Prince Mercury Transits In Taurus: Lucky or Unlucky For Who?

Called as the “Prince” of the Navagrahas, the planet Mercury is transiting in its friendly Earth zodiac sign Taurus on Saturday, 09 May 2020 at 09:47 IST morning during the Coronavirus Crisis. Adding to it, it will remain in this sign for the next 16 days. Will a change in the position of Mercury during the Corona period bring relief for people? Or will there be a rise in the accumulating troubles? This question suddenly makes you anxious and nervous, which is why we have some up with predictions that can answer your doubts.

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According to Vedic astrology, the auspicious effect of Mercury makes a native beautiful in appearance, sharp, intelligent, and logically capable. On the other hand, its malefic impact gives birth to defects in speech and low intellect.

With this Pandemic Outbreak, people in the country and worldwide are confined to their houses for a long time. Constant worries about their future, health, finances, etc. can make one mentally depressed at times. In such a situation, it is very important to know how Mercury’s transit on May 9 will affect the natives of all zodiac signs amid the world pandemic. On which zodiac sign will the planet Mercury shower its blessings, and natives of which sign will suffer drastically in this duration? Let us know in detail the effect of the influence of Mercury below:

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Aries will see Mercury positioned in their second house of speech, accumulated wealth and savings. The most…….Read More


Mercury will transit into the first house in its directional strength for Taurus natives. This position of Mercury…….Read More


Position of Mercury in the twelfth house of expenditures, unwanted situations may not bring auspicious results…….Read More


Mercury will be positioned in the eleventh house of success and profits for the Cancer natives. As Mercury…….Read More


Leo will see Mercury positioned in their tenth house of profession and career. Mercury owns the second house…….Read More


Virgo natives will see the position of the Mercury in their ninth house of luck, fortune and higher education. It is also…….Read More


Dear Librans, you will host Mercury in their eighth house of transformation, uncertainties. This house…….Read More


Mercury will transit into the seventh house for Scorpio natives. Seventh house represents the spouse, relationships……Read More

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Dear Sagittarians, Mercury will be positioned in your sixth house which represents the competition, obstruction, enemies…….Read More


Capricorn natives will host Mercury in their fifth house of intellect, love, romance and progeny. Personally, this……Read More


Aquarians will see Mercury positioned in their fourth house of inner-self, comfort , luxuries, home and Mother…….Read More


Piscean natives will see Mercury positioned in their third house which represents the desires, ambitions, efforts and……Read More

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We hope you have found the answer to your doubts! Stay healthy and fit!

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