Mercury transit in Scorpio: Natives of these zodiac signs Need to be careful!

The planet Mercury, considered to be the significator of communication, business understanding and analysis, will transit on November 28. If you have any question about the impact of planetary transit on your life, then ask questions from the well-known astrologers of the country, as well as know the remedies to avoid the impact of transit.

In this blog, we are talking about the transit of Mercury, which is transiting in the Scorpio sign on November 28. If you want to get complete nformation about anything related to eclipse-transit, then the Brihat horoscope can prove to be helpful in this. In this, you are provided with accurate, personal and detailed information by connecting all these events which have importance in the world of astrology to your life.

Now, if we talk about Mercury will transit on November 28, at 6:53AM, Mercury will transit in the sign of Scorpio. After which, Mercury will remain in Scorpio sign till December 17 and then will transit in Sagittarius at 11:26AM. The placement of Mercury in the horoscope determines a person’s intelligence and personality.

The planet Mercury has been considered as a benefic planet in the world of Vedic astrology. However, if it comes in contact with malefic planets, then sometimes it may also give inauspicious results. According to the hindu mythological texts, the planet Mercury is considered to be the child of Tara, wife of Moon and Jupiter. This is why Mercury has some traits similar to the Moon and Jupiter.

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The lord of Gemini and Virgo, Mercury is going to bring important and major changes in your life with it’s transit. To know its impact read your transit fortune according to your. This horoscope is based on the Moon sign. Click here to know your Moon sign.

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