Mercury Transit In Scorpio Lucky For These Zodiac Signs!

Mercury transiting in Scorpio again will lead to major life changes! Read the predictions for this transit and know how it will transfer the life of the natives of these zodiac signs.

Titled as the “Prince” of the Navagrahas or nine planets, planet Mercury is the significator of intellect, wisdom, knowledge and communication in Vedic Astrology. It has the fastest and shortest transitory period, i.e. it remains in a zodiac sign for just 14 days and then move forward on to the next sign. Being a neutral planet, this planet delivers results according to the planet or sign it is posited in a house. Mercury represents the colour “Green”, and governs the zodiac sign Virgo and Gemini. Virgo is its sign of exaltation, whereas being posited in Pisces makes it debilitated. Below is the case when Mercury gets strongly or weakly posited:

  • Strong Mercury: In this case, the native becomes great at speech, sharp, intellectual, and inherit great business-related attributes. It helps the native become logical and analytical at the same time.
  • Afflicted Mercury: A weak Mercury makes a native mischievous and moody. Also, the native can lack good orator, communicative and reasoning skills and get involved in illegal activities such as gambling.

The governor of Revati, Jyeshta and Ashlesha Nakshatra, Mercury signifies the fourth house of happiness and tenth house of career and profession in a kundli. One can follow Mercury remedies and chant the Budh Mantra, “ ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः ॥ / oṃ brāṃ brīṃ brauṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ ॥” to pacify its malefic effects.

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Duration Of Transit

Mercury, after retrograding in Libra on 7 November, will again enter Scorpio zodiac sign at 10:23 morning on 5th December 2019. It will remain posited in this sign till 15:32 afternoon on 25th December 2019, Wednesday and then move onto the next sign, Sagittarius. Natives who are ruled by Mercury can wear Panna or Emerald mounted on a gold or silver ring on the little finger of their right hand to strengthen its placement. They can also adorn Dus Mukhi Rudraksha or Ten-Faced Rudraksha appease planet Mercury.

Now, let’s move on and read the effect of this transit on the lives of all zodiac signs.


During its transitory motion, Mercury will remain posited in your eighth house. This particular house of the Kundali is also known as the significator of life expectancy and enlightens the natives about the….Read More


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Mercury will occupy your sixth house during this transit, which is also considered the house of one’s enemies in the field of astrology. Information can be procured about enemies, ailments, pain, job, competition….Read More

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The fifth house of Cancer zodiac sign will host the transit of Mercury. This particular house is also known as the house of progeny and provides information about romance, children, creative abilities….Read More


The planet Mercury is transiting through the fourth house of Leo zodiac sign. Happiness is the virtue, which is endorsed by this specific house. The same house also enlightens the natives about aspects like….Read More


Mercury will remain posited in your third house during its transitory motion. The third house is also used to navigate aspects like courage, will power, younger siblings, curiosity, excitement, passion and….Read More


The second house of Libra natives will host the transit of Mercury. In the field of astrology, the second house is known as the significator of family, speech, primary education and monetary resources….Read More

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Since the transit of Mercury is primarily taking place in this zodiac sign, it will remain placed in the first house or ascendant house of Scorpio natives during its transitory motion. According to astrology….Read More


The planet Mercury will get placed in the twelfth house of Sagittarius zodiac sign. Astrology considers this to be the house of expenditures, and helps one in navigating about aspects like expenses….Read More


The planet Mars will remain posited in the eleventh house of your zodiac sign. The eleventh house of one’s kundali is known as the significator of income, life achievements, friends, elder….Read More


Mercury will make its transit in your tenth house of Karma. The tenth house in astrology signifies career or profession, father’s state, prestige, politics and aim in life. It is also known as the house of Karma or profession….Read More


Mercury will move in your ninth house of luck. It determines the following aspects: Fate, guru, religion, travel, pilgrimage site and decisions. While this transit is taking place, your luck may shine. If you are a student….Read More

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