart as precious memories. 

Gifting Ideas For Cancer Mother: Take her out for shopping and buy things she loves or gift her something like a set of Aroma candles to calm and soothe her senses. 


If your Moon Sign is Leo, then you can definitely expect a very very energetic and stern mother. Unyielding and dominant behavior could be the most significant trait of your mother. As a parent your mother could be highly sensitive and extremely emotional but she will also be the pillar of strength for you and your family.  

She may be amongst the strictest mothers out there but very very loving at the same time. Your relationship with your mother may have progressed slowly but firmly and now she is your whole wide world.   

Gifting Ideas For Leo Mother: Gift her a fitness gadget to monitor her exercise routine and make the right use of that excess energy or enroll her in some creative DIY class or a pottery class.  


If you’re a Virgo individual then you may have a mother who is meticulous and a self proclaimed perfectionist more like yourself Virgos. However, your mother could be demanding in a way that she may expect you to do well in academics and excel in extra curricular activities.   

Your mom may organize and plan your routine with precision and your mom will try her best to raise a Virgo native in a way that they develop into confident grown ups and feel ready to take on the world. Your mother may often prioritize discipline and structure in daily lives and be available whenever you need her by your side. Also, she may be analytical and logical in her approach towards life.  

Gifting Ideas For Virgo Mother: Join a fun cooking class with your mom or take her for a trip to a botanical garden or gift her a book on gardening hacks. 


As a libra native yourself, you would definitely agree on one thing that your mother has set her priorities right and being a disciplined child tops her priority list. The balancing act that is a significant trait of the Libra zodiac may also reflect upon your mom where she may act tough one minute and a cute softie the very next moment. 

Your mother strives very hard to provide the best of everything that she can to you and your family as well. She tries her best to create a peaceful and calm environment at home. Beauty and luxury are the driving forces for you as well as for her and you try to bring in these elements within the four walls of your home. 

Gifting Ideas For Libra Mother: Take her out for a high end shopping spree followed by a fine dine lunch or dinner to match her luxurious taste. 

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So, Scorpio natives, if your Moon is placed in the sign of Scorpio, it will be in a debilitated state and will definitely affect your relationship with your mother. There is no doubt that your mom is the ruler and the master of your home but will be very caring and affectionate towards you. 

Your mom could be courageous and someone who thinks ahead of her times. Even though the Moon is debility here in Scorpio, it will anyway help you build a very close and tight bond with your mother and there could be a possibility that you unknowingly adapt your mother’s personality as your own as you always view yourself as an extension of your mother. 

Gifting Ideas For Scorpio Mother: Scorpios love having heart to heart conversations, a place where you could just relax with your mom and lend her an ear over a cup of tea or coffee would be something she’d love. 


Spontaneous, fun and enthusiastic are the words that may very well sum up the mothers of Sagittarius natives and the moon in Jupiter’s zodiac sign will naturally bestow your mother with an inborn wisdom along with all other above mentioned traits. Though your mother may love you and shower you with the right attention, she equally believes in living her life and enjoying it to the fullest.

Your mother would be the one who loves to spend time alone with friends and also dedicate equal time to the household chores and family life. She manages everything well due to her spectacular management skills. 

Gifting Ideas For Sagittarius Mother: Sagittarians are always up for an adventure, so take your out on a hike or if that’s not feasible then take her out to do something she’s never done or take her on a vacation. 


If your Moon is placed in the sign of Capricorn ruled by the disciplined Saturn, then saying no does not really faze your mom for sure. Your Moon will definitely impart a few of the Capricorn characteristics to her as well. Your mom is confident of her abilities and not the one to shy away from life’s challenges. 

You share a close bond with your mother as Capricorns are family oriented individuals. Your mother may be goal oriented and progressive in life and may expect the same out of you. She may be efficient and organized and strive hard to give you the best she can and whatever is in her power.

Gifting Ideas For Capricorn Mother: Buy her minimalistic fine jewelry or a smart outfit that she can show off to her friends then next time they catch up together. 

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If your moon is placed in the zodiac sign of Aquarius then obviously the ruler of Aquarius, Saturn will impart its qualities to you as well as your mother. Aquarians, your mother swears by the motto ‘Live and Let Live.’ She believes in work being done with perfection and thus believes in quality over quantity and you have surely inherited this trait from her. You appreciate your mother’s listening abilities and your mother is probably one of the best listeners around you. Your mother may not shower you with affection all the time but she is your rock whenever you need her.

Gifting Ideas For Aquarius Mother: Buy her a digital hi-tech watch to keep a check on her physical activity or an ipad where she can keep herself entertained.


If your Moon is placed in the zodiac sign of Pisces then there is a great possibility that your relationship with your mother would be harmonious and peaceful. Your mother may be a friend, confidant and a guide for you as Jupiter too will play its part here. 

Your mother may get involved in your life and may want to be a part at every step of your journey through life. Your mother may be one of the most sensitive and the most generous people and this trait of hers will definitely impact you too and you’d walk on a similar path of gratitude and kindness as hers. 

Gifting Ideas For Pisces Mother: Gift her a kitchen hamper, perfumes or a set of aromatic essential oils. 

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