Mercury Transit In Scorpio: Mercury Impacts The Zodiacs & The World In A Bittersweet Manner

Mercury Transit, 2023: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Mercury will enter the sign of Scorpio on 06th November, 2023. Let’s find out what impacts Mercury Transit In Scorpio will have on the country, world and the zodiac signs.

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Mercury is a friendly planet that governs your judgment, perception, and opinions. It establishes your capacity for compromise, cooperation, thought, comprehension, and information processing. It controls how well you can adapt and alter, communicate yourself clearly, and choose your words carefully.

A person is more likely to be persuasive and an excellent communicator if Mercury is strong in their horoscope. This eagle-winged marshal of the celestial realm exhorts you to use reason and speak persuasively, and he gives us the intelligenceThis eagle-winged marshal of the celestial realm exhorts you to use reason and speak persuasively, and he gives us the intelligence and reason we need to do it all.

Being mercurial tends to make you restless and constantly on the go. You experience life at the speed of light. Transportation, quick excursions, neighborhood chats, and visits to pals are all within the purview of this shrewd planet. Mercury challenges us to learn more about our inner selves, our skills, and the wider universe.

Mercury Transit In Scorpio: Timing 

Mercury is set to enter the sign of Scorpio, ruled by Mars. Mercury will be in an enemy sign as Mercury and Mars go in totally opposite directions. Mercury will enter the sign of Scorpio on 06th November, 2023 at 04:11 PM. Now we will focus on the characteristics of Mercury In Scorpio and then move on to the impacts worldwide and on the zodiac signs. 

Mercury In Scorpio: Characteristics

People with Mercury in Scorpio in their birth signs are shrouded in mystery. A fixed water sign with strong feelings, passion, and ambition, Scorpio. Because Mercury and Mars, the ruler of Scorpio, have a hostile relationship, a native’s placement in an enemy sign is not particularly advantageous. Mercury in Scorpio births tend to be secretive people. 

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As an investigator or researcher, they can excel. They have a perceptive, curious intellect that analyzes everything they encounter. Mercury in Scorpio has a temperament and speech that occasionally comes out as hostile. In contrast to the unrestrained passion that the Moon in Scorpio brings, Mercury in Scorpio also brings sanity and rationality, thus the native’s decisions are more influenced by logic than by emotions. 

Mercury Transit In Scorpio: Worldwide Impacts

Research & Development

  • Mercury in Scorpio will elevate research and development in many fields, especially in the engineering field.
  • This transit will definitely help in the R & D sector of the Automobiles industries as well. 
  • Scientists and engineers, researchers, etc will benefit from this transit worldover. 

Healing, Medicine, Business & Counseling 

  • Mercury In Scorpio will enhance the careers of people engaged in healing professions such as healers, doctors, medical staff, tarot readers, etc.
  • Doctors, medical staff, etc will notice an escalation in their professions. 
  • The medical field will benefit through new research and innovations taking place in the medical field. 
  • People engaged in counseling of any sorts will also benefit from this transit.
  • Mercury in Scorpio is calculative, therefore people engaged in business can rejoice as businesses across the globe will pick up and generate good revenues. 

Diseases & Illnesses 

  • As Mercury transits into an enemy sign, Scorpio, there may be a sudden increase in various kinds of infections. 
  • Viruses like pneumonia, typhoid, jaundice, etc may be on the rise.
  • Skin diseases and allergies related to skin flare ups and itchiness may be on the rise. 
  • Mercury in Scorpio can also escalate speech related disorders such as stammering

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Mercury Transit In Scorpio: Stock Market Report

Planet Mercury will now transit in the zodiac sign of Scorpio from 6th November, 2023 and like every other event in the country it will also impact the stock market. Astrosage presents to you the Stock Market predictions  as Mercury transits into Scorpio and what changes it may bring in the stock market.

  • Hospital management, Automobiles, Telecommunication, Media & Broadcasting industries are expected to perform well.
  • Transport Corporations industries are also expected to perform well.
  • Public sector and the Pharma sector industries are expected to do well too.
  • The Insurance sector and research and development sectors would do well. 

Mercury Transit In Scorpio: These Zodiacs Will Be Positively Impacted 


For Taurus natives, Mercury rules the second and fifth houses, and this Mercury Transit in Scorpio is occurring in the seventh house of romantic and professional partnerships. Therefore, dear Taurus lovers, now is a very favorable moment for you to formalize your engagement by proposing to your significant other, introducing them to your family, and setting the wedding date. 

On the other side, Taurus natives who are already married will be able to rekindle the romance in their union, and if they had any problems during this Mercury Transit in Scorpio, they will be able to settle them all with the aid of their communication skills. For Taurus residents who work in the family business or are open to forming a collaboration with a relative, this is also a favorable period. 


For Leo natives, the second and eleventh financial houses are both ruled by Mercury. Mercury is currently moving in your fourth house, which stands for your mother, domestic life, house, car, and property. 

There are therefore very high chances that during this Mercury Transit in Scorpio you will spend money on the improvement of your domestic life, such as buying or upgrading your home or vehicle, buying new appliances for home, or hosting a party or other social event. This is because Mercury is the planet that controls your finances for you, dear Leo natives, so its Mercury Transit In Scorpio in your fourth house will make you invest your finances in matters related to the fourth house. 


Dear Virgos, the third house represents your siblings, interests, short-distance travel, and communication skills, and Mercury, the tenth and ascendant lord, will transit there. Therefore, dear Virgo natives, Mercury transiting in the third house during Mercury Transit in Scorpio is quite advantageous for your effective communication. Your writing and communication abilities will make an impression on others, which will help natives succeed in their careers as journalists, media professionals, writers, counselors, film directors, anchors, or stand-up comedians.  

You may have to travel repeatedly over short distances for work or pilgrimage as a result of this Mercury transit in the third house; if not, you can plan the trip with siblings or close friends to spend quality time together and forge an even stronger link. Additionally, Mercury is aspecting your ninth house of religion, father, and guru from the third house, so your relationship with your father and communication with him will be positive, and he will value the good work you do. 

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Mercury Transit In Scorpio: These Zodiacs Will Be Negatively Impacted


Mercury rules the third house and the 6th house for Aries natives and will be placed in your eighth house. Your communication will go through some transition as Mercury enters your 8th house in Scorpio. People may find it hard to understand you and you may be misquoted. You are urged to exercise extreme caution when doing so. You may experience skin conditions or any throat conditions during this Mercury transit, and owing to unforeseen events, you may also experience mental restlessness. Additionally, you are encouraged not to overlook these health concerns as doing so could turn them into long-term diseases. Mercury’s aspect on your second house from the eighth house will increase your savings but also cause unforeseen bills. 


Dear natives of Sagittarius, Mercury, the lord of the seventh and tenth houses, is currently transiting through your twelfth house, which stands for distant countries, isolation homes, hospitals, spending, and MNCs. Therefore, dear Sagittarius native, this Mercury transit in your twelfth house will open up opportunities for your career development abroad. 

Your means of making money will improve during Mercury’s transit through Scorpio, but your earnings still won’t be enough to cover your needs. Due to the seventh lord’s transit in the twelfth house, your life partner may experience some health and anxiety concerns. 

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Mercury Transit In Scorpio: Impactful Remedies 

  • Make sure to wash any new clothing you purchase before wearing it.
  • One of the best ways to worship Mercury is to chant the mantras or Jaap of Lord Buddha.
  • To calm Mercury, one should also feed parrots.
  • Feeding cows at least once a day before you eat is one of the best treatments for mercury imbalance. 
  • Green vegetables, such as spinach and other leafy greens, should be donated or fed to poor children in particular.
  • Giving soaked green gram to birds also strengthens the weakened Mercury in the horoscope.
  • Never mistreat your sister or sister-in-law, especially if Mercury is in your sign.
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene is a therapy in and of itself to decrease Mercury’s harmful effects.

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