Mercury Transit In Scorpio: Which Zodiac Will Benefit Or Suffer Losses?

The blog is prepared with the aim of providing the correct details related to Mercury transit and its impact on all the 12 zodiacs. We are providing here vital information on Mercury transit in Scorpio on 06 November.

Apart from this, the readers will know details of Mercury in astrology, its effects on the horoscope, along with troubles and auspicious results availed by natives due to afflicted Mercury. Learn about the simple and accurate astrological measures to strengthen the position of Mercury planet in the horoscope. Let us move ahead to know the timing of Mercury transit in Scorpio sign.

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Time Of Mercury Transit In Scorpio

In Vedic astrology, Mercury is considered the planet of intelligence and the Mercury transit in Scorpio is going to happen on 06 November 2023, at 04.11 pm. The vital thing to know here is that planet Mars rules the Scorpio zodiac, and which is the enemy of Mercury planet.

In such conditions, it will be crucial to know the effects of Mercury transit on all the 12 zodiac signs, the necessary measures to be taken to avoid the negative effects, and the signs that will become prosperous in the period. Firstly, let us understand the importance of the Mercury planet in Vedic astrology.

Planet Mercury In Vedic Astrology

As mentioned earlier, Mercury is the planet for intelligence in Vedic astrology. It is an auspicious planet and provides results as per its presence with whatever planet in the horoscope. If it is present with auspicious planets in the horoscope then it will yield positive outcomes and the presence of inauspicious planets will result in bad results for the natives. Mercury rules the Virgo and Gemini signs. Virgo is considered the exalted sign of Mercury and Pisces is the debilitated sign.

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Effects Of Mercury Planet On Life

As per astrology, the natives having Mercury at the Langa house in the horoscope will have beautiful bodies, will also look younger than their age, will have shining eyes, and have superb working style. These people also have beautiful communication skills, possess a smart nature, rich intellect, and good expertise in speaking with others. The natives will also have a mild nature and knowledge of different languages. Other than that, such natives get good success in your business and have a longer life.

Talking about the strong influence of planet Mercury in the horoscope, the overall communication style of natives becomes excellent, they provide witty replies, they have the skills to charm others with their words, excellent skills in mathematics, and results in sharp intelligence. Such people also get immense success in business and commerce.

On the contrary, if Mercury is positioned in an afflicted position in the horoscope then it results in many troubles in their lives, both physically and mentally. These persons also face difficulty in expressing thoughts to other persons. They face troubles in mathematics and also concerns related to mental weakness. Other than that, the influence of afflicted Mercury also results in different kinds of losses in the business.

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In such conditions, the astrologers are advising the individuals to take the right measures to strengthen Mercury’s position in the horoscope. Before knowing the right solutions, let us move ahead to know the importance of Mercury from the astronomical and religious point of view.

Importance Of Planet Mercury From Astronomical And Religious Point Of View

As per astronomy, Mercury planet has the status of one of the smallest planets. Other than that, it is the closest planet to the Sun. But, Mercury is the fastest-moving planet. It completes the revolution around the Sun in just 87 days and 23 hours. Apart from that, as per astronomy, the planet Mercury can be witnessed with the naked eye after sunset or just before the sunshine.

Talking from a religious point of view, Mercury is worshiped as a deity in the Sanatan Dharma. It is also considered as the god of wisdom. For sharp intellect and success in business profile, it is advised to worship Mercury planet on Wednesday. The planet is also considered the god of growth & prosperity and is represented by Lord Vishnu. It is said that people with the blessing of the Mercury planet become prosperous in life.

Because of the importance of the planet Mercury, it is advised by astrologers to strengthen Mercury’s position in the horoscope by taking the right measures.

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Best Remedies Related To Mercury Planet

  • As per astrology, if a Toran of Panch Pallava (Peepal, Gular, Ashoka, Mango, and Pakad) is installed at the main entrance of your home then it will result in relief from all kinds of evils related to Mercury planet.
  • For the auspicious results of Mercury and the removal of defects related to the planet, it is advised to wear Emerald gemstones to get the auspicious results. However, it is always advised to select & wear the gemstone only after consultation with the learned astrologer.
  • On Wednesday, observe the right kind of fasting.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha and chant the Beej Mantra of Mercury.
  • On Wednesday, perform Puja and then donate materials related to the planet Mercury to a poor Brahmin.
  • Donate items green in color.
  • Include more green-colored clothes in your wardrobe & life.
  • On Wednesday, donate Green Moong Dal and also consume the type of dal. This will lead to the blessing of Lord Ganesha and Mother Lakshmi in your home & life.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha.
  • Recite Ganesh Stotra.
  • Feed green fodder to the cows and visit a cow shed to serve them.
  • Other than that, provide a gift to your sister or niece. Also, touch their feet and them in a loving manner.

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