Mokshada Ekadashi: Know the Pujan Vidhi, Signicance & Associated Legends!

When it comes to Hinduism, each and every fast/festival has it’s own significance and Mokshada Ekadashi is certainly an important one. Usually, the day of Ekadashi is considered to be important in Hinduism but Mokshada Ekadashi is considered to be highly fruitful amongst all Ekadashis.  

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It is said that if one has committed a mistake knowingly or unknowingly and wants to repent for the same, there is no day better than the day of Mokshada Ekadashi. There are 26 Ekadashis’ fasts falling in a year and some of them are considered to be more beneficial.

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The Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha during Margashirsha month is known as Mokshada Ekadashi. It is believed that the day of Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat is the same day when Lord Krishna preached Geeta from the land of Kurushetra to give a new direction to human life. 

Date and Shubh Muhurat of Mokshada Ekadashi 

December 25, 2020 i.e. Friday

Mokshada Ekadashi Parana Time : 08:32:00 to 09:16:03 on 26th, December

    Duration : 0 Hour 44 Minute

Hari Vasara End Moment : at 08:32:00 on 26th, December

The above mentioned Muhurat is applicable for New Delhi only. Click here to know about the Shubh Muhurat of your city. 

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Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat Pujan Vidhi

The tradition of venerating Lord Shri Krishna, Maharishi Ved Vyas, and Shrimad Bhagwat Gita has been followed on the day of Mokshada Ekadashi. Some more are mentioned below

  • Eat food once in the afternoon on the Dashami Tithi i.e. a day before the day of Ekadashi Vrat. Must keep in mind not to eat anything on the night that falls before the day of Ekadashi.
  • Wake up in the morning, take a bath and resolve to fast on the day of Ekadashi.
  • Worship Lord Krishna after taking a resolve to fast. Offer Dhoop, Diya, Naivedya etc. to him.
  • After this, perform worship at night and do Jagran.
  • Worship on the following day i.e. Dwadashi and then, serve food to the needy or Brahmins and perform donations. Further, end the fast after having food.  

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The day of Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat is the same day when Lord Krishna gave a sermon on Gita from the land of Kurushetra. For this very reason, the fast of Mokshada Ekadashi is observed on the same day of Gita Jayanti. Gita Granth is not a book to be kept in a piece of red cloth, but one should implement the messages in a real life. The darkness is removed with the contemplation of Bhagwat Gita and a person’s heart moves towards self knowledge. In addition to this, a person gets inspiration by reading and listening to Bhagavad Gita. In this pretext, one should recite the Path of the same.     

Significance of Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat 

As per mythological texts, Mokshada Ekadashi is considered to be highly auspicious. It is believed that one who worships Lord Krishna with Manjari of Tulsi, Dhoop, Diya/lamp, Naivedya etc. and observes fast, gets rid of all kinds of sins. 

This Ekadashi not only blesses a person with salvation but also fulfills all the desires of his/her life. It is believed that if a person listens to the Katha/legend of Ekadashi, he/she is blessed with the fruit equivalent to Vajpayee Yagya. Apart from this, there is also a belief about this day that whoever fasts and worships on this day attains Moksha or salvation for their ancestors.

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Legend Concerning Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat

As per the prevailing legend associated with Mokshada Ekadashi, there used to be a city named Champa. The city was ruled by Vaikhanas, a learned king of four Vedas. People of this city were leading a happy life. It is said about king Vaikhanas that he was religious, a justice lover and was very kind to people. 

Once upon a time, a king was dreaming that his father, who has passed away,  is being burnt in hell. The king narrated the same dream to his wife on the following morning. The wife suggested the king to take the advice from Guru. After this, the king advanced towards Guru’s Ashram worriedly and narrated the dream to him.    

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After listening to the king, Parvat Muni told him that the dream which he (king) saw, was the fruits of his father’s deeds. His father constantly bothered and tortured his mother throughout his life. Owing to this, his father became the victim of ill deeds and hence, he had been in hell. Further, the king asked for the remedy so that he could reduce the ill effects of his ill deeds.   

Muni advised the king to observe the fast of Mokshada Ekadashi. After this, he talked about Pujan Vidhi and Katha. The king did as advised and made his father emancipate from sins. It is believed that the tradition of observing Mokshada Ekadashi has been followed.    

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