Mercury Transit in Pisces Soon, Will Your Luck Shine?

Mercury is the planet of intelligence, education, business ideas, logic and communication. Without the good position of Mercury, one cannot attain good results in his/her life in terms of education, success in business etc. If Mercury is placed well in a native’s horoscope, then he/she is meant to create success stories in life.

Where will Mercury be placed in your horoscope after the transit in Pisces? The astrologers at AstroSage have always made accurate calculations about placements to help you smoothen the curves during transits. In this article you will find what our esteemed astrologer Astro Hariharan ji has to say about the upcoming transit of Mercury in Pisces.

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Mercury Transit in Pisces (24 March): Timing

Mercury is set to move and transit soon in Pisces on March 24, 2022 at 10.44 A.M. Pisces is a sign ruled by Jupiter and hence the placement of Mercury may give some ups and downs depending upon the position of other planets also. This is because Mercury is in a debilitated state in Pisces sign. Here in Pisces, Mercury movement would give hidden knowledge to the natives and thereby develop his/her skills. This will guide the natives to meet with success. But generally, this movement of Mercury for the natives will not be beneficial when it comes to standard of living.

Impact Of Mercury Transit On India and the World

  • There will be moderate chances of good business in force all around the world.
  • Attaining high benefits and profits may not be possible during this course of time spontaneously.
  • Activities related to spirituality and occult practices may benefit you a lot.
  • The business will pick up by the means of increased outsourcing.
  • People around the world will be aware of what is going on around them.
  • Health issues related to nervous problems, skin problems may be possible.
  • Activities related to trading, networking, and communication may not be booming during this time.
  • The education system may be facing lean times during this period.
  • The phase of expansion may take a back seat during this time.

Impact of Mercury Transit on Natives

The Mercury transit will bring auspicious results for some zodiacs, while it may also prove unfavourable for some signs. Let’s find out according to Vedic Astrology which signs are better suited in this transit.

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Mercury Transit in Pisces: Favorable-Unfavorable for Which Signs?

Favourable Signs


The natives of Taurus will be favoured in terms of meeting with good gains. It will be sufficient enough to meet your commitments, but you might not gain full satisfaction. You will be able to gain well from deriving high knowledge and convert it into results. You will be able to derive worldly knowledge and this will help you to maintain yourself in a sustained state.


The people of Gemini will be able to witness success in the profession and meet with new chances. They may get certain opportunities abroad that will fulfill your wishes and gain satisfaction. More new assignments will be on their way. During this time, they will be in a position to earn good money also and save. Even though the tasks will be tough, they will be able to finish it with ease.


During this period, Libra will develop skills and benefit the most from them. Fortunes will be favouring you during this time in all aspects with respect to profession, money and satisfaction. You will be committed towards doing tasks. There are good chances to benefit from unexpected sources. If you are in need of money, you may get loans.

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Unfavourable Signs


This is said to be a costly time for you in terms of prosperity and money that you are going to earn. You may be losing money due to negligence. Scope for you to save money will be less as you would be required to spend more for family and such spending may be of unwanted nature also. You should be cautious and take care of your health during this time. Accumulating good money will not be possible for you during this time.


Leo natives might face obstacles in gaining good money or else there would be delays with respect to the same. During this time, you may be facing problems related to health and this may act as a constraint on your part. Another ordeal will be at your workplace. You might face some challenges in your job also and for this, it will be good for you to carry out the work in a well planned manner. You will get chances to change your job for better prospects. Also it is essential for you to do meditation in this period.


If you are a Pisces, this time you will be required to shoulder high responsibilities in the family which will make you prone to worries. Family issues might surface and issues in relationship with your life partner can be possible. Such things would be caused due to ego related problems and a lack of understanding. You need to pay more attention to health and at the same time remember there is nothing major to worry about.

Remedies to Enhance the Benefic Influence of Mercury During this Period

  • Chant “Om Budhaya Namaha” daily 41 times.
  • Observe fast on Wednesdays.
  • Chant the Sanskrit text of Vishnu Sahasranamam on Wednesday.
  • Offer food to poor people on Wednesdays.
  • Do homa/yagna for planet Mercury on Wednesday.
  • Light an oil lamp for Lord Vishnu in the temple on Wednesdays.

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