Mercury Transit In Scorpio Soon: What Will Be In Impact On Nation-World & Individuals?

Mercury transit is regarded as important in astrology as Mercury is a major planet and its movement affects the lives of all individuals in some way or another. Mercury is the planet responsible for our intelligence, speech, humor, communication, reflexes, etc. So, this transit in Scorpio is sure to bring changes in these sectors, along with other aspects of life. Mercury transit will also bring major changes in the nation and the world. If you want to know more about it, read this blog further. But first, let us check out the date and timing of Mercury Transit in Scorpio.

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Mercury Transit In Scorpio: Date & Timing

Mercury is a planet for intelligence and logic. Without the strong position of planet Mercury, one will not be able to shine well in studies and develop their intelligence. If Mercury is placed well in a horoscope, then he/she may be able to gain full control with what they are doing and such natives have good thinking abilities. The upcoming event of Mercury transit in Scorpio will take place on 13, November 2022 at 21:06. Let us see the movement of Mercury and its impact:

Mercury Transit in Scorpio:  What to Expect?

Mercury will soon enter Scorpio on November 13, 2022. Scorpio is a sign ruled by Mars and here it is to be noted that Mars and Mercury are natural enemies to each other. Due to this, this transit overall may be a challenging one. Mercury’s entry in Scorpio will help the individuals to do well in occult and develop the same. But this transit may pose problems in relationships and health. Decision making may go wrong sometimes for the natives. 

Mercury transit in Scorpio is happening in the eighth sign of the natural zodiac and due to this he/she may be facing sudden disappointments in their efforts that they are pursuing. Eye related problems in the form of irritations could be present for these natives. 

Further, there may be relationship problems with the siblings and this may arise due to communication lapses which could result in arguments. This transit may not be favorable for development instantaneously. On the other hand, there are good chances for these natives to gain via unexpected means or through inheritance. During this transit, new opportunities might not be available and there may be communication disturbances, which may act as a constraint.

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Impact Of Mercury Transit On India and the World 

  • There will be moderate chances for business flourishing with respect to trade and shares.
  • During this transit, gaining moderate profits is possible.
  • Sectors such as communication, software and logistics may take a back seat, with more problems in communication sectors, as expected  returns may not be present.
  • India is to be affected with this transit with money becoming a problem and it may turn out to be scarce.
  • The relationship and communication between neighboring countries may hit low and business turning down. 
  • Due to this transit, sectors such as Defense, Military and Navy may take a back seat and these sectors may be affected really. 
  • For the world, this transit may have some adverse effects on countries like the United States, Canada and the UK.
  • Decision making in countries like the United States, UK, India etc. regarding bilateral ties or agreements may not be favorable during this transit.
  • New health related problems could bother India, America and the UK in the form of new viruses which may give high fever and some panic.
  • On the other side, sectors such as occult studies and mystics may gain prominence in India and in the world.
  • Inheritance may help a lot and play a dominant role among developing and developed countries. Returns may be possible with these inheritance.

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Impact of Mercury Transit on Individuals

  • Individuals who are aspiring for high career chances may not be possible during this transit.
  • Business owners and individuals doing business may not be able to reap high returns, and for individuals who are about to enter into business as new entrants may find it tough to gain good profits.
  • Those who are into stock business may not find this transit to be favorable.
  • Health for the individuals may get affected with problems such as nervous issues, pain in ankles and shoulders.
  • For individuals who are involved in occult may be able to flourish and dominate the same.

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