Monsoon Horoscope: Know When Will You Get Relief From The Scorching Heat

The worst of the heat occurs in May and June, which makes life terrible for most people. Everyone prefers to sit in front of an air conditioner or cooler to avoid the heat, yet the heat still causes us to sweat. The only thing that can keep us cool in this kind of weather is rain. We have a blog post specifically for you if you are also waiting for the monsoon. With the help of your monsoon horoscope, we will tell you when it will rain in your city this year and when the scorching heat will finally end in our special AstroSage blog. So let’s start this blog without any delay.

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Monsoon Beginning Time As Per Astrology

According to Bhavishaphal Bhaskar’s book of daily astrology, when Jupiter is traveling behind the Sun, it prevents water scarcity on Earth, meaning that there is ample rainfall during the rainy season. Jupiter will be retrograde from the Sun in the sign of Taurus while it transits in the last phase of May. Under such circumstances, the planets’ positions indicate that the monsoon will arrive early in 2024 and that June will likely see some heavy rains. 

On the other hand, there is a risk of significant rain in West Bengal and South India in late May and early June when the Sun is in conjunction with Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury in Taurus. In addition, on June 6, the day of the new moon, there is a chance of an earthquake in the country’s northeast and east, which could result in some locations experiencing a loss of life and property. 

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Five planets will come into conjunction in Taurus on Amavasya Tithi, or May 6, which might result in higher than usual rains in June across South, West, and Central India. In North India, there’s a probability of rain and thunderstorms around Amavasya. Meanwhile, the monsoon may reach Mumbai in Raipur and Nagpur before June 10 and May 15, while it will arrive in Goa on June 5.

Significance Of Sun Transit In Ardra Nakshatra 

The first ten constellations, from Ardra to Swati, are feminine signs out of the 27 constellations mentioned in astrology, and the Sun’s position in any of these constellations has an impact on the Indian monsoon.  Let us tell you that the Sun enters Ardra Nakshatra on June 21st of each year, and the rainfall during the monsoon season is determined by considering the positions of the planets in the horoscope that this transit creates. In simple words, it is anticipated where and how much rain may happen in the country.

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Sun Transit In Ardra Nakshatra: Date & Time

In reference to this year, on June 22, 2024, at 12:06 am, the Sun will transit into Ardra Nakshatra, at which point the ascendant of Pisces will be rising. Bhaskar Prediction states that a good rainfall is predicted if the Sun transits in Ardra Nakshatra at night and the Lagna or Moon is in a water sign.

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Impact Of Sun Transit In Ardra Nakshatra

As previously mentioned, the Sun will enter Ardra Nakshatra at midnight in 2024, with Pisces serving as the ascendant sign. Additionally, this Sun transit will occur on Friday, Purnima day, and will be very favorable for rainfalls. 

Regarding the horoscope for the Sun’s transit in Ardra Nakshatra, the Moon will be in the tenth house and in Samsaptak Yoga with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in Guru Maharaj’s zodiac sign of Sagittarius. As the Sun God enters Ardra Nakshatra on June 22, the water component planets Venus and Mercury will aspect the Moon. This will result in a cooling effect from the pre-monsoon rain in North India.

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When Mars transits behind the Sun in 2024, from June to September, no malefic planet will be in front of the Sun at that time. Because of this, the country’s overall rainfall percentage might be anything between 95% and 100%. 

Farmers that grow cotton, rice, sugarcane, and animal feed will particularly profit. However, June is a time when storms, cloud bursts, and other weather-related disasters can happen in mountainous regions, particularly in Uttarakhand, Bihar, and Jharkhand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. When will Monsoon arrive in 2024 in India? 

Answer 1. This year Monsoon will begin from June 1 in India. 

Question 2. Why is there scorching heat in Jyeshtha Month? 

Answer 2. The month of Jyeshtha has intense heat, according to astrology, because the Sun is especially powerful during this time. 

Question 3. What is the duration of the Monsoon season in India? 

Answer 3. The Monsoon season in India lasts for 4 months i.e from June to September.


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