Transit of Mercury in Leo, Know its Effects on all Zodiac Signs!

On 17th August, Mercury i.e. the prince of planets, will exit from Cancer to enter Leo at 8 :18 hours and will remain in the same zodiac till September 2 upto 11: 52 hours. Mercury, the ruling lord of Gemini and Virgo, is considered to be extremely important in the world of astrology. If you wish to know the good and bad impacts of Mercury in your Kundli, then you can click here and talk to our esteemed astrologers. 

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A person becomes more knowledgeable by the grace of the planet Mercury while there might be skin related disorders because of the weak presence of the same planet. The planet Mercury, the smallest amongst all nine planets in the Solar system, which also remains in close proximity to the Sun, has a great influence on business, knowledge, education etc. The movement of Mercury from one zodiac to another has a great impact on people’s life.

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 So, let us now know how Mercury is going to influence the lives of natives belonging to all the 12 zodiac signs. 

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Aries natives will host the Mercury transit in Leo through their fifth house, which signifies your wisdom, children, knowledge, and so on…Read more 


The significator of mind, Mercury, will be changing places to enter the fourth house of Taurus natives. The house signifies your mother, residence, comfort, and luxury…Read more


As Mercury transits into Cancer, it will move to enter the third house of Gemini natives. This signifies your mind, courage, relations with younger siblings, short trips, and more…Read more

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Cancer natives will host the transit of Mercury through their second house, which signifies your property, family, speech, objectives in life, and more…Read more


The Mercury transit is taking place in the zodiac sign Leo, and the planet will be posited in the ascendant of their birth chart…Read more 


The earth sign Virgo will host the transit of Mercury through their twelfth house, which signifies losses and unnecessary expenses…Read more

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Libra natives will host the transit of Mercury in their eleventh house. Also known as your house of profits, it signifies your ambitions and friends…Read more


Scorpio natives will host the transit of Mercury through their tenth house, which signifies your karma, workplace, leadership qualities, respect, success, and more…Read more


Mercury transit in Leo will cause the planet to move through the ninth house of Sagittarius natives…Read more

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Capricorn, the zodiac sign of Saturn, will host the transit of Mercury through their eighth house. This house of longevity signifies obstacles in your life, research, accidents, and such aspects…Read more


The air sign Aquarius will host the transit of Mercury through the seventh house of marriage and partnerships…Read more


The Mercury transit in Leo will take place through the sixth house of Pisces native. Also known as your house of enemies, this signifies debts, scarcity, injuries, and infamy…Read more

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