Mulank, Naamank, & Bhagyank: Know Importance, Calculation, Ritual & Difference!

In Astrology numbers play a great role. Like Astrology, Numerology also helps in predicting the future. In Hindi it is called Ank Shastra and in English its name is Numerology. In Numerology, there are some words which are used frequently such as Mulank, Namank, and Bhagyank.

Mulank, Namank, and Bhagyank are three terms that are frequently misunderstood. These three terms are sometimes misunderstood as one. However, these three are poles apart. To clarify what that distinction is, we have this special blog by AstroSage curated especially for you today. If you’re curious about the meaning of these three terms and how they’re calculated, keep reading to the end of this special blog.

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What is Mulank? 

Let’s start with a definition of Mulank. Mulank is, in fact, a person’s date of birth. As an example, consider the following. Your radix will be 1+2 i.e. 3 if you were born on the 12th of any month.

The important thing to remember here is that we only calculate 1 to 9 numbers in numerology. If the total of any digit exceeds 9, we put them together and transform them to a single number, which is referred to as radix.

What is Bhagyank?

The second crucial term is Bhagyank. The question now is how Bhagyank is calculated. The answer is obvious: a person’s Bhagyank is calculated by adding their complete date of birth. For example, if a person’s date of birth is 12-04-1991, their fate number is 1+2+0+4+1+9+9+1 = 27, 2+7= 9, indicating that their fate will be 9.

What is Namank?

The name of the person beyond the Mulank and the Bhagyank is the number derived by adding the letters of a person’s name. If a person’s name is ANIL KUMAR, for example, the name number will be derived by adding the numbers associated with the letters of the name.

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A N I L        K U M A R  1 5 1 3        2 6 4 1 2

1+5+1+3=10,  2+6+4+1+2=15


2+5=7   By this way, 7 is the Namank of this Person. 

There are three methods for nominating candidates. The Pythagorean method, the Chiro method, and the Cephaerial method. We’ve put together a list of which numbers are represented by English letters in each of these three techniques, which will aid you in determining the number.

English LettersChiro MethodCepherial MethodPythagoras Method

More Information: It is possible to change the name number where the Mulank and Bhagyank cannot be changed. A person’s name number has a big impact on their life. You probably have heard many times in such a case that many famous people have achieved great success by changing their names. The reason for this is obvious; names are a measure of bringing about important changes in a person’s life, as well as providing optimal and correct direction to our lives.

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This is why, in Hinduism, efforts are made to base a person’s name on the stars. Even when all of the guidelines are followed, many times the names do not match the nature of the individual. In such a case, a person’s name does not provide adequate rewards in life, and he must work hard to achieve success. In this case, a Numerologist can help us boost the value of our name in our lives by changing it.

When Is Name Change Required?

If a person’s name number’s planet is an enemy of his or her brightness or fortune number, numerologists or astrologers advise the person to change his or her name. In this case, it can be made auspicious or advantageous by building harmony with Bhagyank and Mulank by adding or subtracting letters in front or behind the name.

In such a circumstance, the people will not succeed if the name number is of Bhagyank  and the enemy number of the Mulank, thus it is critical to match the name number with the Mulank and the Bhagyank. Find out if your name is lucky for you by getting your enrolment number computed.

Mulank: Ruling Planet And Its Lucky Metal

MulankRuling PlanetLucky Metal

Difference Between Mulank And Bhagyank

The Mulank is determined based on the person’s date of birth, as previously stated. The calculation of Bhagyank, on the other hand, is a little more detailed than the calculation of Mulank, because Bhagyank is the single number derived by adding all three of the person’s date of birth, month of birth, and year of birth.

When it comes to the use of Bhagyank, only Bhagyank can determine your marriage, place of employment, which city will be lucky for you, which number will be auspicious for you, and so on.

Choose Your Career And Success Through Mulank

Mulank 1: Mulank 1 natives are ambitious, don’t back down from a challenge, and never give up. In such a case, owning a business, entering politics, and becoming a management expert shows to be a fantastic option.

Mulank 2: Mulank 2 natives have a strong desire to create art. These people labor in a systematic manner and are committed to justice. Working in the arts, earning a reputation in the entertainment business, justice, social work, or a 9-to-5 job may be the best employment option for them in this position.

Mulank 3: Such individuals are artistic and creative, while also having a strong interest in social work. Work in the fields of creative arts, politics, social service, high-level positions, bank jobs, and account jobs may be the finest career option for these people in this situation.

Mulank 4: Mulank 4 natives are self-reliant and enjoy doing things in novel ways and with novel ideas. In such a setting, their career may shine in high-risk ventures such as gambling, speculating, or the lottery, as well as acting.

Mulank 5: Mulank 5 residents have a highly welcoming nature, a fantastic conversational style, and a strong desire to meet and talk to new people. When considering the greatest employment option for them, counseling, coaching, teaching, the stock market, and stock trading come to mind.

Mulank 6: Mulank 6 natives have a very healthy body and a lively personality. Such people are well-known and well-liked, and they have the capacity to deal with people. In such a setting, pursuing a job in sports, the sale of expensive products, entertainment, or the entertainment industry can be beneficial to these individuals.

Mulank 7: Natives belonging to this Mulank are great advisors, travel agents, researchers, and artists. In such a setting, a job in research, travel, or consulting may be a good fit for you.

Mulank 8: Mulank 8 natives have a strong desire for spiritual and worldly pleasures of the highest level. However, they occasionally make poor mistakes for which they may have to repent. When it comes to the greatest career option for you, it may be advantageous for you to pursue a profession in steel, metal, architecture, politics, or real estate and build a name for yourself.

Mulank 9: Mulank 9 natives are brave and fearless in the face of adversity. Finding a job and making a reputation for yourself in sports, the army, politics, entertainment, and the arts can be a stepping stone to success in such a position.

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