Mercury Transit In Sagittarius (3 Dec); These Zodiacs Will Be Lucky!

In the last month of the year 2022, Mercury will be transiting into Sagittarius, having huge impacts on every zodiac sign in a different manner. With this blog by AstroSage, we will answer all your questions regarding the Mercury Transit in Sagittarius, its significance and effects on each sign, the remedies for each sign to strengthen Mercury in your horoscope, the time and date of the transit, and the changes that can be caused by it in one’s life. So without further ado, let us start learning about the planet Mercury and its significance in astrology.

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Significance of Planet Mercury

Mercury is considered to be very auspicious and lucky from an astrological point of view. It has numerous positive impacts. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, where Virgo is Mercury’s exalted sign, while Pisces is its debilitated sign. This planet is the benefactor of communication, intelligence, mathematics, cleverness, friends, etc. It is believed that Venus and Sun are Mercury’s friends, while Mars and Moon are considered its enemies.

Weak Mercury in one’s horoscope may lead to many diseases and health issues. Problems related to nerves, throat, and skin can arise due to weak Mercury. There are many remedies that can be performed to strengthen the planet in your horoscope. We will learn about them later in this blog. 

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The Effects Of Afflicted Mercury

No matter how positive and beneficial Mercury is considered in Astrology, its weakness in one’s horoscope may lead to a number of problems for them to face. If Mercury is afflicted due to an evil planet in a person’s horoscope, they may have to face physical and mental problems as its side effects. Since Mercury is the benefactor of speech, communication, and Mathematics, its weakness in a person’s horoscope may lead to a lack of clear speech, miscommunication, and issues with Mathematics. 

Along with this, weak Mercury may also cause mental weakness. Additionally, people in business might have to face great losses in finances, and there is a possibility of poverty in life. However, there are many remedies one can perform in order to strengthen the position of mercury in their horoscope. So let us learn about those remedies.

Remedies To Strengthen Mercury In Your Horoscope

  • Worship Lord Vishnu every day.
  • Observe a fast and pray every Wednesday.
  • Donate items related to Mercury on Wednesdays, such as green grass, bronze utensils, and green-blue colored clothes.
  • Wear red or green clothes on Wednesdays.
  • Wearing an emerald on your finger to strengthen Mercury in your horoscope. 

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Date & Time Of Mercury Transit In Sagittarius

Mercury will be transiting in Sagittarius on Saturday, December 3rd, 2022, at 6:34 am. This transit of Mercury, the smallest and fastest-moving planet in the solar system, is going to have different effects on all the zodiac signs except Sagittarius. So let us know about its impact on every zodiac along with its remedies.

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