3 Shifts In Mercury Will Make These Zodiacs Financially Sound!

Mercury, the planet of money, knowledge, and business, will shift positions three times in the final month of the year 2022. Mercury will make two transits and one retrograde motion.

In today’s blog post from AstroSage, we will learn about the planet Mercury and its three fortunate moves, which will ease all of the financial problems of four zodiac signs and bring wealth into their lives. Let’s learn about the Mercury Transit and its three moves before learning the names of these zodiac signs and how they will affect the fortune of natives.

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Mercury Planet In Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology places a strong emphasis on the planet Mercury. It serves as a symbol of our ability for communication. Mercury has been referred to as the prince of planets in astrology. Mercury is the most significant of all since it bestows wisdom and wealth on a person. It demonstrates that it is the origin of optimistic thoughts in the minds of the people. It is regarded as Vishnu’s avatar. Worship is offered every Wednesday. It removes barriers, makes life better and happier for the individual, aids in procreation, cultivates fertile land, etc. It is the ruler of the Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs. It stays for one month in each sign.

In the Kaal Purush Kundali of Vedic astrology, it governs the third and sixth houses and signifies the fourth and tenth houses. Mercury can perform significantly better when placed in the fourth house, which is the home of happiness, in the horoscope. Similar to the ninth house, which governs occupation and career, the tenth house is where Mercury performs best since it fosters effective communication, which gives you the tools you need to launch your own business.

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Three Mercury Movements: Two Mercury Transits And A Mercury Retrograde In December 2022

Mercury will shift positions three times in December 2022. Mercury entered Sagittarius on December 3, 2022 on Saturday at 6:34 am leaving Scorpio. Following this, on December 28, Wednesday at 04:05 am the planet Mercury will enter Capricorn once more after changing signs. After that, on December 31 2022 at 12:58 am, Mercury will retrograde. For the natives of the four zodiac signs, this movement in Mercury’s position, which governs money, commerce, and communication, is very fortunate.

Three Mercury Movements Will Prosper These Zodiac Signs

Now let’s look at those four fortunate Zodiac signs who will receive significant financial blessings and benefit from Mercury’s three positive movements in December 2022. Read the list below:


The Aries people will experience significant advantages in December. These people will gain a lot from Mercury’s transit and retrograde motion in the last month of this year. There will be excellent professional options. Success for students is assured. Business will be profitable. Money is going to be useful. You could also plan to visit religious places. 


Taurus natives will benefit from the transit and retrograde of Mercury. If you have any pending tasks or your work is stopped, that will be done quickly. You can decide to go on a trip  and you can get to start a new job. You can find promotions with income increases. Your efforts will pay off in full. Business will be profitable. But do not neglect your health in the joy of your work and advancement.

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The planet Mercury will provide these natives highly favorable outcomes. Trading can yield enormous gains. Money will be helpful. Single individuals can find a life companion. There is a potential to gain from ancestral property. The students will also benefit from this time as they can succeed. It is expected that you can gain from the stock market.


The effects of Mercury’s three shifts will be favorable for Virgo natives as well. It will be successful to purchase a house or a car. Property investments will yield a profit. You’ll have good luck. The relationships with loved ones will improve and you can also plan a family trip.

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