Mercury Transit In Taurus: Mercury Steps On To Sturdy Grounds In Taurus: Worldwide Impacts!

Mercury Transit 2023: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Mercury will transit the sign of Taurus on 07th June, 2023. Let’s find out what impact  Mercury Transit In Taurus will have on all the major events in our nation and all around the world. 

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Mercury, the ‘Prince’ amongst the planets is the smallest planet of our solar system as well as the astrological sphere. The Astrological sphere is divided into 12 zodiac signs and Mercury rules two zodiacs out of these namely Gemini and Virgo. Mercury transits from one zodiac to the other frequently and this time Mercury is transiting from the zodiac sign of Aries to Taurus zodiac. Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus. Taurus is a sign associated with tenacity, reliability and hard headedness. Mercury is a planet associated with communication, speech, intelligence, business aptitude, etc. Let us see what we can expect once Mercury moves into the sign of Taurus and what major events will this transit affect worldwide and even in our nation. 

Mercury In Taurus- Characteristics

Taurus is a very practical and determined sign and for this reason Mercury, the planet which rules the intelligence and the way we think, finds a sturdy environment here. So, Mercury in Taurus can help individuals turn their loose ideas into solid plans. Mercury causes a person to learn by experience, and the Taurus zodiac sign itself is a planner and does everything in detail. 

Mercury induces them to slow down and just chill on their professional and personal front. Mercury in Taurus follows a clear vision. These natives speak with confidence and authority and say whatever they feel like and do not care how it comes across. They like to give their honest remarks and believe in performing slowly and steadily with desired results. 

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Mercury Transit In Taurus: Timing 

Mercury transit in one zodiac sign typically lasts for about 23-28 days. Within this timeline usually Mercury transits to another sign. This time around Mercury is transiting to its friend Venus’s zodiac sign Taurus on 7th June, 2023 at 19:40 Hrs. Let us now see what impacts it would have on the world and our nation.
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Mercury Transit In Taurus: Worldwide Impacts

  • Mercury is the Karaka of business and businesses across the globe may take a dip.
  • The Public Sector, Pharma Sector and the Computer Software industries may go through a rough period during this transit
  • Sectors such as transport, handicrafts, handlooms, etc may again experience a certain dip in business after performing well for the last few months.
  • The agricultural sector, animal husbandry, etc may experience a rise in demand in India.
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  • The government may be seen supporting the above mentioned sectors in different parts of the country through various reforms and schemes.
  • Stock markets and the speculative markets may see a sudden downfall yet again.
  • Prominent politicians and people at important positions could be seen giving responsible statements and may be seen connecting with people and lending them an ear. 
  • People may engage in spiritual and religious practices much more in India
  • People working in the private sector will definitely experience gains in various ways. 

Mercury Transit In Taurus: Stock Market Predictions

Mercury in a way affects the stock market for sure as it is the ‘karaka’ of business. Mercury transits have a great impact on the working of the stock market and affects the profitability of shares of different companies. Astrosage also has a Stock Market Predictions report ready for your reference. Let us now see what impacts this Mercury Transit In Taurus will have on the stock market.

  • The Pharma sector, the public sector and the IT industries all will go through a rough patch with this Mercury transit.
  • The Banking sector is another sector that has been suffering for too long and will continue to suffer till 20th June, 2023.
  • The period after June 20th, 2023 looks a little promising for the rubber, tobacco and edible oil industries. 

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Note: Mercury Transit in Taurus, alongwith impacting the world and our nation will also impact all 12 zodiac signs. Out of those 12 there are 4 zodiac signs who will benefit in terms of profession and financial gains. Those 4 zodiac signs are Taurus, Leo, Virgo, and Capricorn. Stay tuned to read our blog on Mercury Transit in Taurus and its impacts on these zodiac signs. 


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