Mercury Transit In Taurus Forms Several Auspicious Yogas; 4 Zodiacs Will Get Extreme Blessings!

In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is known as the Prince of all Planets which can affect the important factors of one’s life such as voice, intelligence, logic, business, and more. In such a situation, the positive or negative impact of Mercury’s zodiac change or transit is visible in the lives of people. Now soon, Mercury is going to change its zodiac and transit to Taurus and as a result, it is forming an auspicious yoga. This special AstroSage blog is going to give you in-depth details about the auspicious yoga forming from the Mercury transit in Taurus. Apart from this, we are also going to help you discover the four zodiacs that are getting positive results. 

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Laxmi Narayana Yoga And Budhaditya Yoga 

The planet of intelligence, Mercury will move out of Aries on 31st May 2024, at 12:02 AM, and will enter the zodiac of Venus, Taurus. When Mercury moves to Taurus, Venus, Sun, and Jupiter will already be present there. So, Mercury will form a conjunction with Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun. In this series, the conjunction of Mercury with Sun is known to be Budhaditya Yoga and on the other hand, the conjunction of Mercury and Venus will form Laxmi Narayana Yoga. 

The presence of Venus and Jupiter in Taurus has already formed Gaja Laxmi Yoga. Apart from this, the presence of these four planets in one zodiac will also form Chatrugrahi Yoga. The impact of these Yogas will enhance the fortune of 4 zodiacs. So, let’s move ahead and find out about these 4 zodiacs! 

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Mercury Transit In Taurus Will Shimmer The Fortune Of These 4 Zodiacs 


Mercury Transit in Taurus will bring auspicious results for Virgo natives. In this period, you will get the support and help from your seniors at every point of time. These natives will get amazing opportunities at work. The natives who are running their business will make great profits due to the Mercury transit. There are several chances of a new job as well and luck will accompany them completely in this period. Your income will be enhanced in this period. 


Mercury transit in Taurus will bring great results in the career of Librarians. Along with this, their respect will increase at their workplace. The employed natives of this zodiac can make progress in their career and the ones who are looking to change their job can switch it in this period. Apart from this, there are also chances that your expenses may increase in this period but your income will be good too, due to which there will be a balance in the expenses and income. The natives who are working on a new strategy in their business can get fruitful results in the future. However, you need to stay cautious of your health because there are chances of you getting disturbed by your health. Also, be careful of what you eat and drink. 


Mercury transit in Taurus will be exceptionally good for Sagittarius natives. These people will be successful in their financial lives, careers, and business. On the other hand, this time is equally favorable for your personal life as well. These natives will witness an increase in their income and they will also get the support of their family members which will increase their self-confidence. The natives of this zodiac who are in their marriageable age can receive some good marriage proposals. Corresponding to their financial situation, there are chances that their income may increase but some expenses are awaiting them as well. Also, you may go on a trip with your family. 


The auspicious Yogas forming from Mercury transit in Taurus will bring success in the varied sector of the life of  Capricorn natives. Your bond with your boss will be good which will benefit you at your workplace. There are even chances of getting a promotion in this period. This period will give you several chances to make savings. Apart from this, your relationship with your life partner will get better than before and there will be harmony between the two of you. You will be happy and satisfied in your personal life. Investing in this period will be favorable for you and you will get good returns. There will be an improvement in your health as well and will also be free from disease. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What happens when Mercury Transit in Taurus?

When Mercury transits in Taurus, it leaves several positive effects on a native in the field of communication, logical thinking, wealth, and voice.

What is the importance of Mercury in Vedic Astrology? 

Mercury is the planet of intelligence, voice, logic, and business. 

How many planets are present in Taurus in June 2024? 

There are four planets present in Taurus in June 2024 namely the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury.


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