Monthly Horoscope Reveals If Virgo Natives Should Beware In April 2024!

Monthly Horoscope April 2024: AstroSage has once again brought to you the Monthly Horoscope for the month of April, especially for the Virgo natives. We sincerely anticipate that after knowing about this monthly horoscope, you will plan or strategize the upcoming month accordingly. Through the horoscope of April 2024, we will tell the Virgo natives how April 2024 will be for them, and based on that, they will also be able to guess what they should or shouldn’t do to get better results in April. By doing this, the natives will be able to lead their lives in the right direction. 

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Planetary Transits In April 2024 

Talking about the planetary transits for April 2024, the Sun will stay in the seventh house till 13th April and after this, it will move to your eighth house. Although both of these Sun transits may not be in the favor of the natives, after the 13th of April, the Sun will be in an exalted state and under the influence of Jupiter. Therefore, after 13th April, you may notice a certain level of favorability in some matters. On the other hand, Mars will be in your sixth house till 23rd April and after that, will move to your seventh house. In such circumstances, Mars will give you auspicious results till 23rd April but may get slightly weak after that. Mercury will be in your eighth house till the 9th of April and will retrograde after that. Therefore, one should not expect too much favorability from Mercury. 

Jupiter will be in your eighth house like last month. However, the specialty this month would be that till the 17th of April, Jupiter will be in the Venus constellation and after that will move under the influence of the Sun’s constellation. In a circumstance like that, Jupiter may again take the back seat in giving you favorable outcomes. Talking about the transits of Venus, but it will be in your seventh house till 25th April, and post this, it will move to your eighth house. Although the Venus transit in the seventh house is not considered good it will be in an exalted state, so till 25th April, it may give you mixed results this month. Later after, the results will get even better. 

Saturn, like the last month, will be in your sixth house, however this month, it will stay in the constellation of Rahu till 6th April. And, after the 6th of April, it will transit to the constellation of Jupiter. Saturn in the sixth house generally brings auspicious results for the natives but this month, it may leave the natives in a slightly vulnerable position. Still, one may expect Saturn to give them favorable results. On the other hand, Rahu will be in the seventh house and in the constellation of Mercury like last month. So, one should not expect Rahu to give them favorable results. Whereas Ketu, like last month, will be in your first house and in the constellation of the Moon. Considering the position of Ketu, it may as well not be able to support you with good results. 

Monthly Horoscope April 2024: For Virgo Natives

About Career 

The month of April may have certain obstacles laid for the natives at their workspace. The ruling planet of your career, Mercury is in retrograde till 9th April which is a vulnerable state for you. However, after 9th April, Mercury will be in your seventh house in a debilitated state and this again is a weak position. In such circumstances, the natives should avoid taking any risks in their business. Also, they should try to maintain a good relationship with their partners. The employed natives may have to go through certain challenges but the month of April will support them in fulfilling their goals. Overall, in matters related to work, the Virgo natives may not get to experience much favorability in April. 

About Financial Situation 

From a financial perspective, April may give you mixed results. The lord of your house of money, Venus will be in an exalted state till 25th April. This is a good state but the Venus transit in the seventh house may not be considered favorable for the natives. And, because of this reason, Venus may as well not be able to support you in a lot of financial matters. However, the aspect of Jupiter on the house of money is indicating the arrangement of money as per the need. This means that even though there may not be stability in financial matters, the natives may happen to get sudden and unexpected financial gains this month. The representative of money, Jupiter will be under the influence of the ruling lord of the house of money, Venus till 17th April. This is also another favorable sign which means that this month, the natives may get mixed results in financial matters. 

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About Health 

From the health perspective of Virgo natives, this month may not be proven too favorable because the ruling planet of your ascendant house or your zodiac sign, Mercury, is not in a strong position this month. However, for most of the time this month, Mercury will be in a debilitating state but will aspect your first house. As a result, there can be a few health-related issues, but the positive thing is that these issues will be resolved quickly and easily. The position of the Sun, the planet responsible for health, will not be very favorable this month. Therefore, the natives should not be careless towards their health, especially after 23rd April, when Mars will be in your seventh house. During this period, ride or drive all your vehicles with caution because there are chances of bruises or cuts this month. 

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About Education 

The month of April may happen to give you mixed results in the education or academic aspects of life. However, the position of the lord of the fourth house and the planet of education, Jupiter may not be too favorable, but still it will aspect your fourth house. On the other hand, the position of the lord of the fifth house, Saturn is also similar, this means that it will also award you on the basis of your hard work and dedication. In such circumstances, the students preparing for competitive exams may get a lot of favorable results this month. At the same time, the students studying carelessly may not get the favorable results. Therefore, do your best and get the best results. 

About Love And Married Life 

For the love life, April may not be the best month of the year, but still after the 6th of April, the lord of your fifth house, Saturn will get impacted by Jupiter which will help or support the people who truly love their partners. For the natives who see love as the purest emotion, they will get good results but the other natives may have to bear certain problems. On the other hand, for matters related to marriage, this month may not be the best but if we compare, the first half of the month will be better and the second half may be on the weaker side. 

About Family And Household matters 

There may not be many problems in familial matters but still, it would be better to stay serious about the relations or bonds. Especially, when you may get involved in any kind of debate or argument with the women of the family, pay a lot of attention to your choice of words. Through this, you will be able to maintain and preserve your relationship. At the same time, you may get mixed results in household matters, because the position of the lord of your fourth house is not very favorable, but till April 17, the influence of Venus on Jupiter will keep the household favorable to a great extent, whereas later the difficulties may increase a little.

Astrological Remedies To Reduce The Negative Impacts 

  • Reduce the intake of salt this month and if possible, completely avoid taking salt on Sunday. 
  • Sever a brown-coloured cow. 
  • Recite Ganpati Atharvashirsha regularly.

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