Mercury Transit in Scorpio- Favorable-Unfavorable for Which Signs?

Mercury transit in Scorpio is going to take place on 13 November 2023. In our previous blog, we enlightened you regarding the worldwide impact of this transit. Now moving on in the series, we will tell you about the lucky and unlucky zodiac signs during Mercury transit in Scorpio. As per our learned astrologer, Acharya Harihara, this transit is bringing favorable outcomes for 3 zodiac signs. However, 3 signs to remain cautious. For your information, this transit will take place at 09:06 PM. Let’s now find out which these signs are.

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Mercury Transit In Scorpio: Favorable & Unfavorable Zodiac Signs



During this transit, natives belonging to this sign will be able to gain good money and thereby derive satisfaction from the same. These natives will get the fruits of their hard work and also, they will be able to fulfill their desires. Capricorn natives will possess quick decision making, and chances of promotion in the current job is high, which will be a turning point for them. There are also chances of long distance travel or traveling abroad. Capricorn natives will be favored by luck. Natives belonging to this sign may be able to gain support from their elders and well wishers. This transit will be favorable for these natives in terms of gaining benefits via travel related to spiritual progress as well. 


During this transit, natives belonging to this sign will be in a position to develop their intelligence with respect to their work and thereby they could gain new job opportunities which will give these natives more delight and satisfaction. There could be chances for change of place with respect to their career for these natives and it will yield good outcomes. There are also chances of opportunities from abroad. The money flow will be good and Aquarius natives will be able to save well at this time.


Natives belonging to this sign will be able to sail pass through in this transit easily with self development helping them in an immense manner. There could be more travel for these natives with respect to their career and such travel will prove to be worthy. Immense satisfaction for these natives will prevail during this time and business-wise also there will be more scope to widen the same and reap profits. Natives who are engaged in activities like shares could be in a position to gain more profits during this time. Change of job or new job chances will be possible for these natives which will enhance the development for these natives with respect to their career. Also, natives who are engaged in business may find this transit more worthy. 

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During this transit, natives belonging to Scorpio sign may not be able to gain more benefits in terms of money, good progress in career etc. It may be highly advisable for these natives to pay more attention to their health as there may be chances for pain in eyes and back pain. Insecure feelings could prevail for these natives regarding their future. There may be relationship issues in family among family members, and particularly with siblings. During this time, it is advisable for these natives not to get involved in pursuing major decisions. 


Natives belonging to this sign need to be careful with their health. More planning and anticipation is required among these natives so that they are able to succeed. During this transit it will be essential for these natives to avoid pursuing major decisions like investing in large numbers.  Those who are involved in business might incur loss during this time. Natives will not be able to earn a good reputation in work despite the hard work being done and also in the family. 

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During this transit, natives belonging to this sign will be in a position to gain spiritually. But as a whole this period may not be a flexible one when it comes to gaining more money, seeing good satisfaction with respect to job, and further new openings with respect to the same.  Further during this transit, family problems could be present with respect to property related issues. Natives belonging to this sign will have more concern about the progress of their children and about their future. Pursuing major decisions like new investments is not advisable to these natives during this transit. There may also be chances for loss of money for these natives.

Remedies to Enhance the Benefic Influence of Mercury During this Period

  • Light oil lamp for Lord Narasimha on Tuesdays/Wednesdays.
  • Chant “Om Budhaya Namah” daily 27 times.
  • Observe fast on Wednesdays
  • Offer food to poor people on Wednesdays.
  • Chant the ancient text of Vishnu Sahasranamam daily.

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