What Are Moon Signs & What Is Your Moon Sign Personality? Find Out!

In this special Moon Sign blog by AstroSage, we are going to talk about moon signs and how their placement has an impact on us. Also, we will mention the personality these moon signs bring out in us by the end of this blog, so read till the end!

As the moon has the fastest apparent movement, the print media and other social media accounts go on considering the Sun Sign. The sun sign describes your basic nature and persona. Sun sign oozes up your features just like that perfect contour. 

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Do you go back to nostalgia and remember moments of reading the daily horoscopes in the newspaper and the magazines your father or mother read? The astrological world has been flattering for all of us since we were kids. Let’s peek into something more interesting. What is a Moon Sign? If you want to know more about it, keep reading!

What Is A Moon Sign?

In simple words, Moon sign is the placement of the Moon at the time of an individual’s birth. When it comes down to knowing and discovering the real you, we take the moon sign into consideration. 

If you want to find out your Moon Sign, this Moon Sign Calculator by AstroSage will help!

You may have seen the moon and gone wild with your imagination sometimes. You might be one of those lovers who finds your lover’s face hidden in the moon. Let’s get back to the point! As the moon changes its phases, the moon sign is considered to be the aspect which flaunts its variety ALL THE TIME. Moon deals with our emotional side. The moon knows our deep self within which our sun-sign never really knows. Moon sign helps us in knowing our inner child and how we are in the private world of ours. 

What inspires us? What overwhelms us? If you want to find out, keep reading further. Below, we have mentioned your personality as per your moon sign. 

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Your Moon Sign Reveals Your Personality!

Aries: You guys are always energetic and excited. Aries is ruled by Mars! You have to get that energy out of the system by indulging in the creative, sport, or any kind of activities. And yes, you like your freedom. 

Taurus: You need contentment and security by your side. You adore the luxe experience and always want the lavishness to serve you. Obviously, you are that loving sibling and friend! 

Gemini: Hey! You are the one who gets high and talks crazy! You observe and like to stay expressive. Your friends cherish your companionship for sure. 

Cancer: You are Mr/Ms. Sensitive who has got a motherly warmth and approach. You like taking care of the people around you. 

Leo: You love to be the king or queen! You like to be a leader of the troop. You are courageous and honest. 

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Virgo: How many people have you helped? You have a very generous soul. You are that friend who gives the best advice in the group. Also, people get tired as you are always posting about fitness motivation on your social media. 

Libra: You are always looking for a partnership. You have very high standards. You are romantic and love receiving gifts from people.

Scorpio: No one’s going against you. You are so intense! “If you love something, set it free” 

Sagittarius: Mysterious, optimistic, and filled up with a brave heart. You are one of your kind. You love keeping the variety factor open. 

Capricorn: Hello CEO! You are mature and like to think and consider the logical valuable things first. However, you are stubborn! 

Aquarius: You are that person who has everything planned out on the Excel Sheet. You are always on the look-out for the person who can be your bestie. 

Pisces: Your empathy touches the high note. You daydream a lot and your heart is full of kindness. Remember, you are needed, okay! 

We hope that this blog helped you out in knowing yourself and the person beside you much better. 

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We hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Thank you for connecting with AstroSage!


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