Mercury Transits Twice In Feb 2024: Glory For 3 Lucky Zodiac Signs!

Mercury Transits: As per astrology, planetary transits refer to the movement of planets from one zodiac sign to another. The entry of planets from one zodiac to another has multiple effects on human lives. 

Now, in the month of February 2024, there will be two Mercury transits and it may have both good & adverse effects on all the 12 zodiacs. But, among them, three zodiac signs will get huge benefits due to the transit and it will change the luck of natives positively. 

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In this special AstroSage blog, the readers will get accurate information related to the Mercury transits in Feb 2024. But before that let us know the timing of different Mercury transits in the month of February. 

Mercury Transits: Date & Time 

In Feb 2024, the planet Mercury is going to transit twice. On 01 Feb 2024, Mercury will transit into the Capricorn zodiac at 05:48 am. After that, on 20 Feb 2024, Mercury will transit into the Aquarius zodiac. Mercury rules both Capricorn and Aquarius and the transits will provide immense financial benefits to the natives of some zodiacs. They will also make progress in their professional life and business. 

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Importance Of Mercury In Vedic Astrology 

In astrology, Mercury is referred to as the lord of intelligence and the auspicious influence of the planet raises the intelligence level of people. Other than that, the communication level of natives improves significantly and makes them logical in their presentation. People having the blessing of Mercury will be able to influence others with their speech.

The planet Mercury rules the Virgo and Gemini signs and the planet is near to the Sun. The strong position of Mercury in the horoscope results in all kinds of happiness in the lives of natives and they also have stable health. They will also have a sharp mind and the knowledge of natives will enhance due to the auspicious influence of Mercury.

The natives will get success by using their intelligence appropriately. There are chances of positive results across different fields. With the gain of knowledge and enhanced intelligence of natives, they will be able to make specific business decisions rightly. 

Mercury Transits In Feb 2024: List Of 3 Lucky Zodiac Signs 


As Mercury enters the Capricorn zodiac, it will provide great benefits to the Aries zodiac. Business persons will get a lot of benefits and progress in their professional lives. There are chances of new deals because of it that can earn them great profits.

The overall financial condition of Aries natives will improve significantly and there are chances of a lot of gains. If your money is stuck somewhere, then there are good chances of getting it back in this period. The financial life will be stable and the business persons will be able to expand their operations. There will be fruitful results for the natives due to the Mercury transits. 

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The Mercury transit will happen in the fifth house of the Virgo zodiac and it will benefit the natives in different ways. This will provide fruitful results to the Virgo natives and there are chances of good news from your child. They will make progress in their career and will be able to reach new heights in their profession.

For your love relationship, it is very idle time, and you can spend quality time with your partner. There will be love and understanding between the two and this will strengthen the overall relationship. There are chances of success for your legal matters due to the Mercury transits. It will also be a suitable period to associate with spirituality and astrology. The Aries students will get proper chances to get admission to reputed institutes. 

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Mercury will transit in the Lagna house of Capricorn natives. This will result in huge financial gains for the natives and success in their careers. The auspicious influence of Mercury results in the rise of confidence of the Capricorn natives and they will take the path of progress in their careers. There will be a rise in repute and respect in the professional life of Capricorn people. Your income will increase and there are chances of huge gains in your financial life.

For business people, it will be a suitable period to start new projects and gain profits from it. The business persons will be able to make a lot of progress. In married life, there will be peace and happiness. There will be closeness among the life partners. For natives working in partnership, there are chances of success and expect all the relevant assistance from the partner.

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