Christmas Day: Know Everything Associated With This Day!

Christmas is considered to be the main festival of Christianity. Every year, the festival of Christmas or Merry Christmas is celebrated on December 25. This festival is so popular that people of different walks of life in the entire world celebrate with great pomp and show. 

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As per the data of the United Nation Organisation, almost 150 crore people are the followers of Christianity. It is also considered to be a big day in many parts of the world. Preparations for this festival take place with great pomp and show.

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As per Christianity, it is the day when Jesus Christ was born. He was the lord of Christians. In this pretext, the events pertaining to the birth of Lord Jesus are presented in churches on the day of Christmas and prayers are held.  

People belonging to Christianity gather on this very day, worship Lord Jesus and sing songs (Christmas Carol). After this, people wish one another saying, “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Christmas”. 

History Related to Christmas

Historians have different beliefs associated with Christmas. Some historians believe that people have been celebrating this festival before the birth of Jesus Christ. It is just a new form of Roman festival Santunalia. As per beliefs, Santunalia is a Roman deity. Later, when Christianity came into existence, people started considering Jesus as their God and celebrating Santunalia as Christmas Day.

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How is Christmas Celebrated?

Christmas is a big festival and therefore, its celebrations are also grand. On this day, Santa Claus, Christmas Tree, greeting cards and gifts are the main things that are given to relatives and friends. As the festival of Christmas draws near, the sentiments of the people get filled with enthusiasm.  

People express their best wishes to relatives and friends by exchanging gifts, gards etc. to one another. The tradition of exchanging cards has been taking place on December 9 in the form of Christmas day. In addition to this, the churches are decorated with beautiful lights and frills.  

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Why is Christmas Celebrated on December 25?

People have been celebrating this festival since the year 98. In 137 AD, the Roman bishop officially announced the festival to be celebrated. However, a particular date was not fixed for celebrating this festival but in the year 350, Roman father, Julius, declared 25 December as Christmas Day and since then, this festival is celebrated on December 25.

As per a prevailing belief associated with this, it is said that the religious leaders were not in favour of granting permission of celebrating Christmas in the beginning. The 25th day is a festival of the Roman race in which Lord Sun is worshipped. It is said that it is the same day when Lord Sun was born. As per publicity of Christianity, it was said that Jesus Christ is the incarnation of Lord Sun and thus, he was worshipped. However, people did not agree to it. 

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Significance of Christmas Festival in Christianity

The festival of Christmas for Christians is as grand and important as Diwali for Hindus and Eid for Muslims. They celebrate this day as the birthday of their favorite deity i.e. Christ or Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is evident that this day becomes holy and special owing to this very reason.

Jesus Christ is the promoter of Christianity. He was born in the days of King Herod. Since, king Herod died in 4 BCE and therefore, it is said that he was born in the fourth BC. 

The Bible, a holy scripture of Christianity, consists of the teachings of Jesus Christ and his biography in detail. People of Christain society start preparations 15 Days before the festival of Christmas. It is considered to be a main festival as it brings happiness and enthusiasm.

Message of Christmas Day

The festival of Christmas is a symbol of peace and goodwill. It also gives a message of peace. It is so because Jesus or Jesus Christ is considered to be a messenger of peace in the sacred book, The Bible. He used to say in his teachings that peace should remain with everyone. The existence of any religion is not possible without peace. There is no place of hatred, war, violence etc. in any religion.  

Even today, people respect and follow the messages and teachings given by Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is a great day for those who believe in humanity and also, for those who wish to awaken the same.  

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