Mercury Transit In Scorpio Today, Will Benefit These 5 Zodiacs!

Mercury transit in Scorpio is soon going to happen on 13th November 2022 and Mercury will stay in the same zodiac sign till 3rd December. Because of this event, there are 5 zodiac signs which will have benefitted as there are many auspicious yogas that are forming with this event. Let’s understand which 5 zodiac signs will benefit from this Mercury transit.

Mercury will transit on 13 November at 9:13 pm in Scorpio. Due to this event and its presence with Venus, not only the natives of Scorpio will be benefited but also there are many other signs which will benefit from this event. The conjunction of Mercury with Venus in Scorpio will be beneficial as there will be 2 yogas forming on this day.

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2 Auspicious Yoga Formation On 13th November 2022 

There will be 2 yogas formation that is going to take place on 13th November. One is Lakshmi Narayan Yoga and another is Sandhya Yoga:

Lakshmi Narayan Yoga: On Sunday, November 13, 2022, at 9:06 p.m when Mercury will enter Scorpio and will be present with Venus then this yoga will form. This month the Lakshmi Narayan Yoga will be formed when Mercury will be present with Venus in Scorpio. This will result in a person becoming wealthy, and noble and enjoying all types of pleasures and comforts of life. A person becomes a reputed man with a good personality.

Sandhya Yoga: The Sandhya Yoga will be on 13th November till 10:48 pm. This yoga is the 22nd yoga amongst all the 27 yogas and it makes the character of a person more determined and confident. One of the special character traits of the person is that they can wait patiently for the results of the hard work they have done.

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Zodiac-Wise Impacts Of Mercury Transit In Scorpio 

Taurus: Due to this Mercury transit in Scorpio there are high chances of the Taurus natives getting success. Mercury will have an aspect on the natives of this sign that will be auspicious. This transit period will give good results in your work. Those who smartly do business will get benefits from this phase. Also, if you are looking for a business partner then you will get success, For now, it is advised that you must keep your plans secret. During this time your family life will also be good. 

Cancer: This Mercury transit will take place in the 5th house of the Cancer house. During this transit, there are 2 auspicious yoga formations. With this auspicious yoga, Cancer natives will benefit from their intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge. Along with this, the natives of this sign associated with the education sector will get successful. If they are preparing for the competitions and jobs, then they will get successful. This transit will make your love life more stable. Your bond with your partner will get strong. Moreover, your bond with your children will also get stronger. Your fate will get stronger which will strengthen your financial status. 

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Scorpio: Mercury will be present in your zodiac sign Scorpio, Mercury will be present in your zodiac sign, Scorpio during this transit. In this transit, there will be two yogas that are forming which are Lakshmi Narayan and Sandhya yoga. During this time, you will be using your intelligence the most, due to which you will be able to take advantage of the opportunity by making the right decisions at the right time. Not only this, the students will get benefits in the field of education. There will be progress in the business. In this phase, your interest in religious tasks will increase.

Capricorn: This Mercury transit will be beneficial for Capricorn natives. During this phase, any of your big wishes can be fulfilled suddenly. During this Mercury transit, there will be a rise in business. There can be a good deal which will increase your earnings. If you wish to start a new business or work then you will be successful. Also, there would be benefits from the investments you have made. You will get support from your uncle or elder brother. If you are planning to do a job or want to shift your job then you need to meet your old friends, it can be beneficial for you.

Pisces: Mercury transit in Scorpio will be beneficial for the Scorpio natives, as it will bring luck to the natives. For the Pisces natives, the Mercury transit in Scorpio will be beneficial for luck. At this time auspicious yoga will be formed in the fortune house. From which you will get the benefit. In this period, luck will give you more benefits than expected. You will be happy with the progress and cooperation of your children. Those men and women who want to get married will have the chance to move forward with their marriage plans. Long-distance travel will be possible. Business-related travel will be beneficial. You can get an opportunity to get involved in some auspicious work.

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