Mercury Transit in Pisces: Be Careful, Unlucky Zodiacs Unveiled!

Mercury Transit in Pisces: Mercury will move to the zodiac of water, Pisces on 7th of March, 2024 at 09:21 in the morning. The transition of Mercury in Pisces holds extreme importance in Vedic Astrology. The impact of the same will be observed on all 12 zodiac signs, for some it can be auspicious while for others, it can get inauspicious as well. For certain zodiac signs, it is possible that the Mercury transit in Pisces will bring unfortunate results and they may have to face several problems in their life during this period. Pisces is the debilitated sign for Mercury and Mercury’s entry into the debilitated sign can prove to be extremely painful for some people.

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In this blog, we have elaborated on the zodiac signs that may have an inauspicious effect when Mercury comes in a debilitated sign, Pisces. But, prior to that, you should get aware of what kind of results Mercury gives when it is Pisces. 

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Mercury Transits In Pisces: Effect 

When Mercury is in Pisces, the natives become more intuitive. These people are of inquisitive nature and have a deep desire or curiosity to know the secrets. When Mercury transits in Pisces, you may get inclined towards spiritual activities and will look forward to exploring the mysterious dimensions of life. You feel full of energy and this transit will make you intuitive. 

When Mercury happens to join these zodiac signs, you may have to face several problems but you will always be able to find a way out of them. You will be able to adhere to the skills hidden within you but apart from this, you may also get stuck in some unresolved and complicated issues. 

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So, without further ado, let’s unravel the zodiac signs that need to be taken care of due to Mercury transits in Pisces. 

Mercury Transit In Pisces: These Zodiacs Will Get In Trouble!


Mercury is the ruling lord of the third and sixth house of the Aries and this time, it will come to reside in your eleventh house. Due to which, you may have to face certain obstacles in your career and apart from this, there are chances that misunderstandings might arise between you and your co-workers. During this period, your motive behind traveling may not be successful. There are also chances that one of the family members may fall sick and you may have to spend on their treatment. Before investing your money anywhere, it’s best that you take advice from an expert. During this transit, the Aries natives should be mindful while talking to their partners. In terms of health, you may have problems related to the nervous system or sleep.You should be very careful in the matters of health and don’t ignore even the minor health issues. You are advised to start doing yoga, exercise and meditation. Apart from this, you should avoid getting angry. 

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The ruling lord of the second and eleventh house is Mercury and this time, it will transit the eighth house. During this transit, you may go through a lot of changes professionally and the business owners may have to bear losses. Apart from this, there can be an increase in your expenses. You are advised to try and improve your financial situation.  On the other hand, there may be challenges in the life of employed natives as well. Your opponent might be looking for a chance to demean you. Also, the native who invests in the share market should avoid taking any risks during this period. Your entire focus should be on improving your financial situation during this time. There can be misunderstandings between you and your partners. It would be best if you take care of yourself. Health problems related to the reproductive system may bother you at this time. You are advised to get regular checkups done, adopt a balanced lifestyle and stay away from stress. 

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Mercury is the ruling lord of the first and tenth house of the Virgo natives. Mercury transit in Pisces will happen in the seventh house, meaning in the house of marriage and chemistry. During this period, the Virgo natives may have to face certain obstacles in their professional life. The people working in the partnership business may also have to work with care. You will have to behave very wisely with your business partners this time. For the business owners, this time is the hardest but there are chances of promotion for the employed natives. There are chances of arguments with your partner so it is advised that you should express yourself nicely to them. In terms of health, you may have to worry a bit and have a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet to stay fit and get a regular checkup done.  

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