Monthly Horoscope March 2024: Will It Be A Pious Month For Pisces Natives?

Monthly Horoscope March 2024: The year 2024 has already begun and AstroSage has once again brought to you another special blog on “Monthly Horoscope March 2024.” We sincerely hope that knowing the horoscope of another, you will plan strategically. Through this March 2024 Horoscope, we are going to disclose how this month will be like for the Pisces natives and on these grounds, you may as well speculate the kind of results you will get and how to enhance them as well. Doing this will take you on the right path of life. 

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Monthly Horoscope March 2024: Planetary Transits 

If we talk about the planetary transits of this month in brief, so the Sun will remain in Aquarius till 14th March and after this, will move to Pisces. Both of these Sun transits are said to be unfruitful. Now, talking about the Mars transit, so it will remain in Capricorn till 15th March and then will move to Aquarius. In such circumstances, Mars will first give favorable results, however later the outcomes may get weak. Mercury will remain in Aquarius,  at the beginning of the month till 7th March, after that between 7th March to 26th March, it will move to Pisces. Both of these transits of Mercury are not favorable. After 26th March, it will move to Aries and will start giving favorable results. 

Jupiter will remain in Aries this month as well and, in the constellation of Venus which may bring out favorable results for you. On the other hand, Venus will be in Capricorn till 7th March and after which, it will move to Aquarius. Both of these Venus transits are mentioned as fruitful. 

Saturn will be in Aquarius but in the constellation of Rahu. Throughout the month, Saturn will spend most of its time in combustion. Therefore, one should not expect favorability from Lord Saturn. Rahu will be in Pisces in the constellation of Mercury which means, it will not be able to give you favorable results. While on the other hand, Ketu will be in Virgo and will spend most of its time in the constellation of Moon. Therefore, you can’t expect good results from it.  

Come, let us now take a dig at what will be the overall effect of these planetary transits on the Pisces natives. 

Monthly Horoscope March 2024: Pisces 


Generally speaking, your career can be extremely favorable for you in the month of March. The lord of your career, Jupiter, is residing in a favorable position. Also, it is in the constellation of Venus and Venus transit will be in favorable positions for you. As a result, you will do very well in your field of work.  If you are running a business, then you can expect even better results. However, if you are an employed natives, you may have to go through certain obstacles because this month, the lord of the sixth house, Sun will be in a weak position but the planet, Jupiter will try to bless you with good results. To conclude, this is a good month for the workspace from the career-perspective, but if we compare, the self-employed natives may get more favorable results than the employed natives.  

Financial Situation

Financially, you will get to see mixed results in March. Especially, the first part of the month will give you phenomenal results while the second part can get slightly weak. The lord of the profit house, Satun may not be in a good position but the lord of the money house, Mars will be in exalted form in the house of profit. As a result, you will get extremely favorable results. There are chances that you will be able to earn good income and can even be successful in increasing a big share. While, after 15th March, Mars will move to twelfth house and during this time, the income may slow down and get weak, also if compared, expenses may grow more than income. 


Now, from a health perspective, this month will be comparatively better, because the impact of Rahu-Ketu has been on your first house for a long time and will go on for a long time as well. On the other hand, Jupiter will get impacted by Saturn but this month, the lord of the zodiac sign, Jupiter will be in the constellation of Venus and that’s why you will be said to be in a comparatively better position. As a result, health may be better this month when compared to last month. Still, considering the position of other planters, you are advised to not get careless towards your health. The representative of health, Sun, may not be able to support you much. Which means that the lord of your zodiac will bless you with better results than last month. And on top of that, the second part will bring even better and fruitful results for you. 


In education or academic matters, this month will give you average results. Time and again the results may get weak. The lord of your fourth house, Mercury, who is  also the representative of primary education, will be present in the twelfth house from the start of the month, and will later go to the debilitated sign. Therefore, the ability to learn and remember may get hindered. As a result, education achievements may remain somewhat weak. However, the position of Jupiter will be better comparatively, and as a result, students taking professional education and the ones pursuing higher education will be able to achieve satisfactory results by remaining focused and aware. 

Love Life And Married Life 

This month, Venus transits will be in good positions generally. Therefore, love life will be comparatively better. Still, if compared, the second part of the month will give more favorable results than the first. There may be a few arguments in the first part of the month and if it happens in reality, then try to avoid it as much as possible. On the other hand, the natives need to relatively stay alert in their marital matters. Mercury, the lord of the seventh house, is in a weak position this month. The influence of Rahu-Ketu remains on the seventh house and the negativity of Mars will also be included in the second half of the month. Therefore, one has to be aware that there should be discrepancy in married life. In comparison, the first part of the month may be comparatively better. 

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The position of the lord of your second house, Mars is going to be extremely good in the first part of the month. Also, Jupiter will also be seen impacting your second house in a positive way. Because of these reasons, there will be comparatively favorable results in the familial matters but in the second part of the month, the lord of the second house will form a conjunction with Saturn in the twelfth house which may cause disharmony between some family members. In the household matters as well, there will be a need to live carefully. Because, the lord of the fourth house will be weak therefore, the household things may get damaged or weak and you may lag behind in arranging them to some extent. 

Monthly Horoscope March 2024: Astrological Remedies To Enhance The Outcomes 

  • Eat honey on an empty stomach after waking up. 
  • Go to temple regularly. 
  • Keep yourself pure and virtuous. 

We sincerely hope that after reading your March 2024 Horoscope, you will plan this month wisely and will also be able to follow your planning as well to get better and fruitful results. May God bless you all!

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